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Danny Ainge Gets a Raise
October 28, 2008


Trader Danny is no longer the team’s Executive Director of Basketball Operations and General Manager. He’s now the President of Basketball Ops. I doubt Danny’s duties will change one bit. All this means is more cash in Ainge’s pocket. The Celtics have also extended his contract.

Thanks to Jess Camerato for the tip!

The Gambler
August 30, 2008

Former Boston Globe basketball guru turned Hoopshype blogger Peter May breaks down the genius that is Danny Ainge. May hails Ainge as a ballsy risk-taker, smart enough to cut his losses and creative enough to move them out of town. What stood out to me in this blog, was the negative aura surrounding Rajon Rondo prior to the 2007 draft:

Then, Ainge went to work to try and get Rondo, as he saw the Kentucky guard drop further and further in the first round. Finally, at No. 21, Ainge got the Suns to draft Rondo, trading a future first-rounder in a loaded draft class (2007.) Where others saw a history of conflict, a cocky kid and a guard who wasn’t anything close to a classic point guard, Ainge saw athleticism, defensive ability and intelligence, and wasn’t the least-bit put off by all the negativity emanating from Lexington, Kentucky.

“You know,’’ he said, “it isn’t always a bad thing when the player and the coach don’t see eye to eye. We interviewed a lot of people before we drafted Rajon. We heard all the stuff; he was cocky, uncoachable, all that stuff. But at the end of the day, we thought he’d be a good addition to our basketball team.”

My perception of Rondo is the exact opposite. He seems like an extremely humble kid, never seen jawing with coaches or teammates.

In other news, the Warriors aren’t believing Monta Ellis’ story about how he injured his ankle. And the Knicks traded for Patrick Ewing Jr.

And check out this crazy pool video. I say the last kid never touched the rim which doesn’t make it a dunk.

In Appreciation Of… Danny Ainge
June 23, 2008

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be looking back at the Boston Celtics championship season in an effort to truly appreciate the efforts of those involved.  This is the first installment of the series.

The 5th pick.

After all the Celtics had been through, the Celtics had gotten the 5th pick. 

Now what?

Danny Ainge had been ridiculed for his so-called “5 year plan,” which we’re pretty sure didn’t include a #1 or #2 pick after year 4.  The blame raining on the team and its coach was starting to splash onto him.  On top of it all, his superstar had had enough of a decade’s worth of not winning, and was starting think it would never happen here.  Something had to be done.

There’s no need to go into detail about the trades.  We know what the trades were.  But a lot of GM’s wouldn’t have traded away the amount of players that Danny did.  They see it as some kind of admission that the plan didn’t work.  Ultimately, however, that usually just leads to more mistakes as GM’s try to cover the stench of their rotting plans.


Next Year’s C’s Could Be Much Different
March 16, 2008

Tourney time is when NBA executives go on scouting binges.  Its an easy way to go to one city and see every team in a conference over a couple of days.  So while the C’s are on the road… Danny is on a scouting trip.   And despite his tremendous ability to find gems in the late-first/second round… its going to be tough for a rookie to make this team.

“We like our young players. They’ve already contributed. But we have a very good young player in Gabe Pruitt and we can’t even get him on the court. So even though someone we see out here might look good, we have to figure out if they’re better than Gabe or better than Glen Davis or Leon Powe”

Its possible that Eddie House, Scot Pollard, Sam Cassell, PJ Brown and Tony Allen will all be gone next year.  Pruitt, meanwhile, is averaging 22 points (shooting 48%), 4 assists and 2.4 steals since being sent back to the D League.  Personally… I don’t expect Allen to come back.  They’ll lose a little defense… but they can probably get more overall production from Pruitt.  I wouldn’t be shocked if House plays his performance this year into a longer-term contract with another team.  He’s playing well… and I wouldn’t blame the guy if he chased the money.  He’s making $1.5 million this year… which is the biggest contract of his career.  I think its very realistic for him to get a 3-year deal worth $10-12 million somewhere.

One other thing:  If you like to ride bikes, maybe you can ride with Brian Scalabrine:

“If I stay out in Boston this summer, I’m looking for a riding group,” he said. “So put that out there.”

Sure thing Scal.

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Saying The Right Things
March 8, 2008

sam cassellThis has been one wild season.  Every time I look up, some very well known NBA player that I’ve watched play elsewhere for years…. is wearing Celtics gear.  I STILL look at KG play and think “oh my GOD… KG plays for the Celtics!!!”  I got it with Ray Allen.  I’m getting it now with Sam Cassell.  Just looking at the picture of him shooting around before yesterday’s game… it just looks wild.  And that smile on his face seems genuine too.  The Globe broke down his interview yesterday on TNT.. and he’s saying all the right things.

On Rondo:

“I like him…I like what he brings to the Boston Celtics. He’s young and athletic, he’s faster than me, he’s younger than me. I just want to get to him and show him how (the game) is supposed to be played.   I’m 38-years-old, I’ve had my time as a starting point guard. I’ve scored a lot of points in this league. (Rajon Rondo) can have (the starting point guard spot), I don’t want his job. I’m just here to make the team better.”

Rajon Rondo… who was nearly decapitated by Cassell… is apparently willing to forget about it.

“I’m looking forward for the first time to playing with a veteran point guard,” said the second-year player. “I never had one. Last year we had Sebastian (Telfair) and Delonte (West), and I didn’t have someone like that at Kentucky.”

sam cassell and ray allenAt the beginning of last season… I wrote that all the “Fire Doc” people should have also been saying “Fire Danny.”  Now… Danny has to be a lock for GM of the Year.  The trades to create the new Big 3… solidifying the bench with 2 proven veterans… another second round steal in Glen Davis.  The only signing that hasn’t worked is the Scot Pollard deal… which is pretty insignificant.

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Did Ainge Admit To Tanking?
November 14, 2007

Let’s be clear on this… things OBVIOUSLY worked out for the Celtics.

But Danny might have let it slip that last season’s woes weren’t an accident.

It’s all in the past now… and the way the C’s are playing… we’d almost forgive Danny if he admitted to punching our mothers in the face… but I figured you guys might be interested.

The Accidental Contender
August 27, 2007

danny aingeIdeas are always born in strange places.  Someone will say something that pops an idea in your head… and it makes you realize something that makes you want to write.  Yesterday, that idea came from the comments section of our Total Overhaul post.  Suddenly, we realized that Danny is building us a potential champion… by accident.  We are now The Accidental Contender:

Danny Ainge is stumbling through what might be an historic offseason for the Boston Celtics. Every move he wanted to make this offseason has fallen through… leading him to look in another direction. The funny thing is, that other direction, has built us a contender  (continue reading)

Hey… I’ll take it however I can get it.  But I just want to make it absolutely clear that this is not turning out how Danny Ainge had intended.  It’s almost as if Chauncey Gardner suddenly started running the Celtics.

It’s a good thing I wrote something because the local scribes didn’t.  That’s ok… it’s not like Celtics fans want any insight or anything.  Oh wait… you do?

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Danny Ainge is Insane: Exhibit A
July 19, 2007

Danny AingeOn the surface… this seems to be a nice little story about how the Utah Jazz and the NBDL’s Utah Flash are similar.  Those stories are always fun for a writer from a small newspaper because you get to pretend you’re just like the big boys.  But then we get to his one line:

The Flash can actually get players from two teams: The Jazz and the Boston Celtics, which requested to be affiliated with the Flash.

Danny Ainge has, in his infinite wisdom, requested to be affiliated with a team in Utah.   Look, it’s not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it’s certainly a piece to the puzzle.  Danny obviously chose to be affiliated with Utah because he’s a mormon.  This isn’t a knock on his religion… I don’t care about that at all.  But when he’s making basketball decisions… however benign… based on things other than basketball… that’s a sign of a problem. 

It all boils down to what type of person that would make a decision like this.  A clear-thinking, reasonable person would look at the NBDL teams and say “Hey, there’s a team in Indiana.  Let’s see if we can be associated with them… this way I can take a short flight to check on the progress of some of my guys on an off day… and if someone gets hurt the day of a game… it’ll be easy to fly in a replacement.” 

Danny Ainge says “let’s hook up with a team in Utah… this way when I go check out a player, I can do other stuff, too… who cares if its 3 time zones away.”  Is Danny really considering what’s best for his team here… or is he considering what’s best for himself? And if he’s using this kind of logic for this decision… is he using it for other decisions?  It’s a question worth asking.

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What If This Is It?
July 9, 2007

danny aingeFor a guy who talks as much as Danny Ainge does…. he sure as hell doesn’t say much.  Every time he opens his mouth, he’s telling us how he’s not done making moves.  But in a market where Mikki Moore is being pursued by more than one team… it’s a strong possibility that Danny is all talk. 

So what if this is it?  What if this is the roster that we are taking into the regular season?  Is that so bad… or are we setting ourselves up for another big disappointment? 

Without going into 6 pages of statistical analysis, we’ll look at how it all shakes out after the jump (and give you today’s links too).  In the end, I’ll give you the ONE STAT that will tell us if the Celtics will win the division, or be a disappointment. (more…)

Time To Get Some Run
July 6, 2007

That means play basketball.  Sorry if the headline threw you.  Sometimes I revert back to my street-ballin days.  It was sort of like the And1 mix tape stuff you see… except with none of that fancy dribbling… or dunking… or consistent shooting.  But man… I had a mean set-shot.  The only problem is that sometimes my goggles would fog-up and I’d have to sit out a couple of points.

greg oden Anyhoo…

The boys are playing basketball tonight in Vegas (I hope they’ve got AC… it’s like 200 degrees out there).  It’s everyone’s first chance to see Greg Oden play against NBA talent…. if you can call Lance Allred and Andreas Glyniadakis “NBA talent.” 

Maybe Big Baby and Leon Powe can give him the ol’ Malachi Crunch.  That’ll show those ping pong balls to bounce Portland’s way. 

We’ll be watching the game if you can’t… and we’ll let you know how it went.  Remember… our call in show is tomorrow at 10:30 am.  It’ll be an hour long show focusing on what have become the main topics of the week:  the beginning of the Summer League, Sebastian Telfair’s possible return to the C’s, and the next move Danny will make (because he keeps saying he’s going to make one)