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June 9, 2008

One of the biggest disappointments in this series has to be the coaching (or lack of ) by Phil Jackson. This dude is the greatest of all time, how can he let his team fall behind 2-0? Here’s my rant on Barstool:

It was supposed to be the biggest mismatch of the series. Basketball guru, master motivator and 9-time NBA champion Phil Jackson versus Doc “I have no set rotation” Rivers. Now that the Celtics have taken a commanding 2-0 lead in the series, ol’ Phil can reach into his bag of tricks and start outcoaching Doc. Go ahead, make your move, the whole world is waiting. What’s that, you got nothing? Pau Gasol has disappeared in the second half of both games and there is nothing you can do? Last night you said Lamar Odom looked confused. Can you use some of that zen-bs to set him straight?


Now On Barstool
May 5, 2008

Been a while since we linked back to a Barstool post… but its where I made my prediction for this series

In the end… the matchups favor the Celtics.  The defense is just way too much.  LeBron is good for a win by himself.  Their shooters can get hot and win another one.  But I don’t see it happening here.  But then again… I’m an arrogant Boston fan that never thinks we’re going to lose… the blogger version of the Black Knight, if you will.

Celtics in 6. 


The Two Best Parts Of Last Night’s Game
March 27, 2008

1:  Rajon Rondo giving Steve Nash a seizure with an inside/out dribble.  Memo to Steve:  An old, fat slob like me is supposed to looked like that… you probably should handle a move like that a little better.

2:  KG and Pierce swearing it up in the postgame.  Its curse-aliciuos.

And all you’ve got to do to see both is watch this video (no, I can’t do anything about the annoying music that goes along with the Rondo move):

Chuck has posted that video…. and one more on… along with why KG should be more of an MVP candidate than Kobe and LeBron

I don’t wanna hear anything about Kobe & LeBron having better stats. The Celtics are playing some of the best defense the league has ever seen (it’s been 15+ years since a team lead the league in fewest PPG and opponents FG%), while in the midst of the greatest on-season turnaround EVER. I love Ray Allen, James Posey (who some at Red’s Army love a bit too much), Glen Davis, Eddie House, etc…but there is one reason and one reason alone for the Celtics resurgence – Kevin Garnett.

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March 18, 2008

When you consider Rajon Rondo’s development… the signing of Sam Cassell… and the magnitude of this trip… last night’s game actually went perfectly for the C’s.

In one 46 second stretch, we saw our two point guards on the floor at the same time, giving us huge contributions.  Sam Cassell showed us he still has balls the size of church bells.  And Rajon Rondo showed us he’s right there with him by getting into the lane… stealing an offensive board… and drilling two free throws to really make it almost impossible for the Spurs to come back. 

After a move that some thought would shake the confidence of Rajon Rondo… a win that utilized them both last night was absolutely what the Celtics needed.  Rondo struggled early but shook it off…  Sam did was Sam was supposed to do… it was just perfect.

Of course… another part of this game story is the luck of the Irish.  Down 4… Manu Ginobili got fouled on a shot that circled the rim twice and somehow didn’t fall.  Then… after Parker’s layup at the end to cut it to 2… KG somehow failed to call a timeout when he was in trouble on the baseline… and he heaved a pass that was stolen and kicked to Horry for his missed 3. 

But I think that just adds to how perfect this game was. 

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March 13, 2008

We’ve had a nice vacation against the crappiest teams in the league…. now… its time to get ready for some fun:

I’d like to thank the Washington Generals for travelling with the Celtics this past week.  It was especially nice of them to bring Chicago, Memphis, Philadelphia and Seattle uniforms with them.  That’s a lot of packing.  Kudos to their equipment manager.

Over the next 8 days… The Celtics will play 5 teams that are within 3 1/2 games of the top spot out West (with a Saturday raping of the Milwaukee Bucks also penciled in).  First up:  Utah on Friday… and then a Monday/Tuesday/Thursday jump into what Paul Pierce calls the “Texas Triangle” (San Antonio, Houston and Dallas). 

Also… I want to highlight a point made by my buddy Ken at the game:

KG hit 7 of 14 shots.  As my buddy Ken pointed out…. most of his 7 makes were when he caught the ball and stepped into the shot.  Most of his 7 misses were on some sort of fadeaway.  If you notice his play recently, he’s stepping into a lot of shots around the top of the key… and hitting most of them.  Ken also noticed that Rajon Rondo is doing a very good job of giving KG the ball a little ahead of him… giving the natural motion of stepping into his shot. 

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March 6, 2008

celtics pregameGood teams don’t make excuses.  You accept your losses like men, and vow to avenge it when you next meet. 

The Pistons…. not so much:

…the Pistons are playing the “we were tired” card. They had to play Tuesday night at home against Seattle, making last night’s game in Boston the second in a back-to-back. In the NBA, that’s the equivalent of running 3 marathons. You’re expected to lose. According to Jackie Mac, one Piston official had his excuse ready before tip-off:

Their plane, delayed by weather, did not touch down in Boston until 4 in the morning, and, as one Pistons official snorted before the game, “We don’t have a shot.”

Oh.. boo friggin’ hoo. 

Seriously… you’re better than that.

Or… are you?

Hey… check out the video of Rondo embarrassing Jason Maxiell on YouTube

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February 21, 2008

Just wondering a little something about the Celtics…. Where’s the D???

Remember when everyone was jacking off over how great our team defense was?  Wasn’t that a grand time?  Now the Celtics are the team that played two straight Western Conference 9 seeds… and gave up 124 and 119 points on consecutive nights.  Those immediately went to numbers 1 and 2 on the ‘most points given up this season’ list. 

The Celtics are now second in the league in points allowed with just under 91… and we might well get back to that… but not playing this way we won’t.  I had nightmares of Monta Ellis skipping his way to the hoop with almost no one in his way.

Am I concerned?  A little.  Its not quite panic… but I’m a lot more interested in how we’ll respond to Phoenix.

Meanwhile… in honor of KG’s return… Scott over at BostonSportz has posted a video of KG’s little pre-game powder routine.

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February 20, 2008

I will very rarely make excuses to explain away a loss.  I’m of the firm belief that when you lose… its almost always because the other team was better than you, if at least for that one night.  Even on nights where the refs are crappy… I think the onus is still on the team to fight through it and find a way to take the game. 

That might be why I get so pissed off when I see guys on the floor complaining all the time

The Denver Nuggets are a pretty good team.  They’ve got Allen Iverson… a tough little bastard who defies logic as he darts through defenses and scores among the trees.  They’ve got Carmelo Anthony… a pure scorer who is much like Paul Pierce and can score from anywhere on the floor.  They’ve got Marcus Camby… a human eraser who was one block shy of a points/boards/blocks triple double.

And they’re all bitches

The worst part is… it makes me want to hate great players.  I really want to like Allen Iverson… but his constant begging and bitching is too much.  I hate it when the C’s do it too.  It’s pretty simple fellas… shut up and play.

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February 14, 2008

After a wrap-up of last night’s game… Chuck looks ahead to the post-break West Coast Swing:

doc and isiah hugAnd did you see that video of KG working out prior to last night’s game? He was moving really well….and IMOP will likely return after the break for the Celtics mammoth 5-game in 7 days western road trip which takes them to Denver, Golden St), Phoenix, Portland and LA (Clippers). I’ll take 3-2 in a heartbeat.

Chuck also references that Doc-Zeke hug.  That was a weird moment.  I really wish I knew what they said to each other.  If I were Doc, I would have said “Damn Zeke… that ref sucks almost as much as you do.”

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February 13, 2008

The Celtics looked a little lazy at points last night… but that didn’t bother Chuck at all

Never, at any point, was I concerned the Celtics would blow this game. Even without KG and other injured players (see Perkins, Pollard), I never wavered. Call me dumb, but at the very least call me confident. In less than one year, this “winning attitude” has been instilled in the team and fans. And it feels good.

I concur.  When you can start Scal and win 4 straight games… you’re rockin’.  A win tonight, and we can go into the break with only single-digit losses.  How about that?