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Stoudamire To Spurs
January 30, 2008

As of this writing, Damon Stoudamire will have been a free agent for about 10 minutes.  He probably won’t be a free agent for much longer than that… because he’s going to sign with the Spurs:

Once he officially becomes a free agent, Stoudamire will join San Antonio for a pro-rated share of the $1.2 million veteran minimum. That computes to roughly $545,000 if Stoudamire spends the rest of the season with the defending champions.

If he’d signed with the C’s, it would have cost them the full $1.2 mil… because they’re over the luxury tax threshold.

While I’m posting something, check out Rajon Rondo’s new blog post… in which he reveals that he’ll shock us all by becoming really fat 10 years after he retires.

While we were in Miami… I got to eat at some good restaurants while I was down there too. I love to eat. My teammates always mess with me about how much I eat-they say I’m greedy. I just look at it as I have a big appetite.

That’s great for now Rajon… you’re a young NBA player and you can probably eat 40 meals a day.  I just don’t want to see Rajon pulling a Tony Gwynn.


Sam vs Damon
January 20, 2008

As we approach the mid-point of the season, its become obvious the Celtics still need a veteran point guard. Rajon Rondo’s been great and frankly, I’m not worried about his play. It’s what happens to this team when Eddie House, Tony Allen and Ray Allen are forced to play the position. The offense becomes dysfunctional. And Ray is a much better weapon coming off screens. In my opinion, it’s coming down to two veterans, the Clippers Sam Cassell and Grizzlies Damon Stoudamire.  (Sorry, Mr. Payton. I just don’t see it happening.) Rumors of buyouts and trades are swirling around both players, and the Celtics always seemed to in the mix. Here’s how both players compare head-to-head this season

With the Clippers and Grizzlies in last place in their divisions, money-saving buyouts are an option. Cassell is making $6.1 million in the final year of his deal, Stoudamire is earning $4.35 million this season and is owed $4.65 next year. The Celtics don’t have the assets/contracts to pull off a deal for each. (Forget it, no team is taking Scalabrine.) So a buyout is the only option, provided Wyc and Co. are willing to spend another $3-4 million (any salary will be doubled due to the luxury tax). 

I’m endorsing Cassell. He’s the mentally-tougher player who thrives in the spotlight. He’s won before. Stoudamire remains an offensive threat, who can certainly push the ball, but what about his attitude and those three drug arrests? Sam I Am is the man for the Celtics in ’08.

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And the most entertaining note from the morning, comes from the Bobcats’ Gerald Wallace who sees similiarities between himself and Tom Brady:

“He’s a reflection of myself, a guy who was pretty good coming out of high school, going to a college where he didn’t play that much, then being drafted late,” Wallace told the Charlotte Observer. “Then, once he had the opportunity to play, he proved he’s one of the best players in the league.”

Um, Brady proved he’s the best quarterback of all-time who “hangs” with supermodels in his spare time. There are at least 100 players in the NBA who are better than, or equal to Gerald Wallace. So keep dreamin’ Gerald.