Has Marbury Lost His Swagger?

Came across this article about Marbury in Newsday:

Marbury should be an effective player for the Celtics. He should give them more scoring off the bench, when Ray Allen needs a breather, and another penetrating guard for those drive-and-kicks that Rajon Rondo has mastered. But the most noticeable issue with Marbury is, after sitting out for over a year, his trademark first step isn’t what it used to be (and the second one is even less explosive). Perhaps more concerning for Rivers than anything Marbury is showing physically is what you see from him mentally. He looks like he’s trying too hard. Hesitating. Second-guessing.

I felt that Marbury was coming around. He had developed some chemistry with Eddie House and was starting to pile up the assists (averaging about 4.5 apg in his final six games).

The shot has not been there consistently. He’s just 1-6 from the field in the playoffs with a combined -19 +/-.

Maybe its rust, maybe its a problem establishing a rhythm off the bench. Your thoughts?

Other news: Derrick Rose will be named Rookie of the Year


8 Responses

  1. I’m thinking a combo of rust, adjusting to coming off the bench, and having to play Defense

  2. Marbury’s struggles have been all of the above. Rust, trying too hard, unaccustomed with bench role, lack of swagger and confidence. Also, trying to be defensive minded “First” and Offensive “Second” is obviously messing him up mentally. I can see him trying really hard to please everyone but dude just has to relax and play like the Marbury we’ve known him in other uniforms. Truthfully to try to make most adjustments now might be too late. I have hope with Marbury but Mikki Moore… Ughhh. No hope in sight for Mr. Fouler.

  3. It’s mostly just the fact that it is nearly impossible to get into a good flow by playing just 4 or 5 minutes at a time.

    A guy that used to play 40 a game, and in 10 minutes stretches, is going to find it real hard to get going only playing in short spurts.

    He’s doing a fine job though. Just let it be. We don’t need Stephon Marbury of 2002. We need a solid backup pg. He’s done that.

  4. Steph will be fine. I think he has a little stage fright from not being in the playoffs for so long. He seems scared he’s gonna mess up or miss shots but he needs to just play. Also I think with Rondo scoring a lot he comes in trying to get other guys involved instead of taking the open shots the Bulls are giving him. His D on Gordon has always been good so Doc should put him out there if BG goes off again. Ray seems a step slow.

  5. I agree. Great article about him (attached to a link in the previous post) shooting threes and practicing hard on his shot even after practice. I think we see a boost from him in the upcoming games…

  6. Problem is just like he was getting accustomed to his role during the regular season, he’s getting accustomed to the playoffs. Remember last year? Despite 66 wins and a great season, it still took the Celtics two series to figure out how to play together in the playoffs. Steph and the 2nd unit are going through the same thing.

  7. Exactly when did greg pruitt perform in such a way that brought on the thought that we didn’t have a competent back up point guard? Pruitt is better than Marbury right now in every aspect of the game except penetrating to the basket maybe… Sure, Marbury has experience. Unfortunately, most of it is in losing. Stephon has done better than I expected, but I would take Pruitt in a heartbeat.

  8. they play him 5 mintues at a time if that!

    give him 35 mins a game and he gon give u 20 and 8

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