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I Miss Delonte
February 27, 2008

delonte westI’d rather have Delonte West than Sam Cassell.  There.. I said it. 

I miss Delonte.  I mean… this team is fun… but it would be so much more fun with him around.

I know… I know… we had to give him up to get Ray… and I’d make that move again if there was a do-over. 

But I still miss the guy. 

Nothing really new to report on Sam Cassell.  Donald Sterling is still cheap:

Yesterday, however, there was no news, other than the emergence of one NBA truism: Sterling and his money are not easily parted. The owner actually said Monday night that he figured if Cassell were to leave the team, then the Clippers’ financial obligation to him would go with the player. Doesn’t work that way, Donald.

No wonder the Clippers are perennial jokes.  Also… speaking of jokes:  The Knicks are so pathetic… even comic strips are taking shots at them (nod to TrueHoop for the link). 

Back to the C’s… and tonight’s game.  The Celtics are trying to build off the momentum of 2 wins in a row out west… but I’m afraid this game is going to be sloppy.  Its the first home game in 2 weeks.  Some of these guys have been a way for way too long… and we’re coming back from a lot of time on the west coast.  The Cavs are on the back end of a back-to-back… with a completely made-over team. 

What are the odds that this game is anything besides an ugly festival of turnovers and missed shots?  You might see rebounding numbers in the 60’s. 

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Now On Barstool
December 28, 2007

delonte westI forgot how much I loved Delonte West… until seeing him last nght:

I still love Delonte West. How can you not? He’s the kind of guy that gets kicked in the balls and asks “Is that all you got?” He’s the guy in the movies that’s too stupid to die… even when he’s been shot a dozen times. (Read the rest)

Admit it… you all still love Delonte too.  I wonder if we can get him back somehow.  Here’s a link that might make you  throw up in your mouth a litte:  Have Boston and New York switched places? 

Thanks For Everything Delonte
July 8, 2007

Delonte WestDelonte West was never the best player on the team… but he was always the hardest working guy.  And let’s see how we can put this politely… he’s f@#ing crazy.  Those are attributes that we love around here… which means we’re sad to see Delonte go off to Seattle.  Today, Matty G looks back on the 3 years that Delonte spent in Celtics green:

It is always hard to say goodbye. Saying goodbye to some people is a little harder than others though. Wally Szczerbiak, I didn’t mind too much because his last name is such a pain to spell. Jeff Green, we hardly knew ye. But Delonte West, the tattooed redhead, that one was tough. Delonte wasn’t a 30 point a night guy. Heck, he was barely a 10 point a night guy. But when D-West took the floor, everyone knew he was going to give everything he had. He was often injured, but those injuries came because he played the game hard. Chances are Delonte’s #13 wont be hanging with the 21 other numbers (and one name) in the Boston Garden. But he sure will be remembered by anyone who considers themselves a Celtic fan.   ((Continue reading))

As for the current Celtics… we know the team has needs.  Danny Ainge will tell you that the Delonte deal leaves them thin at point guard and we still need a defensive presence in the middle.  But Scott Souza wonders aloud, in column form, if the C’s have the solutions to those problems in Sebastian Telfair and Theo Ratliff.  Shira Springer says Leon Powe deserves praiseDanny has an extra month to decide on whether to keep Allan Ray… and Brandon Wallace has an outside chance at making this roster.  And Peter May disagrees with the thought that the C’s can win the East next year… but he didn’t get the memo that the Herald got about Allan Ray.  Peter thinks Allan is now guaranteed to be on the roster… but that’s ok… because Peter works for the Boston Globe… and the Globe hates Celtics fans.

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Oh What A Night
June 28, 2007

Wow… this was a wild night for Celtics fans.  Let’s look at what we’ve got:

Ray Allen is going to be a Celtic

ray allen in a celtics uniformWe like this deal.  The key thing to remember was how we felt at the end of the season.  The OVERWHELMING sentiment was if we don’t get Oden or Durant, we need to trade the pick because getting younger doesn’t help us.  Most people said we needed veteran help and to shorten our rotation.  This does both… while also adding an All-Star calibur player without trading away Gerald Green or Al Jefferson.  We’re also keeping Theo Ratliff’s expiring contract… which is valuable as a bargaining chip or as cap space to resign Jefferson.  Is it a GREAT deal?  Probably not.  But is it a good deal?  We think so.

One note:  We’re really going to miss Delonte West.  Man… I just like him.

Glenn Davis, Gabe Pruitt

gabe pruitt

glenn How can you not love having a guy named “Big Baby” on the team?  That’s got all sorts of potential.  Plus… fat guys will have someone to root for.  You know… last year, Davis would have gone much higher in the draft.  As far as I’m concerned, this is a flyer on a low-post guy who can come in and knock some people around.  He and Leon Powe can go beat the piss out of one another and the last man standing can make the team.  Pruitt is not a guy I saw much of, but he seems like the athletic guard that Danny likes.  He’s probably an upgrade over Allan Ray at this point.. which might mean bad news for those of you who are already giddy over the possibility of Allan Ray and Ray Allen on the floor at the same time. 

Not a bad night overall for the Celtics.  There is some division over the Ray Allen deal… which is understandable.  I don’t think the C’s are done moving pieces, though.

June 28, 2007

The Boston Celtics have made a trade for an All-Star… just not any of the All-Stars we heard about until today.  Ray Allen will be a Boston Celtic.

Boston will get Ray Allen and the 35th pick in this draft.

Seattle gets the 5th pick(Jeff Green) Wally Szczerbiak, and Delonte West. 

 “Boston really pursued this. What started as a smaller conversation became fulfilled. Their pursuit was impeccable,” said new Sonics’ general manager Sam Presti

There are some who have concerns about Ray’s health:

Allen underwent surgery in April on both of his ankles. He called it a season in late March, unable to tolerate the pain in his left ankle as a result of inflammation from bone spurs. Statistically, it was the seven-time All-Star’s finest season scoring, averaging 26.4 points per game, including a career-best 54-point performance against Utah in January. But the ankle and an early season foot injury limited Allen to just 55 games.

ray allen in a celtics jersey

Ray-Ray Rumors
June 28, 2007

ray allen in a celtics uniformThe Celtics are making a strong push for Ray Allen. Here’s the latest by Ian Thomsen of 

The proposal being negotiated by Seattle and Boston would send Allen to the Celtics for a package including the No. 5 pick, Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte West. The last I heard was that Seattle was having second thoughts about the deal: The sticking point was that the Sonics wanted second-year point guard Rajon Rondo instead of West, which led Boston VP Danny Ainge to demand that Seattle also include center Robert Swift in the trade. But Seattle was unwilling to include Swift. It remained to be seen whether the Sonics and Celtics can patch it up.

I like the deal, if they are unable to get Marion or Garnett obviously. But I can’t imagine Danny would part with Rondo.

Here’s what Ray is owed over the next 3 years: $16,000,000, $17,388,430, $18,776,860


Andy Katz during ESPN’s coverage says this deal is going on at a very high level… and it would mean Seattle takes Jeff Green