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Awaiting the Birdman
July 2, 2008

Chris Andersen

Wooing free agents is more fun that I thought. Maybe because these guys actually want to play for the Celtics now. Chris “the Birdman” Andersen is reportedly coming to town today. He’s a slender 6-10 with tremendous potential. Should we care that he was suspended for two seasons for violating the league’s substance abuse policy? I don’t. But I don’t see how the Celtics can pay this guy more than $1-2 million per season, a number he’s sure to double or triple on the open market.

Ainge’s offer to Corey Maggette certainly has Celtics nation buzzing. And it looks like Corey is tired of losing:

“It’s not always about money,” Maggette said. “I’ve been in the league a long time and I’ve made a lot of money. I’m tired of losing. I want to get back to the playoffs and win.”

Nice try Corey, but I’m not buying it. Maybe if you were 3-4 years older. Go and get paid. There are still no specifics on the offers made to Maggette or James Posey. Marc Spears reports the Wizards are “very interested” in the Mongoose.

Not only is Danny busy with players, but he’s begun negotiating Doc Rivers’ exension. We’re guessing 3 more years at $7 million per. And Doc’s entire staff also needs new contracts.