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Where Was Eddie?
May 27, 2008

The Celtics seemed lifeless out there at times last night.  Part of it was the Pistons defense… part of it was a flat out lack of energy and execution.  And while I understand that Sam Cassell’s experience allows him to handle the pressure well… We really could have used Eddie House’s energy for a few minutes.

I fully understand the reasons for not playing Eddie against the Pistons.  Chauncey Billups, Rodney Stuckey and Lindsay Hunter could make things difficult for Eddie.  But what Eddie can do is be a caffeine jolt to a lifeless team.  How about cutting Ray Allen’s minutes down from 35 to 30… and Sam’s minutes down from 17 to 12.  There’s 10 minutes right there where Eddie could help force the issue and maybe wake a couple of guys up.

You guys know me… I think Doc gets unfairly criticized for a lot of things… but you’ve got to see that your guys are struggling to find a spark.  You’ve got a spark plug guy in Eddie House just sitting there… why not give him a few minutes to see if he can help?  Could things have gotten any worse?

Speaking of Doc… WithMalice is making the argument for canning him.  I disagree with many of the points… but many of you might not.

Opening For Eddie
May 13, 2008

We have been asking for it… and Doc Rivers may be seeing it as well.  If all Sam Cassell is doing off the bench is shooting rather than running our offense… then we might as well have Eddie House in there.

“As a coach you always have the Sam-and-Eddie question. If Sam is playing well, there is no Eddie question. If Sam is playing poorly, there is an Eddie question. I am smart enough to get that.”

The answer to the Sam and Eddie question?

“You’ll see when the game starts.”

That’s from Scott Souza at today’s practice.  And because he’s a professional writer, he sums things up better than I ever have.

The trouble with Cassell as a backup point guard the way he is playing now is that, for all his experience, he really isn’t performing as a point guard in the playoffs. He is a shooting threat who has tried to keep the defense honest – and admittedly has hit some big, big shots – but any advantage he had over House as a true point guard running the show has disappeared.

This is especially the case when it comes to ball movement – which happens to be a House speciality (pardon the ongoing array of puns). House is not a great ball-handler, but he does move the ball on offense, whereas Cassell has looked for his shot in many cases first while the other four players have stood around like spectators.

Defensively, Cassell’s struggles against Daniel Gibson and Delonte West mean House wouldn’t be a downgrade there either.

Its amazing how much sense you can make when you don’t spend so much time calling people douchebags.  Not that I’m going to stop.

House Has The Right Attitude
March 2, 2008

eddie houseIt’s a question I asked a couple of days ago:  Who loses minutes?  Today, Mark Murphy has the answer… almost everyone.  Eddie House, who will definitely lose some minutes once Sam Cassell is on board, has got the right attitude about things:

“I’ve talked with Danny (Ainge) and Doc, and we’re all on the same page,” House said after yesterday’s practice. “Everyone is on the boat. We’re all going to the same place. The most important thing is that everyone is going in the same direction.

“Sam gives us the veteran point guard that everyone thinks we need. It’s something I’ve experienced before on the business side of the ball, and as a veteran, you have to accept it.

I’m glad Eddie is saying those things.  I can see Eddie getting plenty of time along side Cassell.  Think about all the “bombs away” options you have if you’re down big and need 3’s:  Sam, Eddie, Ray, Posey, Pierce.  You can throw them all out there if you really need to.  I also think that Sam will make Eddie’s minutes more effective.  We still need a contribution from House. 

Meanwhile… Doc Rivers and I share the same opinion about tonight’s opponent, the Atlanta Hawks:

“He’s engaged,” Rivers said of Mike Bibby. “There’s a smile on his face and he’s playing hard. Guys do get disengaged. And it helps Joe a lot because he often had to play the point on top of everything else. Now Joe’s a scorer. His 3-point percentage has skyrocketed. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them in the playoffs.”

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How Did This Happen??
January 16, 2008

Since December… lamarcus aldridgeThe Boston Celtics are 17-4. 

The Portland Trailblazers are 18-3. 

I thought that even without Greg Oden, the Blazers would be a playoff team… but no one expected this.  Brandon Roy is becoming a bigger star than expected.  LaMarcus Aldridge is becoming a beast.  What happens when they get Oden next year? 

They’re young, they’re eager, they’re athletic, they’ve got a strong low post player… they’re just the kind of team that gives us a lot of trouble.  Meanwhile, the Celtics might have Rajon Rondo again tonight… and Eddie House might get the start (or maybe even Gabe Pruitt)  As far as I’m concerned… its worth a shot.  Tony Allen is NOT a point guard.  I’ve said it before… he’s good for 2 or 3 dribbles before it all starts to fall apart for him.   Doc, however, doesn’t like either option right now:

“They can handle the ball OK,” Rivers said of House and Tony Allen. “But they don’t do a great job of running out stuff. (Monday) night we started (sets) on an average of 12 or 10 seconds (left on the shot clock).

“Before (with Rondo) we’d almost never start lower than 17. We were sprinting up the floor.”

 Isn’t it funny… before the season started all the questions were about Rondo’s perceived lack of ability to run the team.  Now… its his absence that has derailed our scorching start.  And just in case you want some salt rubbed in that wound of yours:  The Wizards followed up their back-to-back wins against our C’s… by losing to the (long string of multi-syllabic expletives deleted) Knicks

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Answering Some Questions
January 1, 2008

2007… perhaps the greatest single year in Boston sports history… is now gone.  As we move ahead to 2008… let’s look at some of the questions that dogged us heading into this season:

Yeah… Boston has the big 3… but what else have they got?

james poseyMore than we thought.  James Posey came in billed as our defensive guy off the bench…. and people didn’t exactly laud Danny’s decision to bring in Eddie House.  However, their 18th and 12th respectively in the NBA in 3 point fg percentage (House is 8th among guards, Posey is 7th among forwards).  They have both hit huge threes in this past road trip alone to keep opponents at bay.  Glen Davis has show he’s got the ability to hang in the league.  Now if only we can see more of the Tony Allen we saw against LA… and less of the Tony Allen we saw in the 3rd quarter against Sacramento… we’ll be in extremely good shape.

But what about that point guard spot… and center?

Rajon Rondo is growing up right before our eyes.  He has clearly improved his jumper, and he’s got one of the better eyes for the open guy in the league… even at this young age.  At some point, it will click in him that he can destroy opposing pg’s off the dribble all night long… and he’ll do it to soften up the defense.  As for Perk, I think we’re seeing everything this guy is going to be:  an angry, bruising, rebounder and defender that will occasionally score big because he’s the forgotten man.  But being that angry, bruising guy still means foul trouble… and that will probably dog him for a long time.  Now that Scot Pollard is getting healthy, let’s see if he can provide good minutes at the back-up spot.  If not, then its probably and Danny’s best interest to look for an insurance policy at both spots.  Tony Allen filled in well enough for Rondo in LA… but we should probably have more of a straight ball handler in that situation.

They’ll still have a weak defense


Reserve Power
December 5, 2007

Where are all the so-called experts (Stephen A. Smith and Bob Ryan) who insisted the Celtics didn’t have the bench strength to compete for an NBA championship this season? I have the answer. They’ve changed their position faster than Mitt Romney. The Celtics bench scored 46 points tonight in the 113-103 victory over the Sixers. James Posey dropped 17 points (4-6 3 FG), Eddie House chipped in with 15, Tony Allen contributed 8 points, and Big Baby Davis had 6. Granted the lack of defense scared me (Philadelphia shot 55%), but a la the Patriots, you just knew the Celtics would outlast this Sixers team. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The (Identity) Truth had 22 pts, 12 assists and KG delivered a strong 22 pts, 7 reb, 3 steals.

Recap | Box Score | Highlites

For the record, I love the retro jerseys. But the warm-ups displaying all the championship banners (right) are a bit tacky.

Too Much To Handle
November 9, 2007

kevin garnettI know its early… but I’m noticing a little bit of a trend here.  Just like the Denver game, the Hawks hung around in the first quarter.  In fact, I think it was the most entertaining first quarter of the season.  But just like the Denver game, the Hawks couldn’t hang around for long.  True, the Denver blowout happened earlier… but this was a blowout nonetheless… 106-83 (Box Score | Recap | Highlights).

Teams might be able to hang around early… but early mistakes and missed shots will pile up quickly.  Mostly, it’s because Kevin Garnett (27 points, 19 rebounds, 6 assists) isn’t giving up any second shots… and the C’s will whip off a 8-0 run before you know what hit you.  The C’s weren’t very crisp early on in this game, but they were good when they had to be… and they were able to string a couple of those runs together and pull away.

Rajon Rondo didn’t have his best game (6 points, 7 assists), but Eddie House did (19 points (7-10 fg, 4-5 3pt) 5 assists) in a huge effort off the bench.  Every time the Celtics needed a big outside shot, it was House that was hitting. Paul Pierce might have had the quietest 23 point game of his career… and Ray Allen had 14. 

So we’re 4-0 for the first time since the 1987-88 season…. which means we’re starting to creep into those numbers we haven’t seen since the 80’s Celtics. 

Bad news:  Brian Scalabrine suffered a concussion after taking an inadvertent forearm to the head in the 4th quarter.  He was on the floor looking like a boxer who had taken a knockout punch.  Who knows when he’ll come back… but it won’t be tomorrow.  And James Posey is most likely out for tomorrow too.. which makes the C’s very thin off the bench.  Toss in the fact that this is the Celtics first back-to-back situation… and we might be looking at the C’s toughest test of the season.

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Oh Scott Pollard… You’re A Card
August 10, 2007

scott pollard and eddie houseScott Pollard and Eddie House officially became Celtics yesterday.  And while no one will ever be able to replace Delonte West… Pollard will probably come close.

And to be honest, Pollard fits right into the mold of the kind of player we love here in Boston:  A quirky guy who busts his ass and doesn’t take himself too seriously.  You know how we are here in Boston…  we love people that we feel are real.  We dig athletes who we feel we can go have a beer with.  It’s essentially the opposite of the classic Los Angeles Laker, vapid, fair weather, glamour-hound. 

Here’s the full 9 minute news conference where Pollard and House were introduced and talked to the media.  So what numbers will these new Celtics wear?  #50 and #66:

House will wear No. 50 and Pollard No. 66. The reason?

“Because all the other (expletive) numbers were taken here,” Pollard said

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Eddie In The House
August 1, 2007

eddie houseWow… this didn’t take long.  The Celtics have signed a back up point guard… Eddie House:

The Celtics signed free agent guard Eddie House this afternoon to a one-year deal, apparently solving their need for a veteran backup to point guard Rajon Rondo.

In truth the 6-1 House, who averaged 8.4 points in 56 games for the Nets last year, is more of a shooter than a playmaker, which is indeed part of why Danny Ainge was attracted to him. On the positive side House shot .429 from 3-point range last season, and has indeed sunk the Celtics many times over the years from behind the circle.

The C’s also picked up NBDL player Jackie Manuel…. and they’re looking into possibly bringing in Dikembe Mutombo.  I know Mutombo began his career playing along side George Mikan… but he’s still got a few blocks left in him.