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Re-Shaping The Draft?
June 15, 2007

The biggest news leading up to the draft could come this weekend… with some big names deciding whether they’ll stick around… or go back to college.

ESPN’s Andy Katz has a good list of notable players that are on the fence… most notably…. Jeff Green… who really seems to be on the fence.  I don’t know why… I think he’s a top 10 pick… which is guaranteed money. 

A guy you’ve never heard of Utah State’s Jaycee Carroll withdrew from the draft today after realizing he wasn’t going to crack the first round.  Carroll is actually the WAC’s leading scorer.  Shows you how good the WAC is, I guess.  

And we have a late entry for the draft: The University of San Francisco’s Antonio Kellogg who was arrested twice in two weeks and kicked out of UConn 2 years ago. 

Hey… did anyone else know that Allen Iverson is going to trial later this month?  Me neither.  I also didn’t realize that 50 Cent was going to testify… except now he’s not.