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Liar, Liar?
June 23, 2007

Wait, you mean agents don’t always tell the truth? That’s the insinuation made by one source in the Celtics organization (to the Herald’s Mark Murphy) about Andy Miller, Kevin Garnett’s agent. The source thinks Miller’s assertion that Garnett doesn’t want to play for Boston carries no weight.  It’s probably all posturing because deep down, KG would never opt out of that massive contract.

“Do you really think he is going to pass up the $23 million he would make the next year (in 2008-09) to go somewhere else?” the official said. “He would have to drop back to the league maximum wherever he went. I don’t think he’s going to forfeit $10 million that easily.”

There’s also speculation that Miller is pissed off at the C’s because of the way Wyc Grousbeck treated another one of his clients, Sebastian Telfair. So what does this all mean? The trade is still alive.  Moving on, Al Horford impressed Danny and Doc yesterday, considering he completed a tough workout on a slightly-sprained ankle.

Around the league, there’s chatter the Nuggets are making a move for Jermaine O’Neal , and ESPN has compiled a list of potential free-agents in 2008 (can you say Elton Brand?) But considering no one wants to play in Boston, I’m not sure why I’m even mentioning this.

But the most disturbing note of the morning comes from Stoneham. Because officials there have so poorly managed the town’s money, all the high school sports programs are being cut. Sorry for getting political, but this is downright embarassing.

Danny Talks About KG & Al Horford Works Out
June 22, 2007

Thornton at Celtics Workout The Celtics put Al Horford through their now notoriously hard workout (listen to the  clip to hear him talk about it ).  And after the workout, Danny talked about Horford AND the Garnett situation.

As an aside… don’t you love that “deer in the headlights” look Danny’s got in this picture from the workout?  It’s like he just realized that he almost mortgaged the Celtics future for a one-year rent-a-player.  The photo is courtesy of our good friends over at WBZ TV.

Horford talks about the workout  |  Danny talks about the workout and KG