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Hate Me and I’ll Hate You Back
May 20, 2008

The World Of Isaac is a generally fantastic blog… but good ol’ Isaac has been bitten by the bug.  You know… the “I hate Boston” bug

But that’s OK… because I love the hate.  I cut slices off other peoples’ hate, top it with whipped cream, and eat it as dessert.  I gather up everyone’s hate, throw it into a pillow case, and sleep comfortably on it. 

I’m also OK with it because Boston is not Detroit.  And I’ll hapilly drink up the hate if it means not living in America’s Most Miserable City

I’ll sit here and take the barbs so I don’t have to listen to Detroit’s Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick…. who, if you haven’t heard… was cheating on his wife… and had it exposed when text messages on his city-issued cell phone were released.  His reaction… try to change the rules so text messages don’t get released anymore.  Classy

Detroit produced cars so…. um… reliable… that Japan and Germany are running circles around American car companies.  Detroit is so bad… the most influential record company in the world… Motown Records… got the hell out and moved to New York.  And has anyone seen Animal Cops: Detroit?

Basketball-wise… what’s not to hate about the “Detroit” Pistons (who play 30 miles away from Detroit).  Reasons 1 through 100 are encompassed in this douchebag:

He single-handedly did more to ruin the Pistons than anyone else.  Everyone who hates the Pistons will put ol’ Bill up there as reason #1. 

But there is joy for me in hating the Pistons.  History isn’t smiling on those great Pistons teams.  Laimbeer is remembered as a douche.  Dennis Rodman is remembered a freak… and those who remember his as a baller think of him more as a Bull or even a Spur.  Isiah Thomas is remembered as the guy who destroyed the CBA andthe New York Knicks.  Joe Dumars is remembered as “the nice one”… and everyone else is sort of forgotten. 

I know is a destination for opposing teams’ fans.  So bring it on Detroit.  I don’t think you’ve got much to brag about. 


The Key Matchup
May 20, 2008

The Celtics and Pistons are remarkably evenly matched teams.  Only at 1 position is there a stark contrast in the style of play:  point guard.

Not to over simplify things… but the chances are very good that whomever wins this battle… will be on the winning team.  I find it almost impossible to believe that Chauncey Billups would vastly outplay Rondo in a Pistons loss. 

So what will the difference be?  In one word:  Tempo.

Chauncey Billups isn’t a fast break point guard.  He’s a bull.  He’s most effective in a half-court set, posting Rondo up, and working the offense to get people open jumpers.  Besides… I still think his hamstring is an issue.  Even if it feels better… it’s only been about a week.  Quick cuts can’t be good for it. 

So its up to Rajon Rondo to push the issue.  Force the tempo.  Make your teammates run.  Billups is a tremendous player… but Rondo is too fast.  He’s too fast for anyone on the Pistons.  Rondo has no choice here.  Push the ball… get to the middle of the lane… and make things happen.  If you stand around try to run sets against the Pistons… we can forget the finals.  If Rondo get himself into the lane… then we’ll see a repeat of this video… and another round in the playoffs.


Pistons Hype, Day 3: The Key Matchup
December 19, 2007

chauncey billupsThey are the big, bad Pistons.  “Beasts of the East.”  Playoff mainstays with guys like Hamilton, Wallace and Billups.

We are the sleek, new Celtics.  A collection of talent vying to return glory to the greatest franchise in NBA history…  lead by guys like Garnett, Pierce and Allen.

And in the end, it’s Rajon Rondo that will decide this game.

Rip Hamilton and Ray Allen are a wash… and McDyess and Perkins are essentially a wash too.  Pierce is better than Tayshaun Prince, but Prince is a good enough defender to bring Paul back to earth a little.  KG is better than Wallace, but Wallace is still very good… and he’ll draw KG away from the hole and minimize his overall effect on the team defense.

That leaves Billups and Rondo as the matchup that will make a difference here. (more, and today’s links, and call-in show details after the jump) 


Pistons Hype, Day 2: Why They’re Better
December 18, 2007

pistons hold trophiesTomorrow night is the big matchup against the Pistons… and a lot of us have been looking forward to this game for a while.  It’s supposed to be the first real true test for the Boston Celtics in what has been a dream season so far.  But there’s one reason why they’re better than us right now.

They’ve been there before.   

The Celtics may very well win tomorrow night, but it will be because this game is more important to the Celtics than it is to the Pistons.  As much as I’m sure they’d like to prove a point, I’m also even more certain that they’d trade a December loss for a May win any time.  The Celtics are looking to prove something, but the Pistons have already proven it.  They’ve been there before.  If this were a video game, “being there before” would upgrade everyone’s talent level by a few points. 

The postseason highlights flaws, exposes weaknesses, and battle-hardens a team.  The Celtics are the flashy new car that’s just been driven off the lot… it looks great and it’s driving like a racecar.  But what happens when it hits a pothole?  Will it fall apart… or will it absorb the impact?

So what’s the point of this?  Should the Celtics win tomorrow, let’s treat it with the appropriate amount of enthusiasm.  A win tomorrow means we’ll be lumped into that “elite” group of teams this regular season… but the Pistons will be better than the Celtics until the day we’re still in the playoffs… and they’re playing golf. 

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Pistons Hype, Day 1: Run To Win
December 17, 2007

Yes… the Celtics are 20-2, but to many people, they might as well be 0-0.  Consider it a 22 game preseason.  The C’s real season begins Wednesday night, when they take on the Pistons… who are currently the 2nd best team in the Eastern Conference (and 3rd best overall).  Yes, it’s only December… but this is the biggest game in the Eastern Conference so far this year.

The Celtics will want to prove they belong back on top of the NBA.  The Pistons will want to prove that THEY are the best team in the East.  For the C’s to take this one, they’ll have to run the Pistons out of the building.  The Celtics won’t win a half-court game.

The key is to actually make Antonio McDyess and Rasheed Wallace get up and down the floor.  Take their legs away by running them like mad.  That will take away Sheed’s long distance jumpers… which will draw KG away from the hoop and open up a lane. 

Running on a half court team makes them more likely to settle for jumpers offensively… and tired legs mean shots won’t fall.  The C’s have to channel the old fast-break Celtics teams and get 90-100 shots up on Wednesday… which would be enough for the win… and to give Tommy Heinsohn a heart attack.

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