Pierce Could Play The 4

The Celtics are down 2 bigs now… which leaves them in a bit of a lurch.  But after practice today, Paul Pierce said he’d be ready to step in and play the 4 if the Celtics need him to.

Other practice notes:  Rajon Rondo and Brian Scalabrine practiced… and Scal was stylin

Scal is rockin’ a sweet white headband too. That’s a new look.

Scal doesn’t need a headband.  He needs a helmet.


9 Responses

  1. For the record, I think allowing Scal to play after 3 concussions (which is supposed to end the season) is stupider, much stupider, than KG playing here and there.

    There is something very weird, and plain bad, about the way this team handles injuries.

  2. This is getting better by the minute – Sigh

  3. Mikki Moore said after practice that Bill Walker was going to get more minutes. I like that idea. That kid brings a nice spark to the mix.

  4. Agree, kwapt. Gotta use Walker now… we’re out of bodies. Whatever happens happens. Let’s have some fun now, we have nothing to lose anymore.

  5. Off topic – Mt. Mutombo blew out his knee last night against the Blazers. His milage has caught up with him. Kenny “The Jet” Smith is usually okay but last night I caught him making a smart remark about Mutombo’s age during the injury highlight was playing on TV. Mutombo’s knee just blew up and Kenny makes a joke about a age. Call me sensitive but I thought that was uncalled for and classless.

  6. Billy walker doesn’t bring anything except highlight dunks right now. Dude doesn’t play good D, can’t shoot, and is just as foul prone as Mikki.

    He looks like he will be a great player, but right now – tony Allen should get those minutes. He plays great D. he can occasionally hit 3’s and long 2’s, and isn’t quite as much of a foul liability.

  7. Anyone buy the argument that a little playoff experience might benefit Walker next year, when he’ll hopefully be less foul prone, a better defender, etc.?

  8. Point is Billy can play the 3 or even 4. TA can’t, obviously. But I’d like to see TA see more time too. Also, some say Billy is a lot better than he’s had a chance to show so far, including a very good outside shot.

  9. Just to clarify, its a protective headband, not just a fashion statement. Theres some layer of protective gear that is designed to lessen the imapct if he gets hit again.

    I think Scal is absolutely the answer at the four once he can get back rythym. Let’s just pray he doesnt get hit again.

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