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Don’t Mess With Gino
March 20, 2008


Thanks to reader Jesse Haley for passing along this great little photoshop job.  For the record, I love it when viewers send us things.  It means less for me to do. 

But never accuse me of not being a giver.  Here’s a video of Alison of the Celtics Dancers.  I’m not posting it so you can stare at “Celtics” for 2 minutes… I’m posting it so you can get to know her better.  She’s a person… with a brain.  A brain… and an extra small Paul Pierce tank top.

** update**

I love the horny bastards that visit this site.  I put up one video of a cheerleader and it vastly outpaces any other link on the site.  I’d give the women a little something… but my wife destroyed all the tapes of me during my Chippendales days.


January 11, 2008

We heard all about so-called “blueprints” when the Patriots almost lost a few different times this year.  Now we’ll start to hear it about the Celtics. 

Did Charlotte expose a blueprint for beating the C’s?

“I think if we have a chance to play defense we’re really good if we can set,” says Doc Rivers.  “Teams know. If they can beat us down the floor, they don’t have to face our defense. Charlotte did that.”

The good thing is… not everyone runs.  And to be honest, if the C’s keep working at the transition D, then it won’t matter.  Part of the problem:  Lack of hustle:

Guys weren’t communicating. Guys were what we call buddy running – running with their own guy instead of getting back. You know, it’s a long season and you fall into habits, you have slippage.

I had slippage once… and I’m still paying the child support. 

jason kidd's mustacheYou know… it’s too bad Jason Kidd shaved his moustache… I really feel like it completed the look for him.  I mean… he beat his wifehe’s an (accused) molester… why not express all those things to the world by keeping the pervy ‘stache?  Don’t run from your past, Jason.  Embrace it.  It’s who you are.  I hope your new baby momma is ok with it.

(as an aside… would any NORMAL guy with Jason Kidd’s history of abuse and molestation score with a hot chick like that?  No… no he wouldn’t.  He’d be ostracized… vilified… shunned.  What does Jason Kidd have that most guys don’t that would make women overlook the fact that he hates females in general?  Hmmmm….. what could it be?)

Globe:  Even MORE C’s games added to national TV  |  Nets Thumbnails  | (A Red’s Army Sponsor… visit them very often!  Yay gambling!!):  NBA Power Poll(C’s #1)  |  Hoopsworld:  Hey NJ, it’s going to get ugly tonight  |  ESPN:  C’s most surprising NBA team  |  Hollinger’s Top Centers:  Glen Davis… at 15! (out of 57)  |  Star Ledger:  3rd time a charm for NJ?  |  SI:  KG still leads All Star voting  |  Vote Here 

And finally, from loyal reader Jim… who currently leads Mike Huckabee in the polls in  South Carolina… gets my vote by submitting the high resolution SI Gallery of the Celtics Dancers.

Next Call-In Show: Wednesday, 10pm
December 10, 2007

We’ve taken a week off from the call-in shows… but we’re back on Wednesday night at 10pm.. right after the Celtics-Kings game.

As always, you can visit our show page to listen to the show (or past shows).  Or you can just call (718) 508-9841 between 10 and 10:30 Wednesday night.

Hey… do you enjoy looking at a couple of Celtics Dancers as they read things from a teleprompter?  ME TOO!  It’s a good thing Boston.Tv is around to make that happen.  Man… those dancers really enjoy exposing their midriffs.  For the record… so does Chuck… he’s got the same outfit. 

Also today: Up close with Brian Scalabrine 

A Tale Of Two D-Bags
December 4, 2007

Here’s the good news:  Celtics Dancers apparently date total tools… which really opens the door for a lot of us here at Red’s Army.  Our buddies over at were doing a casting call for hot chicks… and a Celtics dancer was there.  She was interested… they exchanged numbers… yadda yadda yadda… her boyfriend is a totally insecure douchebag:

Unknown Dude: Who are you?

Me: I’m Dave

Unknown Dude: Is this your personal line?

Me: It’s my cell phone why?

Unknown Dude: What’s your last name?  Why you calling Jen?

Me: Who are you?  

Unknown Dude:  I’m Jen’s boyfriend.  Why you calling Jen?

Me: Umm, for an ESPN casting call.

Unknown Dude: Oh.  She doesn’t want to do it.  (click)

Follow this link to see the whole exchange

stephen a. smithOh… and speaking of insecure douchebags… Let’s speak on Stephen A. Smith.  He thinks bloggers shouldn’t be able to reach a wide audience

someone with no training should not be allowed to have any kind of format whatsoever to disseminate to the masses to the level which they can. They are not trained. Not experts.

Hey Stephen A… how much training did you get before you got thrown on TV?  What’s that?  None?

Let me tell you something Stephen A:  There are literally MILLIONS of people who were trained in college to become reporters… specifically sports reporters.  And they’re NOT sports reporters now… because people like YOU are.  And I’ll also tell you this:  They’re trained NOT to yell every time they’re on TV.  Face it Stephen A., you’re a television failure, and now you need print media to fall back on.  Except… its dying… and it doesn’t pay quite like TV does.  So now you’re pissed that people like us come along and have a little following… further hampering your new lifestyle.  Well screw you, hypocrite.

The Celtics Real Big 3
October 3, 2007

celtics dancersI’ll be honest… I don’t know which of the Celtics dancers these chicks are… but in honor of Isaiah Thomas’ sexual harrassment verdict… I figured we’d observe a moment of silence overt objectification.

Ok… now that that’s over… let me get some overdue links up this morning.

Rajon Rondo is blogging again from Rome… and he seems to be an upbeat guy.  Besides… everyone is still coo.

 We have three hour practices twice a day! I’m going hard in every single one of them! After our practices we go eat together and just hang out in the city. It’s beautiful over here. The rest of my time I spend playing cards! I’m glad I’m on a team that likes to gamble a little!  

See.. gambling “a little” to these guys probably means thousand dollar hands of no-limit hold ’em.  To the rest of us… it’s scraping a few nickels and dimes together…. and the winner comes away with 3 bucks!   Yeah!  I’m a Playa!! 

Only Doc Rivers can be both “comfortable” and “scared” about this year’s point guard situation.  KG and Perk have put their past “spat” behind them.  I never understood why KG was woofing at Perk that game.   By the way.. here’s the Herald’s photo gallery from Rome. 

glen davisOver at the Globe:  Big Baby is having growing pains.  From the looks of this photo…. he’s having gas pains. Seriously.. THAT’S the best picture you can find?  Shira Springer found that basketball is at a crossroads in Italy.

I’m loving Hoopsworld’s new site, by the way.  Check out Steve Kyler’s piece:  Is 3 really enough

On GotGarnett:  A Giant Invades Rome

Also:  Hollinger’s team forecast  |  Sporting News Forecast  |  C’s new Big 3 among to 50 players 

And the NBA Previews roll on:  Nets (Hooplah Nation)  |  Knicks (Straight Bangin’)  |  Knicks (Posting and Toasting)

Urgent Breaking News…
July 13, 2007

We have a new dance team!

 Celtics Dancers

This is really for for those True Hoop readers who have followed the link to us from the whole race issue stuff.  I don’t want you think we’re all just deep thinkers around here.  We’re actually quite superficial.  Chuck spends $250 a day on hair products and moisturizers.  I like to do a bunch of pushups before I trim the hedges out front… and then I pull the “oh… it’s so hot out here” act before taking my shirt off. 

And before you shake your head and say “typical bloggers… it’s all t & a and joking around”… just know that the hoity-toity Boston Globe beat us to the punch with the whole racy picture dance team thing.  It’s the most coverage they’ve given the Celtics in weeks.