The Little Engine That Could

“And so when I walked to the locker room I told Rondo that he had the keys to the team – and just go play. And stop asking me questions.”

That’s Doc Rivers on our budding superstar point guard Rajon Rondo. He secured a triple double by the 3rd quarter. He had:

  • More assists than Rose and Hinrich combined
  • More rebounds than Joakim Noah
  • More steals than the Bulls starting five

All this on a sprained, swollen ankle. He was every bit as important as Ray Allen in last night’s win.

Like a proud father, I feel like I can’t mention Rondo without including Glen Davis and Kendrick Perkins. Big Baby firing up jumpers like Danny Ainge. And Perk playing with a controlled ferocity on the boards. I give Perk immense credit for not snapping Noah in half.

Let’s step outside the 2009 playoffs for a moment. Rondo, Davis and Perk showed me there will be life after the Big 3.

On the injury front, Leon sprained his left knee last night. I wouldn’t expect to see him the rest of this series. Fortunately Scal should be back for Thursday’s Game 3 in Chicago (Did I actually type that sentence?).

If you want proof that the Celtics bench play was hideous, check out the +/- in the box score.

The Truth has been anything but Superman in this series. But there’s a bright side to that:

“I think we feel very confident because we feel like we haven’t played good basketball yet,” Pierce said. “We win [Game 2] and we feel like we should have won Game 1 and we just say, ‘I feel like this is pretty much our ‘C’ game. We are not a team that gives up 100 points in consecutive games. I think our best is yet to come.”

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36 Responses

  1. The best is yet to come. Right. Pierce must have meant the vacation he’ll take when the series is over. Watching Paul Westhead and the Denver Nuggets play basketball in Celtics jerseys just makes me thankful the Bruins give me someone to root for. I turned the game off last night with 10 minutes to go in the game, and didn’t really care who won.

  2. Congrats, Lex!
    As pertains to the Celtics, you’ve succeeded in making yourself completely irrelevant!

  3. Wow, lex, ive been called a bandwagon fan because I can get pretty emotional after the celtics play bad. that doesnt mean I turn off the TV and not care who wins.

    You sir only became a fan because they won the title last year. youre a sad dull person

    Im sure you didnt give a hoot about the bruins last year either, right punk?

  4. Also, just wondering why sports media, such as ESPN, realGM or any basketball news outlets are saying things like “celtics advert disaster” or after game 1 “Shocking loss”

    Dude, we’re missing Kevin Garnett….and other role players, rondo sprains his ankle

    Its no longer gonna be an upset, or a shock if the bulls beat us, for chrisssakes people, figure it out, theyre actually bigger and deeper then us right now

  5. The Celts would have won by 12 if Rondo didn’t sprain his ankle which stopped him from being aggressive like in the 1st half. Rondo showed lots of guts.

  6. Lex, do you honestly believe that these past two games are the best Paul Pierce can do?

    If not, do you honestly believe that the injury-depleted Celtics are likely to be at their best when Pierce is not?

  7. Why would a guy who turned off the game bother to post a comment on a site like this?

    Go watch Bruins highlites.

  8. Too bad for you Lex. You sound like the definition of a fair-weather fan. It must be tough for you when the Boston teams win championships, when you know that you have abandoned them and can’t bask in the glory like a true fan.

    I bet you turned off your tv during game four of the finals last year also. Too bad for you.

  9. Man, but these injuries have GOT to stop coming. It’s just ridiculous already. With Marbury playing poorly, we have no PG backup. We’re one ankle sprain away from being dead in the water (Rondo, of course). And we are actually OUT of bench bigs, like right now, unless you want to depend on Mikki Moore for your playoff life.

    Ok, we get it, we get it. It’s a test. It’s “unreal adversity”, yada, yada. But really, it’s not fair anymore.

    Of course, there’s Scal. But I still say it would be a total shock if he plays at all this season. Every neuro guideline says the same thing: 3 concussions and you’re done for the season. Even if the docs thought he could go, they’d be sticking their necks way out to let him play. That would take more guts (wild abandon actually) than I can imagine they, or Cs management, have. The only way is if they say the 3rd was not a concussion… which someone actually argued once in some blog, and which the Cs did actually say when it happened (it was a “neck strain” for weeks). That gives them an out… but if you ask me, it’s a ridiculous out, because it was an OBVIOUS 3rd concussion, with Scal knocked out, then dazed, and multiple symptoms for weeks thereafter.

    Whatever… Scal is not gonna win these playoffs for us. We need Powe, and Rondo, and we cannot lose any of our main guys going forward.

  10. Guess not anyone wants to make 4am for the celtics ;)

    I really think that Mikki Moore war particularly awful yesterday. I just wish we got Brad Miller or Joe Smith over him… as for Starbury, he still puzzles me.

  11. Yeah it was funny (sad actually) watching Marbury. He was so timid in game 1. We wanted him take some shots. After a few shots last night though I was hoping for timid Marbury to return.

  12. You know, one remarkable thing about yesterday’s game was how invisible the refs were. Pretty unusual. But when it comes to Mikki, they did call 2 non-existent/tickytack fouls on him in a row. They seem to pick on him for some reason, even when they’re being otherwise cool.

  13. Still dont understand why people are talking about this series in complete shock.. or questioning the celtics..

    HELLLLOOOO, do the spurs win without tim duncan? get a clue people.

    Just watched jemelle hill on espn first take and she questioned whether or not this is a championship team because doc had to plead for someone to step up in the 2nd half.

    Um jemelle, this is a championship, and noone can take that away from them…its in the history books lady..happened merely a year ago. remember?
    WE’RE MISSING KEVIN GARNETT, of course we arent the same team…are these people really that dumb?

  14. What is up with the way the refs treat Mikki? its ridicolous. hes been in the league 11 years, and gets officated like hes a rookie? makes no sense, even Perk gets away with twice as much as poor mikki

    speaking of moore, he looked pretty nervous on the bench last night, lol….and all of them were pretty damn impressed with ben gordon

  15. Unfortunately, I had to listen to the game on the radio last night, so missed a lot of the drama, but it is still clear to me the Mikki Moore gets crazy fouls called on him all over the place. I have debated whether he picks his fouls poorly, or he is prone to fouling due to his size and lankiness. Now, I think this is a ref problem. I don’t think he is aggressive, and I want him to be more aggressive…but how can he be more aggressive if a foul is called every time he moves! If the fouls weren’t flying at him, I am sure he’d be more effective.

    Marbury is disappointing too. I keep thinking he will unleash his former self when presented with tough situations, but nonetheless, he remains tepid. He plays as if he has no instincts. I want him to keep shooting to get it back though. Maybe with confidence…

  16. As Rajon goes, the C’s go. Alot of talk about P2. I say at least now he is due for a big-game on the road. Look for PDub to drop 25 or so on Thursday..

  17. I think it is quite clear what everyone here thinks of Jemelle hills here, she is a dumbass, and particularly biased agaist the C’s because she grew up a bitter pistons fan, and has never quite gotten over that after all these years

    and seriously lex? thats about as good of basketball game as your gonna see in turns of an entertainment; if you cant sit through that game i think its pretty obvious that basketball does not interest you

  18. It should be the little gay guy that couldn’t.
    The Celts are going down hard to the Bulls, its over baby. Last night you got lucky and barely squeaked out a win.

    Lets face it Celtic fans you will not be getting that 18th banner for a while.

    peace out suckas

  19. Pierce needs to figure out the double team, it has been kiling him – when they double him he is not getting the ball out quick enough, and when he finally gets the ball out it is to the wrong guy, well at least for us

    when the double team isnt coming, he is slowing everything he does down and taking for to five seconds just looking to see if they are going to double him

    the C’s need to go back and find the tape of the cavs game earlier this year where they tried to double paul and got killed because of it- yea lets bring that strategy back

  20. Y’all raise an interesting question. It sounds to me like you all rooted for the Gerald Green Celtics the same way you rooted for last year’s team, and thus probably rooted for the 1988-89 Celtics the same way you rooted for the 1985-86 team. If so, I guess you deserve praise. I’m not quite sure how you can get as worked up over a team that stands virtually no chance of winning the championship as you do for a team that does. I know I can’t. So, like I said, by the time the fourth quarter started, I’d seen enough of the Celtics playing Paul-Westhead basketball, and called it an evening. I’m probably a bad fan. But I’ll also probably be more happy than any of you that the Celtics won’t srounge their way into the Finals only to get their arses handed to them by the purple. 1987 was bad enough the first time. We don’t need to relive it.


  22. Lol@ lex

    only likes a team or pays attention to them if theyre good enough to win a championship? haha wow bud…unbelivable.

    as far as trolls coming here saying “lol celtics are done, no #18”

    No kidding, and you know what? I dont care, I still love this team, I still want to watch rondo become a better player, and see how far they can carry this depleted team

  23. Cant handle losing lex? are you a whiny poor sport who cant get emotionally invested in a team unless its a foregone conclusion they will win it all?
    you got issues brother, and no youre not a bad fan…you arent a fan at all.

    When the celtics lose, Ill get over it bro. its basketball. and the part about being a fan that is great, is theres always next year.

  24. If all you care about is the winning, then you might as well just read the headlines the next day. I don’t see how someone can watch any sport just because they believe one particular team will be the winner.

    I watch basketball because I love it.

    I watch Celtics basketball because I love Celtics basketball.

    Sure I sulk a little when they lose, but even if they lost 62 games this year, I would still watch every chance I had because I pull for them to win and I want to see how the team is progressing (or hell even regressing if that’s the case)

    Lex you have the right to be what ever type of fan you want, and we shouldn’t judge you for it. That said, though, being the sort of fan who gives up on the Celtics because you “know” they won’t win it all this year, but then take the time to come here and talk about it…Dude, go to hell!!!

  25. […] Game 2 Recap NE Sports 24/7 6 observations from a great sports weekend Red’s Army The little engine that could Ray Ray!!! News Telegram Coaches swapping past allegiances Allen’s 3 gives C’s Ray of […]

  26. Wow Jp, I think I just shed a tear.
    “I watch Celtics basketball because I love Celtics basketball.”

    That is the gayest thing I’ve ever heard. When did you become a Celtics fan, last year when they won the Championship?

    Get over yourself dude, its just a basketball team and they are not even that good.
    The Bulls are taking this series and then you will have nothing to watch until the next miserable Celtics season.

    I’m out

  27. Well, let me put it this way. Do Beatles fans spend the same amout of time listening to the White Album, Revolver, Sgt. P, and Abbey Road as they do the lesser albums? If not, why not? Does listening more to the better stuff make them lesser Beatles fans or just lesser fans of the lesser Beatles material? This year’s Celtics team is closer to Meet the Beatles than Abbey Road. So it makes sense to me that I don’t hit play on my iPod for the 2009 Celtics as much as I did for the 2008 Celtics.

  28. Sorry, another related post. Are there bad movies you don’t go to even though they are made by producers/directors you love or include actresses/actors you love? If so, why not? Conversely, are there some movies you’ll watch more than once? All Celtics teams are not equal in my eyes, and not all Celtics teams deserve an equal amount of my valuable free time. BTW, I’m not dissin’ any Celtics fan who really does love every Celtics team the same. I know such fans exist. I’m not one of them. I’ve seen every championship team since 74, and the six championship teams are my favorite Celtics teams, and Jim O’Brien ECF team gets an honorable mention.

  29. Lex, its ridiculous to compare sports teams to music and movie albums. Your a fairweather, bandwagon jumping fan; just accept it and move on, or learn how to be a REAL fan. REAL fans stick with teams through the thick and thin.

  30. Gabe Pruitt is still better than Marbury.

  31. Not so sure. I celebrate musical greatness like I celebrate athletic greatness. I can admit for the sake of argument that I’m a fair weather fan as you define that term. But since I’ve been a Celtics fan since 1974, I’m pretty comfortable in my fanhood. Glad to see you aren’t debating why you spend more time listening to good music than bad. That’s why I spend more time watching good celtics teams than bad ones.

  32. […] Oh, btw, Rajon Rondo recorder a pretty impressive triple double: 19 points, 16 assists, 12 rebounds and 5 steals. Am I getting crazy or is it normal not to be surprised to see Rondo put up superstar numbers? […]

  33. Lex you are sort of depressing, is it that you dont like basketball that much?

    cause ill admit, i love the game i watch like 15 nba games a week i can tell you the strengths and weaknesses of the clippers bench

    i loved the team that lossed 18 in a row just as much as i love this one; with guys like delonte, gomesy, and big al how could you not?

    i dont think your a fairweather fan as much as just a disinterested fan

    and last nights game was great, if that couldnt keep you interested im not sure there is any hope for you

  34. Well, I didn’t want to be depressing. Let me just say that I don’t watch a full NBA game this year that didn’t involve the Celtics. Nor did I watch a full college game. It’s great that a lot of you love basketball that much. But sadly I don’t understand the question about loving bad celtics teams as much as the good ones. I spend time trying to celebrate the pinnacle of human achievement. The best celtics teams in my biased opinion are among the greatest basketball teams ever. The music I listen to is among the the best music ever recorded. So its just really hard for me to “love” a bad team as much as a good team. I still love the celtics of course at a high level. But comparing teams, I’ll never love a great celtics team as much as a bad one, just as I like good beatles songs better than bad ones.

  35. Rating degrees of fanhood is largely arbitrary. Other than the one guy in the celtics championship DVD who has devoted his entire house, wardrobe, car, and life to the Celtics, the rest of us are all about equal. For example, almost none of you share my total and absolute hatred of the Lakers. I see Celtics fans debating whether they’d root against kobe or lebron in the finals. Let me tell you one thing, if someone doesn’t know who to root for when the lakers are playing, they aren’t a celtics fan in my book. A lot of you won’t agree with that, just like I don’t think I have to get excited about these paul westhead celtics playing close games against a .500 bulls team. In the end you can be devoted fans how you see fit and the same for me.

  36. Lex, to expand on your stupid allegory, even if a music album from your favorite band is deemed to be “bad” or a “disappointment,” you still listen to the entire album because what the critics say doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are your favorite band, and you listen to all their albums, good or bad.
    Its the same thing with the Celtics; you can’t even call yourself a fan if you turn off the TV when some adversity hits. You can call yourself a supporter I suppose, but a fan cheers for that team no matter what. Your fanhood does not depend on the win and loss record, it depends on your love for that team. I fell in love with the Celtics in 2006-2007, strangely enough their worst season in a while, because they were the local team and I loved watching guys like Al Jefferson and Rajon Rondo grow and play. I stupidly got caught up in the Gerald Green “future star” crap, and even though he never really got it together, I still cheered for him. And even if the Celtics do lose in this first round, how can you not love watching Ray Allen hit a gamewinner, or Rajon Rondo turn into an elite point guard (he’s averaging a triple double so far, for crying out loud). In a pre-playoff ESPN special, a bunch of star players were asked about those “moments” in the playoffs that you remember for the rest of your life. As a player you live for those moments; as a fan, you live to SEE those moments from your favorite team, because if you are a true fan of the team, you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.
    Now cheering for the best team is always fun, but cheering for a team that everybody discounts, and then seeing them win is simply amazing. If the Celtics don’t make it to the Finals, or even past the Bulls, I will not be ashamed to say that I supported them no matter what. And if the Celtics somehow get to the Finals and win, then I’ll be proud to say that I never gave up on them. That’s more then you can say, at least.

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