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KG, Billups Ad
May 21, 2008

These ads are amazing.  If the NBA knows anything… it’s marketing

The Key Matchup
May 20, 2008

The Celtics and Pistons are remarkably evenly matched teams.  Only at 1 position is there a stark contrast in the style of play:  point guard.

Not to over simplify things… but the chances are very good that whomever wins this battle… will be on the winning team.  I find it almost impossible to believe that Chauncey Billups would vastly outplay Rondo in a Pistons loss. 

So what will the difference be?  In one word:  Tempo.

Chauncey Billups isn’t a fast break point guard.  He’s a bull.  He’s most effective in a half-court set, posting Rondo up, and working the offense to get people open jumpers.  Besides… I still think his hamstring is an issue.  Even if it feels better… it’s only been about a week.  Quick cuts can’t be good for it. 

So its up to Rajon Rondo to push the issue.  Force the tempo.  Make your teammates run.  Billups is a tremendous player… but Rondo is too fast.  He’s too fast for anyone on the Pistons.  Rondo has no choice here.  Push the ball… get to the middle of the lane… and make things happen.  If you stand around try to run sets against the Pistons… we can forget the finals.  If Rondo get himself into the lane… then we’ll see a repeat of this video… and another round in the playoffs.