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No KG, No Worries
February 1, 2009


Ok…I got worried when the T-Wolves cut a 20+ Celtics lead down to 6 late in the fourth. But Superman would not be denied on this day. Check out the Truth’s line:

41 min, 36 pts, 13-24 FG, 8 reb, 6 assists, 1 blk

Al Jefferson played out of his mind in this game: 34 pts, 15-21 FG, 11 reb, 4 blks

KG missed this game with the flu:

“He’s sick. He’s really bad. His fever’s really high,” Rivers said. “He’s not playing today. He’s probably not playing Tuesday. For him to be out of any game, especially today, he’s got to be pretty sick.”

Box Score | Recap

Feel the Heat…after the jump.



Oh… Hi…. You’re Looking Well….
January 25, 2008

al jeffersonWe spent last year convincing ourselves that Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, and Ryan Gomes were cornerstones of our franchise (purposely excluded:  Sebastian Telfair).  We were marrying them, and they’d soon be joined by better players (Greg Oden?  Kevin Durant?) and we’d all live hapilly ever after.

Now, our former favorites will stride back onto what was once their home court… in front of their once adoring fans.  It will be awkward for everyone, since we now know that as much as we loved them before… we love KG and the rest of this team more… and we’d absolutely trade all those guys again in a heartbeat.  Faster if we could. 

And we all know they’ll be trying to show that they could have achieved this level of awesomeness too… no matter what they say:

“It’s going to be like another road trip to me,” said Al Jefferson Wednesday. “I’m not looking at it no different than going to Phoenix.”

Liar.   Hey… here’s a sad little note for all the guys that we traded to Minny:  They were part of a 24 win team last year… and they have 7 wins this year… for a combined 31 over a season and a half.  This year’s C’s have won 33 games.   Y’ouch.   

Also returning tonight:  Antoine Walker.  That’s always fun.  And BC star Craig Smith.  I think KG will be the man of the hour tonight… putting on a show for all his fans watching back home.  Sorry Minnesota… we *heart* KG now… and he *hearts* us back… a lot.

Herald:  Just another game for KG  |  Jefferson’s star rises in Minnesota  |   Globe:  Reunion time at the Garden  |  Celtics playoff tickets… on sale now!!  Sort of  |  ESPN:  Rondo among soaring sophs  |  Pioneer Press:  Status of Wolves project:  on track  |  Minneapolis Star Tribune:  KG’s all green now  |  C’s see a lot of old selves in TWolves  |  MN Post-Bulletin:  KG a reminder of Timberwolves lost  |  C’s Top Betting Power Poll (they’re 25-14-1 vs. the spread)

Everyone Is Just Fine
October 9, 2007

ryan gomes and gerald greenCeltics past was still on the floor when Celtics present showed up to work out in London… so intrepid reporters went up to them and asked “hey… how does it feel to be on a crappy team and watch an awesome one walk in?” (I’m paraphrasing there)

Ricky Davis: “Well, you know, the East is easy, so they’ll be great.  Any time you get a great team in the East like Detroit, you’re going to win games. The (Celts will) win more than 50 games, hopefully. Hopefully they’ll put it together, but they’ve got the talent to just go out and win games no matter how they play. I wish the best of luck to them. They’ve still got Doc (Rivers) over there. I love Doc. He’s a great coach. They’ll put it together.”

Al Jefferson: Aw man, it felt great to see those guys,” Jefferson said. “It felt like last year – just being in a hotel with those guys last year. It was good to see (Kendrick Perkins) and (Tony Allen) and them. I still miss (Delonte) West, but I’m going to see him a lot this season anyway. It was just a lot of old jokes and laughing and carrying on like we always did.

HAH HAH HAH…. fun times for all… except for KG.  You see… he’s here for one thing:  business… and that’s how he approached this.  Last he checked… that’s tomorrow’s opponent over there… so forget the buddy buddy stuff.  The Celtics have work to do.

Does anyone else think the TWolves offering Greg Buckner KG’s old number is insulting?  Does anyone else desperately want to hear DJ Jazzy Jeff do color commentary for the London broadcast?  (If you’re in London… please record this and post it on YouTube. Chuck will buy you a Celtics jersey*)

The Sun UK goes 1-on-1 with Paul Pierce… they ask funny questions.  Also: Globe-Back dancing with wolves  |  FanHouse is impressed with KG  | KG set to give his all to C’s  |  RealGM:  Danny’s new job description

*offer not valid until 2091

This Already?
October 8, 2007

al jeffersonWait a minute… are we really going to have to go through all this NOW?

The Celtics have gone from lovely Rome to dreary lovely London for a friendly little game of basketball… and a ton of hype over playing the Timberwolves.  Well… maybe “ton” is overstating it a little… but there will be hype… and it will be there sooner than I care to hype this thing up.  Hell… I’m just starting to enjoy the Big 3, Gap Band, GPA 3.0 (I give up) era.  I don’t want to see Al Jefferson again. It’s just too soon.

Look… this is the break-up we didn’t want to happen… but now that we went through it… we realize it was for the best.  But you don’t want to be walking in the mall with your new flame and bump into your old girlfriend a couple months later… no matter how great the new relationship is.  It just stirs up old feelings that you aren’t willing to deal with yet.

And to make it all better…. they’re all staying in the same hotel.  At least the game is going to be in the most awesomest place on earth.  That O2 arena looks amazing.  It had better be… because Rome looked awesome.  Now the shot of Ray, Paul and KG sipping Cappucino and eating biscotti will be replaced by the three of them in long rain coats… eating fish & chips off a newspaper.  Yay, London!

Also: Yahoo:  Celts #1 in East  |  Herald:  Doc flooded with joy  |  Big Baby Blog: 1st game goes on growth chart  |  C’s Euroblog:  Most C’s watched Pats or Sox (wait… does that Salmon and Mashed Potatoes thing still have legs?  Should I make a shirt?)  |  Good time to be a Boston fan |  Pierce, Pollard enjoy Rome

Big Al Opens Up
September 23, 2007

We all loved Al Jefferson, but the break-up was relatively pain free. When your team acquires two future Hall of Famers and becomes instant title contenders, it’s hard (and foolish) to hold onto the past. Big Al shares a piece of his mind in an interview with the Herald’s Mark Murphy. We learn how he’s absorbing low-post advice from the master, Kevin McHale. Al also gives Danny Ainge credit for giving him a heads-up on the Garnett trade. But the tabloid-lovin’, gossip-queen part of me wants to hear what Al has to say about Mark Blount. Because when Blount’s dead weight was shipped out of Boston, Jefferson said he was happy to be free of the overpaid center’s negative influence. So what is Al saying now, since he has to play next to that bag of crap?

“From my point of view Blount is cool,” he said. “Actually, he was one of the guys I looked up to as a rookie. It’s about getting together now.

“That whole situation was a big misunderstanding,” said Jefferson. “I didn’t say those things that were in that story. At the end of the day, I look forward to getting back on the court with all of these guys.

When athletes are backed into a corner, the easy way out is to blame the media. It must be in the rookie handbook or something. Al is the star of that team now. He should confront Blount and say, “That sh*t you pulled in Boston won’t fly here anymore. This is my team. Get on board or get out.”

Hoopworld’s Librado (what a name!) Wright tries to convince us that Paul Pierce will still be “the guy” even though Kevin Garnett is around. I love Paul but I’m really not sure about this. It will be interesting to see how this plays out during the first close game. Let us know what you think.

In other news: Esteban Batista’s agent now says the Celtics are back in the mix (I’m guessing this has something to do with the fact Phoenix is dragging their feet on a deal) | KG loves soccer and boxing | Baron Davis wants an extension (and a whole bunch of useless info, courtesy of Peter May

This Makes Me Sad
August 3, 2007

Al Jefferson Is A TimberwolfThis in no way diminishes the giddy feeling I have when I think about KG as a Celtic. 

But I still don’t have to like the way this looks.

There’s an interview on too.  One quote that stuck out:

We were used to losing in Boston, and we don’t want to bring it here. We’re not going to bring it here. We’re not coming here to lose, and we’re really excited about the opportunity. I’m happy to be here.

There’s an interview with Ryan Gomes too.  I assume they’ll just put a new one up every day.

New Twist: Al Not Included!
July 30, 2007

In a new, jaw-dropping twist to the KG to Boston deal… the Globe reports that Al Jefferson is NOT included in this deal

Kevin Garnett soon could become the newest member of the Celtics, multiple league sources said this afternoon, but two of the sources cautioned that any trade may not be as imminent as some early reports indicated.

As the trade currently stands, the Celtics would send Gerald Green, Ryan Gomes, Sebastian Telfair, Theo Ratliff, and two first-round picks to the Timberwolves for Garnett.

If Kevin McHale agrees to this, he’s a bonafide idiot.  He’d have to be the worst GM in the world.  If I was a Wolves fan… I’d be furious.  As a Celtics fan… this would be amazing.  A starting 5 of Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, KG and Big Al? 

Holy Crap!

What Would We Gain?
July 30, 2007

If the latest rumors are true… The Boston Celtics are about to get rid of Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Theo Ratliff’s contract and future draft picks for Jesus Christ Kevin Garnett.  Sorry… it only feels like we’re giving up enough to get Jesus.  Garnett better get off the plane at Logan and walk up the Charles River for the introduction at the Garden.

The local papers have absolutely nothing on this.  The Globe’s “update” looks a lot like Chuck’s post… a bunch of links to ESPN and Fox Sports…. and the Herald only has this one little item on Rondo.  So I’d like to be more specific about it, but we’ve been let down yet again.

The question, as it was the last time these rumors were around,  is now: “What would we gain?”  Is Danny doing this for the right reasons?  The one quote that scares me comes from the Fox Sports story on this:

 “It’s basically done,” one source said. “If it does happen, this will make the Celtics relevant again.”

Yeah.  I’d like the Celtics to be relevant too.  You know what else I’d like them to be?  Champions.

It’s entirely possible that this trade could be what puts us over the top.  But it’s also entirely possible that we’re the Minnesota Vikings, and Garnett is Herschel Walker.  I don’t want to be relevant because we’re on national TV a few more times… I want to be relevant because we’re mowing down the East and competing for a #1 or #2 seed. 

The difference in this scenario is Ray Allen.  Pierce, Allen and Jefferson drew a big round of “yeah… what else you got?”.  Does Pierce, Allen and KG suddenly wow you?

I hope so.  Because it’s going to be all we have for a long time.  I can’t predict what this trade, if it happens, will exactly do for us.  But I know that there are only 2 possibilities.  This won’t end up being an “ok” deal.  This deal is either going to go down as a tough decision that had to be made, but ultimately put the Celtics in the NBA Finals… or it will go down as one of the biggest fleecings in NBA history… which ultimately led to the Timberwolves getting very good… and the Celtics being hamstrung by huge egos and even bigger contracts… without any draft picks left to get out of this mess.

Breaking News
July 30, 2007

The Garnett trade rumors are back and in full force.’s Marc Stein says the Celtics are close to shipping Jefferson, Ratliff and Gerald Green for KG. Fox Sports’ Jeff Goodman has a similiar deal with Rajon Rondo instead of Green. This time it appears the trade is more than just a rumor.

“It’s basically done,” one source said. “If it does happen, this will make the Celtics relevant again.”

Stay with Red’s Army for the latest….(It’s 6:30 am Eastern so it’s possible I am sleep-blogging and this is just in my head)

Big Al + Hard Work = $$$
July 29, 2007

Al JeffersonDollar signs. That’s what Al Jefferson should envision as he works out this summer, in preparation for what could be his most important season as a professional. If Al, at the very least, duplicates his performance from last year, then he’s in line for a huge payday like a near-max extension. (a topic Red’s Army first brought to the forefront months ago. Are you tired of our self-promotion?) Peter May picks up the baton from us this morning, reiterating a lot of our points.

May does go off the beaten path when he said the Celtics overpaid for Paul Pierce because there was no market for him? Are you nuts? He likens the signing to Vince Carter’s extension. I think most of the league is smart enough to realize the difference between Pierce and Carter. Had the Celtics dragged their feet on Pierce, plenty of teams would have shown interest.

Rajon Rondo is ready to be a leader this season, which is a good thing. Without a veteran point guard, I’m a bit worried about this kid running the team this season.

All the talk of the Celtics needing a big man, has apparently pissed off Kendrick Perkins. If you read Steve Bulpett’s story in the Herald, you’ll notice the chip on his shoulder. 

Some of you might be tired of hearing about Tim Donaghy, but the NY Post has some great stuff on how this guy had someone take the SATs for him so he could get into Villanova. And in other news, Smush Parker calls Kobe Bryant a jerk (not in those words).