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Best… Interview… Ever
June 18, 2008

Here we are… celebrating the 17th Celtics championship.  We’re listening to KG, Pierce, and Doc all breaking down and getting emotional.  And then comes Brian Scalabrine… and oh… was it ever awesome.

The highlights:

  • He was NOT on the schedule to speak.  He just walked up onto the stage. 
  • Even BETTER:  It forced Kobe, who is obligated by the NBA to speak, to wait until this awesomeness was over.
  • The reporters had no questions at first… so he started blasting them for picking the Lakers:  “How… when you guys consider yourself NBA ‘experts’… can pick the Lakers to beat us in 6 games… when we’re on TV all the time… so its not like you don’t get to watch us play… I just didn’t see it.  You guys were so convincing.. that I maybe thought in my heart ‘wow, this is going to be a series’.”
  • Then at the end… he gets asked about not playing at all in the series… and he replies:  “it’s not that difficult to do because maybe now you can say I didn’t play a second… but in 5 years… you guys are gonna forget.  In 10 years, I’ll still be a champ.  In 20 years, I’ll tell my kids I probably started and in 30 years I’ll probably tell them I got the MVP so… I’m really not too worried about it.”

That, my friends, is ownage.  All he needed was the mic in his hand… so he could drop it (complete with that feedback noise)… raise his arms (which he did anyway) and leave.

Here’s something to watch for:  Paul Pierce Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett will be on Letterman tonight.


Scal Looks… Ummm… Different
June 6, 2008

tony allen as Brian Scalabrine

Someone at ESPN is getting flogged for this right now.  You’d think the people working the NBA Finals would know who’s who. 

(Via TheSportsHernia)

Hey LeBron… Have Some Veal
May 10, 2008

On Thursday, we hear the “overrated” chant at the Garden.  For anyone not in the know… it came from the last series… when Deshawn Stevenson called LeBron overrated.  Jay Z responded by recording a song dissing DeShawn.  Another rapper, Proverb, responded with a diss track of his own.

And now the Celtics are involved… with a track apparently called “F— LeBron”… recorded by none other than Brian Scalabrine.  Its amazing, however, that Scal’s voice sounds amazingly like JE Skeets, the man behind Yahoo’s “Ball Don’t Lie” blog, and The Basketball Jones…. and the “exclusive” track appears on the Basketball Jones Podcast (at the 10:30 mark.  NSFW lyrics).

Do you get it yet?  Skeets did the song.  And its funny. 

There… You Happy Now?
March 10, 2008

scallieScal takes a lot of heat from Celtics fans… and for what?  Because he brazenly signed a contract worth a lot of money?  Because he has the audacity to check into a game when the coach tells him to? 

Well… now you won’t have to worry much about that anymore.  The Celtics have a full, 15 player roster now… and we know they can only activate 12.  Scot Pollard is out… and Gabe Pruitt is in the D-League… which leaves one more “inactive” spot that needs to be filled on a daily basis.  And Scal can see what’s coming:

“I’m just going to continue to do what I need to do to be ready to play,” he said. “That’s all I can do. But bringing in these two guys gives us a better chance to win a championship, so it doesn’t matter for Brian Scalabrine. It doesn’t matter if I’m playing or not playing. If this puts us in a better position to win, then that’s great for the Celtics.  That’s how I feel about it. We’re doing something special, and some people are going to have to make sacrifices. That’s just the way it is. It’s business.”

I like Scal.  I like his attitude and I like the fact that he’s always giving everything he has.  He’s the obvious choice for the “inactive” spot… and he knows it.  I’ll bet nothing changes about him in practice, though.  The one thing that has changed… is the names on the roster.  But Doc knows… names mean nothing.

“You can fall in love with names,” Rivers said. “I fall in love with productivity. As far as depth, our names are good. We have to mesh as a group. If we do that, then we’re deep.”

Philadelphia Daily News:  Dalembert remains a puzzle, but Sixers enjoy ride  |  USA Today:  West may be dominant… but don’t forget about East’s powerhouses  |  Video: Shaq dives into stands (Jesus!) 

Just a heads up…  I’ve agreed to take part in Hardwood Paroxysm’s Kobe Bryant Blog Day … for some ungodly reason.  I’ve been told to actually say good things about Kobe Bryant… and there’s no backing out now.  That’s happening tomorrow… I’ll be vomiting violently until then. 

Odds ‘n’ Ends
November 12, 2007

vince carterJust a couple of notes from today:

Kevin Garnett was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week for putting up about 23 and 16 per game.  This just in:  KG can play basketball.

Scal and James Posey will be able to play tomorrow in Indy.  Scal is coming back from a slight concussion.  Posey’s fighting back spasms.  That link also notes that Vince Carter is out indefinitely with a mild ankle sprain. 

vince carterJust a note on Vince.  He suffered the mildest of ankle sprains and he went down like he was shot.  Not only that… he stayed down… and couldn’t make it back to the locker room without help.  I’ve seen people walk off with partially torn ACL’s… and Vince practically gets carried out with the mildest ankle sprain possible.

To sum up:  Vince Carter is a bitch.

Also…. the new batch of Power Rankings are out.  The Celtics are #1 in Sports Illustrated and Hoopsworld.  And they’re #2 in ESPN’s rankings

And… degenerate gamblers are loving the Boston Celtics.  They’re betting hot and heavy on the C’s… and being rewarded.  They’re not just 5-0 in the NBA… they’re 5-0 vs. the spread so far.  Can it continue?  The C’s are currently 6.5 point favorites in Indy with an over/under of 197.  Indiana is giving up an average of 103 while scoring an average of 101.5.  Consider that the C’s are scoring 107 and giving up 91.  Indy is giving up the most points in the East… so there’s no reason for that trend to stop now against the highest scoring team in the East.  I’m guessing the C’s put up at least 110… and they should hold Indy in the 80’s-90’s.  I say the C’s cover… and I’ll reluctantly take the over and hope the C’s score enough to offset how much they limit the Pacers.

Oh… that was all just for fun.  Don’t gamble… it’s um…. bad for you or something.

Too Much To Handle
November 9, 2007

kevin garnettI know its early… but I’m noticing a little bit of a trend here.  Just like the Denver game, the Hawks hung around in the first quarter.  In fact, I think it was the most entertaining first quarter of the season.  But just like the Denver game, the Hawks couldn’t hang around for long.  True, the Denver blowout happened earlier… but this was a blowout nonetheless… 106-83 (Box Score | Recap | Highlights).

Teams might be able to hang around early… but early mistakes and missed shots will pile up quickly.  Mostly, it’s because Kevin Garnett (27 points, 19 rebounds, 6 assists) isn’t giving up any second shots… and the C’s will whip off a 8-0 run before you know what hit you.  The C’s weren’t very crisp early on in this game, but they were good when they had to be… and they were able to string a couple of those runs together and pull away.

Rajon Rondo didn’t have his best game (6 points, 7 assists), but Eddie House did (19 points (7-10 fg, 4-5 3pt) 5 assists) in a huge effort off the bench.  Every time the Celtics needed a big outside shot, it was House that was hitting. Paul Pierce might have had the quietest 23 point game of his career… and Ray Allen had 14. 

So we’re 4-0 for the first time since the 1987-88 season…. which means we’re starting to creep into those numbers we haven’t seen since the 80’s Celtics. 

Bad news:  Brian Scalabrine suffered a concussion after taking an inadvertent forearm to the head in the 4th quarter.  He was on the floor looking like a boxer who had taken a knockout punch.  Who knows when he’ll come back… but it won’t be tomorrow.  And James Posey is most likely out for tomorrow too.. which makes the C’s very thin off the bench.  Toss in the fact that this is the Celtics first back-to-back situation… and we might be looking at the C’s toughest test of the season.

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November 7, 2007

ray allenIt got a little sloppy in the end… but don’t let that take away from the utter domination of the Denver Nuggets by your… Boston… Celtics.

The C’s led by about 40 for a good chunk of time… and finished with a 119-92 win (Box Score | Recap  | Highlights)

Ray Allen looked smooth out there, hitting on 8 of 12 shots (3-7 3pt.) for 22 points.  KG did it all (again), finishing with 23 points, 13 rebounds 7 assists and 4 steals (damn!)  And Paul Pierce came up with 26 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, and 5 STEALS.   

Denver looked tired… and they just stopped trying to come up with any kind of offense toward the end of the first half.  The Celtics looked like the 2 days off did them some good… and they fed off the energy of Rajon Rondo early to set a tone that Denver couldn’t match. 

And hey… how about the chants of SCAL-A-BREE-NEE at the end of the game?  And how about Scal launching a three from 6 feet beyond the arc… and missing by almost as much… and Pierce and KG laughing at him from the bench?  And remember how it used to be one of the OTHER team’s scrubs that tried to hit meaningless 3’s at the end of games while his bench laughed? 

Yeah. Those days are over.

Thanks to our callers for tonight’s show.  You can visit our show page shortly to download an MP3 of the show if you missed it.

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Why Don’t We Love Scal?
October 15, 2007

brian scalabrine in What’s the difference between Walter McCarty and Brian Scalabrine?

Their roles on the Celtics are the same.  They both can contribute when others handle most of the workload, and they’re asked to only to work hard and make a couple of open shots.  Neither can handle more than that. 

But WE…. LOVE…. WALTAH!… while Scal gets the nickname “Veal”… and and most of us want him gone.

But our problem isn’t really with Scalabrine.  He was never billed as more than the off-the-bench role player who could hit a shot if you ignored him.  No… our problem was with (a) his contract… and (b) the Celtics lack of talent.  Yes… he’s probably making too much money… but if your boss offered you three times what you were worth… would you say no?  Me neither.  And it’s not Scal’s fault that Doc played him 25 minutes a game.  He was never supposed to be asked to do that much.  But nothing else was working out… so into the game he went. 

I feel bad for Scal, actually.  If this was his first year with the C’s… I bet we would love him like we love all of the other less-than-talented scrappers like McCarty and Gabe Kaplar.  He’d get his 10 minutes a game… set a few screens… hit a couple of shots… and do a few local car or furniture commercials.  I hope we can let the past go… and so does he… because he knows he can contribute to this team

Do yourself a favor today and print out Steve Bulpett’s column today on the Celtics trip to Europe…. and bring it into the bathroom with you.  The trip might have been the best thing that happened to these guys: