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David Stern Has Amnesia
April 16, 2008

Earlier this week, David Stern cited the Celtics as a good example of how franchises can be turned around quickly.

“It’s been a spectacular story for us, obviously with the Celtics having an extraordinary one-season improvement; the best in NBA history,” Stern said Monday. “That’s a big issue,” he said. “That’s about management. In some cases it’s about the draft. In some cases it’s about trades. And in some cases it’s about free agent signings. I think what that does begin to show is that, you know oh ye of little faith. Continued good management can turn around the fortunes of franchises relatively fast, faster than we think, and that was certainly true in the case of the Celtics. I mean, that sets the tone. 
Oh yes, David. It was such a “quick” turnaround – as long as you only look at the difference between last season and this one. Anyone with a brain might want to factor in the Celtics road from suckiness to mediocrity and back to suckiness over the last 10+ years though. But you feel free to continue to skip through your life, secure in the “knowledge” that your economic system isn’t the least bit punitive to teams that either a) make one or two mistakes, b) get some bad luck from the idiotic lottery or the draft or c) play in cities that are undesirable for free agents.