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ESPN Has No Class, Part 2
December 8, 2007

kevin garnettI figured KG’s response to this deserved its own post.

Wow, that’s really distasteful, man. Man, I mean, that’s my life, my career. You don’t joke about something like that.”

Garnett then leaned toward the nearest door – made of wood, naturally – and rapped his knuckles on it, before asking a team official to contact ESPN to register his dismay.

“That’s classless,” Doc Rivers said. “I know it’s a joke, but you should never wish for someone’s injury. That’s all I have to say about that, but it’s classless.”

fuck espnWhile KG and the C’s were demolishing the Raptors, the Bulls were actually beating the Pistons.  I fully expect the Celtics to be rested and ready to go tonight… and I expect the Bulls to roll over and die in the first sign of a run by the C’s.  The C’s, by the way, are undefeated in back-to-back games this year.   What will make things interesting tonight… Chicago HATES James Posey

Herald:  C’s deliver another dino-mite performance  |  Green want to be better  |  Can’t get no satisfaction  |  Globe:  Wrapped up early  |  Mitchell a great judge of greatness  |  Camerato: Celtics stay humble  |  Souza: More stars missing at Garden  |  Patriot Ledger: C’s are something else in win  |  T&G: KG can push  |  C’s on hallowed road  |  Globe and Mail, Canada:  “They Just Drilled Us”  |  Toronto Star:  KG, Celtics put on a clinic  |  Garnett inspires on D  |  Chicago Tribune: Green Monster  |  Gabe Pruitt scores 12 in Flash win  (Brandon Wallace sidelined with injury… more info in this link, which is the same Globe notes as Chicago hates Posey link above)


ESPN Has No Class
December 7, 2007

I hate ESPN. There was a day when I loved the network (1990 – 1996 to be exact), but now I find most of their programming unwatchable (see Stuart Scott). Now I have a bone to pick with the web site. Check out the poll on Page 2. 

What would you most like to see this weekend?

1. Steelers beat Patriots  

2. Santana traded to any team besides Sox

                                       3. Kevin Garnett blow out his knee  

                                       4. All of the above

Yup. One of the options calls for a major injury to one of the best players in the NBA. I know the poll is based on the fact the entire country is sick of Boston dominating the sports world, but this is ridiculous. I guess I can take solace with the results. Screw you ESPN.

No… She’s Not Out Of Boomer’s League
July 17, 2007

chris berman with hot chicksYou’d think a big, fat, drunk guy chatting up a hot, young blonde waitress has no shot.  You’d probably be right… unless that big, fat, drunk is Chris Berman. 

In yet another example of why this world care more about the numbers in your bank account than the numbers on your bench press… Chris Berman was walking around the ESPY’s with a pair of young hotties.  And then they disappeared into an elevator.  We don’t think either of those hotties were the girls pictured here… but whatever… I’m struggling with the fact that this gross slob is having threesomes at the ESPY’s.  Thanks to WithLeather for ruining every guy’s life out there.

And for those of you wondering what this has to do with the Celtics… the answer is… nothing.  That’s also the answer to “Hey… how much Celtics news did you find today?”

Access Denied
June 18, 2007

The Celtics were scheduled to workout Julian Wright and Keith Simmons (Holy Cross) in Waltham Monday. How’d they look? We’d love to tell you but the Celtics wouldn’t let television cameras into facility. They also wouldn’t let the prospects speak with reporters. What’s that old saying, “beggars can’t be choosers?” Last time I checked, Danny’s boys fuck espnfinished with the second worst record in the league, and remain a solid number 3 in New England behind the Red Sox and Patriots. Shouldn’t they be grateful for any local media coverage? Noticed I said local, because ESPN apparently was allowed access. Quite frankly, this revelation has pissed us off. 

We did learn one thing (courtesy of the hard-working Matty G), the Celtics will not work out Mike Conley, Jr. and do not plan on taking a point guard with the 5th pick. Here’s some other draft-related news.

Oden’s Medical Records Under Scrutiny 

Jeff Green Makes Up His Mind