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January 17, 2008

 kg and pierce

The best moment in last night’s Celtics game came from the post game news conference when KG and Paul Pierce did a little “Y’know” routine.  A few of the guys… KG especially… use “y’know” as a crutch in their interviews.  A few days ago, the guys got a little lesson in how to give an interview from some kind of coach. 

I’d love to find the video of this exchange… but I can’t.  Some of us blogs can’t negotiate exclusive deals with CSN (but we do get to say things like “douchebag” without readers getting touchy).  I’ll give a King’s Ransom (note: exchange rate from King’s Ransom to dollars is suprisingly low) to anyone who finds that exchange between KG and Pierce.  The next best thing is the Globe’s transcript of Doc’s news conference… which was given, in part, by Rajon Rondo.

*** UPDATE ***  Nora has come through in the comments with the audio portion of the exchange between KG and Pierce… as well as the Doc/Rondo thing.  The KG and Pierce exchange starts at the 2:38 of the “Garnett and Pierce 1/16 Postgame” clip.

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And a big thanks for those of you who joined our post-game call in show.  I figure in like 3 or 4 years, we’ll get the hang of it and the shows will sound good.  You can visit our show page to download the show.


Call In Tonight
January 16, 2008

Just a reminder:  we’ve scheduled our first call in show of 2008 for tonight, from 10-10:30 pm.  As usual, you can visit our show page…. or you can just call (718) 508-9841 to join the party

Let’s Talk It Out
January 15, 2008

So… we’ve been through a lot lately.  Losses in 3 of our last 5 games have handed us some questions…. like is any of this Doc’s fault?  Do we need to bring in a back up PG?  Is John still worthy of “Mr. July” in the annual “Hot Blogger” calendar? 

So let’s chat about this.  How does after tomorrow night’s Trailblazers game sound?  Good!  It’s a date!  We’ve scheduled our first call in show of 2008 for tomorrown night, from 10-10:30 pm.  As usual, you can visit our show page and join the fun through there.  Or you can just call (718) 508-9841 to rant from wherever you are.

eddie houseI’ll start the conversation here… and you call in to let me know what you think:

The Celtics do need a back up point guard, but they won’t get one until the last possible minute because the C’s are over the luxury tax threshold.  So whatever you think you’re going to pay for a back up… double it.  Blame the Celtics scorching start.  They’re so comfortably in front right now that even this January swoon barely threatens their status as a top 2 playoff seed.  So why would they spend twice what they want for a guy to come in ultimately do little, if anything, to improve the team’s playoff positioning?  Let’s see if House or Tony Allen can get better… and if they can’t… then you go out next month or later to find someone.  The end of the season will be the time to jell… and then the back up will be ready for the playoffs.  We address a need… and the owners do it the cheapest way possible.

Pistons Hype, Day 3: The Key Matchup
December 19, 2007

chauncey billupsThey are the big, bad Pistons.  “Beasts of the East.”  Playoff mainstays with guys like Hamilton, Wallace and Billups.

We are the sleek, new Celtics.  A collection of talent vying to return glory to the greatest franchise in NBA history…  lead by guys like Garnett, Pierce and Allen.

And in the end, it’s Rajon Rondo that will decide this game.

Rip Hamilton and Ray Allen are a wash… and McDyess and Perkins are essentially a wash too.  Pierce is better than Tayshaun Prince, but Prince is a good enough defender to bring Paul back to earth a little.  KG is better than Wallace, but Wallace is still very good… and he’ll draw KG away from the hole and minimize his overall effect on the team defense.

That leaves Billups and Rondo as the matchup that will make a difference here. (more, and today’s links, and call-in show details after the jump) 


Next Call-In Show: Wednesday, 10pm
December 10, 2007

We’ve taken a week off from the call-in shows… but we’re back on Wednesday night at 10pm.. right after the Celtics-Kings game.

As always, you can visit our show page to listen to the show (or past shows).  Or you can just call (718) 508-9841 between 10 and 10:30 Wednesday night.

Hey… do you enjoy looking at a couple of Celtics Dancers as they read things from a teleprompter?  ME TOO!  It’s a good thing Boston.Tv is around to make that happen.  Man… those dancers really enjoy exposing their midriffs.  For the record… so does Chuck… he’s got the same outfit. 

Also today: Up close with Brian Scalabrine 

LeBron’s The New Pierce (or Ray… or KG)
November 27, 2007

lebron james, kevin garnett and paul pierceLeBron James is a freak of nature.  He’s also what each one of our new Big 3 used to be:  The lone stud on a team full of non-studs. 

Our guys have lived that life before… so they know his pain.  If Cleveland is smart… they’ll look at KG’s situation and realize… this guy needs help… or else he won’t be around for much longer.  KG is pretty much saying so himself:

“As a player who has to do everything, you store it in the back of your mind for future reference that you need some help. I’m pretty sure he’s doing some of that – that if they don’t get him some help, he has to make some lifelong decisions about his career”

That won’t make Cleveland fans happy.  LeBron’s putting up triple-doubles on an almost nightly basis… and he CAN’T be thrilled with walking into a former doormat’s house and seeing a revamped team like the C’s.  LeBron must be looking at Pierce and thinking “I want that kind of help… but I don’t want to wait until I’m 30 to get it.”

Don’t forget to join us for our post game show tonight.  Game time is 7… so the show is scheduled for 9:30-10.  Visit our show page to listen.  Call (718) 508-9841 to join in.

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Call In Show Tonight
November 21, 2007

Yep… I’m a total moron.  I completely forgot to remind you that we’re doing our live call in show tonight at 10pm.  By then, the C’s will have dispatched Warriors.

Click here to listen to the show

Call (718) 508-9841 to join the show. 

As usual… the show will be done from inside a tin can… and broadcast to the world… if the world’s population was a couple dozen people.  As a special bonus tonight…. I’ll be doing the show sober for the first time.  And for the first time, Chuck won’t be looking in a mirror and blowing himself kisses during the show. 

Should be fun

Why KG Works So Well
November 13, 2007

kevin garnettWhy does KG work so well?

Because he turns heads.

Getting the ball into the post has a big effect on opposing defenses.  When you swing it from point to wing… and back to the point… a defender can maintain peripheral vision… and react to any sort of cut or fade.  But when the ball is passed into a low post threat, the help defender must be concerned with that threat.  To see what KG is doing… that defender has to turn his head.

It might only be for a split second…. but that’s enough time for guys to get open.  If Ray Allen’s man turns his head… it gives Ray enough time to relocate to an open spot… which only needs to be a couple of feet from where he was standing.  By the time the defender looks back and realizes Ray is in a different spot, Ray’s got the shot off.

If Rajon Rondo’s defender turns and looks, then Rajon can get the half step he needs to get the return pass for the open lay up…. or kick out to a more open man for the jumper. 

KG is a head turner in the stands… but he’s a head turner on the court too.  And any coach will tell you… the minute a defender turns his head, he’s toast.  And KG knows when he’s looking someone else’s defender in the eye… he’s getting the ball to that player… and fast. 

Don’t forget we’ve got a call in show tonight.  It’s from 9:30 to 10:00.  Click here for more info or to join in.  The call in number is (718) 508-9841

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Call In Show Tonight
November 7, 2007

the studiosJust a friendly reeeeee-minder that the best mid-week, internet-only, live Celtics call-in show in the world returns tonight at 10:00 pm (which I hope is as the game is ending.)

Just click here to join in the fun.  Or if you’d like to just call in from whatever bar you’re in, the number to join is  (718) 508-9841. 

Chuck is on assignment tonight (the assignment?  How much absynthe can you drink before you think you can fly) so he won’t be co-hosting… which means I’ll need you guys to call in. 

On the plus side, you’ll get to hear the debut of our new “Red’s Army Store” commercials.  And by plus side… I mean if you listen to the show, you’ll be forced to hear what I recorded last night when Chuck and I researched his assignment. 

Until game time tonight… amuse yourself with this photo gallery from the Raptors game.  Also:  Most expensive tickets in the NBA?  Boston is 3rd.  FLCeltsFan’s Random thoughts after 2 games… And BulletsForever has this amazingly accurate diagram of the Wizards “Arenas” offense

2007 Celtics Preview
October 31, 2007

our trophyMmm… what is that in my cup?  Kool Aid? 

Oh YEAH!  I’m drinking it baby… and so is Chuck.  We’ve put together our 2007 Boston Celtics Preview… and if that picture is any indication… we both think the Celtics will be pretty good. 

In other news… we’ve opened a SECOND Fantasy league.  CLICK HERE TO JOIN.  The league ID is 165245 and the password is: big three.

You can win a TShirt… scroll down or click here for more details.


We’re going live for ONE HOUR after the season opener on Friday!!  Show kicks off at 10:30pm… right after the game.  Just visit us here and you’ll get the details.