“We Want Tacos”

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  1. hahaha! I noticed this but forgot about it until now!!!!! I was laughing my ass off when they started chanting this…I mean are you kidding me? They officially have the dumbest basketball fans in the world…the lakers were playing great…theyre crowd? chanting ‘we want tacos’ ….hahahahaha it was an embarrasment

  2. It IS pathetic. Tacos are like a buck. Want a taco? Go across the street and buy one.

    Sometimes, Laker fans drive me mad. Why do I live here again?

    Don’t answer that.

  3. It’s more of a jeer than actually getting tacos. I’m actually more embarassed when the crowd chants [insert opposing team’s name here] sucks!” I mean, unless it’s the celtics or cavs which are title-contender teams, I don’t see the point of it.

  4. Wow, this is not even a big asss controversy. I mean, the lakers were pounding on the jazz from the getgo, throughout the whole game they were chanting they’re ass off with excitement. and to and free tacos at the games was to make them more excited on top of lakers killin the jazz. And this taco chant has been going on for two years already.

  5. But, but, Lakers fans are HARDCORE! I mean, they show up at the end of the 1st quarter, leave at the end of the 3rd, are just about silent during the whole game, only cheer when the Jumbotron tells them to, talk/text/tweet on the cell phones during the game, and have little to no knowledge of the game. HARDCORE, I tell you!


  6. i love how paul pierce tells us that they havent brought there A game yet, well um, its the playoffs, you might want to start bringing it, because your in a 5 game series heading to chicago, and got lit up in 2 games, they are dead.

  7. I visited LA a few months ago and they were chanting that like hell and I was like “WTF is this?” I thought it was a one night thing or something. The fact that they do this all the time and that the fans love it so much is beyond me.

    Sean, I doubt that any team could bring their A-Game EVERY night. We had similar struggles last year when we were on the road even WITH Garnett playing. Like Paul said, imagine how bad we can beat the Bulls when we DO bring our A-Game. When that happens, and it WILL, this series will be over.

  8. Damn, all that chanting for one Taco wow – What would they chant for a chicken burrito or a bucket at KFC. Honestly they use this taco promotion around the league. I’ve heard it at Warriors games too.

    I agree with you sean- I would settle for Pierce “B” game right about now. He said they’ve been bringing their “C” game…. We need you Paul bring please your “A” Game to Chicago.

  9. Best part is… they didn’t get the tacos… and they started booing the lakers for giving 100 points in an easy win.

  10. Doc’s post game comments about what he said to the guys at half time was concerning. Correct me if I am wrong Doc said he asked for a “Volunteer” to score the ball and Ray was the guy who took on the responsibility. Hmm…. don’t we have a go to guy and captain his name is Paul Pierce. Doc didn’t mention Paul… I could be making something out of nothing but it didn’t sound right to me. Did it sound weird to you too?

  11. Really paul that was your C game, i sure as hell wouldnt have given it a passing grade

  12. *bad enough

  13. that taco looks quite good actually. =)

    (i am, by no means, a lakers supporter.)

  14. I know it’s just hating, but did you chowderheads ever think it may be all done in fun!?!?!?!?

    Did you every think that no one takes this very seriously, but it’s a way to make the end of another Laker blowout win even more fun?

    A crappy Taco Bell taco in the land of best mexican food (outside of Mexico) really isn’t that important.

    Celtics fan says “but it’s not about being fun or not taking myself so seriously or trying to keep an opponent down, I live in Boston and it sucks all joy and happiness from me, every day”


  15. im not saying they need to bring it every night, but a sense or urgency, i dont see it at all.

  16. I would say that the “We want tacos” thing makes sense in the context of taunting the other team because the Lakers are up by so many points.

    I would say that, but it’s the playoffs. So instead I’ll opt to call Lakers fans a bunch of latte-sipping ninnies who don’t actually care about the game.

  17. I think the sarcasm and the satire of the “taco chant” was missed by many here. It’s not about the amazing food item that is a taco, it’s about mocking the other team by being more interested in something irrelevant.

    For instance, some high schools will give their entire home crowd newspapers before a basketball game. When the opposing team shoots a freethrow, the entire home crowd picks up their newspapers and pretends to read them. It’s not because the crowd hates the game, is detached, and is REALLY into current events (some had upside down newspapers), it’s a means to goof on the other team.

    And yes, some Lakers fans don’t even get it. Every village has its collection of fools…

  18. Celtic fans jealous u dont get tacos?

  19. Laker fans dont care about the game? what? There were like no celtic fans during the 07 era when they won 24 games. I bet the only true “celtic” fan here is redsarmy.

  20. yeah.. I’m jealous I don’t get a 59 cent taco.

  21. Um…What does this have to do with the celtics? Thats just petty….

  22. Why don’t u guys worry about getting past the crappy bulls u losers! Everytime the celtics are playing crappy redsarmy bags on the lakers! Coinsidence?? Get a life!

  23. And redsarmy wonders why that company screwed them over. Hahahahaha!

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