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Still No Rondo
January 18, 2008

gabe pruittAnyone going to the game tonight in hopes of experiencing, first-hand, the lightning quick speed and uncanny passing ability of Rajon Rondo in person (i.e., ME!)… forget it… Rondo says he’s most likely out again tonight.  That means more talk about who will back him up.  There’s no doubt the C’s will at least explore a veteran this year… but the long term solution might be sitting on the bench… wearing #13.

“He’ll grow into being a pure point guard,” said [Utah Flash Head Coach Brad] Jones by telephone. “He’s a playmaker and if you can pass the ball to set people up like he can, you can be a point guard. When he is in the mind-set of setting people up, he can be a point guard.”

Might as well find out more about what the kid can do right now.  Let’s toss him in there tonight a few times and get him some more time.  The few minutes he played against Portland weren’t bad.  He showed an ability to get to the hoop and get a shot off.  We’ll need a better option come playoff time (I STILL can’t believe I get to say that now)

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And finally… Leon Powe is a total badass… except when it comes to watching his son be born:

“I was doing good for the whole delivery until the end,” said Powe. “Then they showed me the baby coming out, and I almost passed out. That was just too much. My legs were weak. I had to go sit down.” 

M-V-P! M-V-P!
December 14, 2007

kevin garnettI’d say we can start showing some love for KG at the Garden.  He’s currently leading the All-Star balloting.  And really… is that going to change?  I don’t think so.  I’d love to start hearing some MVP chants when KG has the ball. 

And if you feel like Paul Pierce or Ray Allen do… the go ahead and chant for them too.  I just want to hear the MVP chant come up from the Garden again.

If you’ve got a minute… check out Scott Souza’s Courtside View blog from yesterday.  Start at the “Snowbound at HealthPoint” entry and read up.  It’s pretty funny.  Everyone was stuck in that crazy storm… so it’s a combination of news, boredom, and silliness.

By the way, the yo-yo ride that is Gabe Pruitt’s career has him recalled once again from the D-League.  (Here are his stats so far)

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Both Allens Hurt, Pruitt Returns
November 26, 2007

gabe pruittRay Allen rolled his right ankle on Saturday, but played through it to nail the game winner.  Tony Allen suffered a bruised thigh in the same game.  Neither practiced today.  So that means Gabe Pruitt is coming back from the NBDL.

Now aren’t you glad I’ve been telling you how he’s been doing?  It’s possible he’ll go back down again

In an interesting move, it looks like the Globe released Peter May’s Tuesday column on Scot Pollard in their blog tonight.  Is it a mistake?  Is it a new policy?  Who cares?

Pruitt Comes Back To Earth
November 26, 2007

Gabe Pruitt was scorching hot in his D-League debut… but he followed up his 31 point explosion with a 5-13 shooting, 9 turnover dud.  He did get 6 boards, though.

Brandon Wallace had 15 points and 11 boards in a 109-92 loss (Box Score  Recap)

kedrick brownI don’t know if anyone noticed this in yesterday’s box, but former Celtics bust (and owner of the slowest healing ankle in history) Kedrick Brown is playing in the D-League… and averaging about 13 ppg.

Belive it or not.. he’s not even 27 yet.  I figured he’d be older.  Maybe its just that I’m older than 27…. and I keep hoping players will be older than me.  But they’re not… and it keeps pissing me off.  Will you just AGE ALREADY?!?!

“What about Ray Allen?” you ask.  Nope.  I’m older than him too… and the media has us all believing that he’s ancient.  He is, however, adjusting well to his new role…. and the rest of the C’s still can’t get enough of his game winner against Charlotte. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to put up the rest of the links before the early-bird special at the Old Country Buffet.  I’ve got to make sure I’m back in time for Matlock and my daily canasta game.

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Watch It Again
November 25, 2007

Because it was so improbable… take a minute to watch the last possession again. (Tip o’ the Hat to BostonSportz for the video)

What I want you to notice:

jeff mcinnis is a jerkPaul Pierce misses the shot… the Bobcats think they have it won… and Jeff McInnis, at the :31 mark of the clip… looks right at KG and says “YEAH!”


Fast forward to Ray hitting the game winner… and at 1:03…. KG runs by McInnis… give him a big “YEAH” and wave of the arm… and probably a few f-bombs. 

So while KG was hugging Ray Allen at one end of the court…. this is what Jeff McInnis looked like on the other end.

That’s ok Jeff… if it makes you feel any better… this might be the most exciting of the 40 or so losses you’ll have this year.

When you’re done with the video, check out Matty G’s write up:  Another Game Winner

Pruitt Scores 31 In D-League Debut

The Utah Flash won 110-109 last night… Gabe Pruitt had 31 points on 12-23 shooting and 8 assists.  Brandon Wallace had 14 points and 5 rebounds  (Recap)

Pruitt To D-League
November 23, 2007

gabe pruittGabe Pruitt is joining Brandon Wallace on the Utah Flash.

The Celtics announced today that they have assigned rookie guard Gabe Pruitt to their NBA Development League affiliate Utah Flash. The rookie joined Celtics teammate Brandon Wallace on the Utah roster. The Flash open the 2007-08 NBA D-League season Saturday at Anaheim. Pruitt was averaging 2.0 points and 0.5 assists in 3.0 minutes per game in two games.

Also:  Yahoo C’s-LA preview  |  Hoopsworld:  KG among early MVP candidates

And to anyone going to the game tonight…. if you DON’T get a “Beat LA” chant going tonight… don’t bother coming back here.  Yes.  It’s that important.

(Image courtesy Getty Images)

Call In Tonight… 7pm
July 14, 2007

(My apologies for the glitch with the links in today’s post.  Earlier they all went to Scott Souza’s blog.  Now they’re all going where they’re supposed to go) 

It’s a good thing Chuck doesn’t hold any national secrets.  I should have seen this coming based on the time he was guarding the gate key at my wedding (Ok.. NOW… here’s the video)

So call in tonight and make fun of Chuck for bailing on the Celtics game.  Good thing Scott Souza was there blogging.  We’ll be watching the last summer league game tonight against the Knicks… and then we’ll be taking your calls for an hour.  Here’s the link for the show page.  The number to call in 718-508-9841.

As for last night’s game…. Allan Ray’s departure was pretty much sealed last night when Gabe Pruitt spent the 2nd half at the point guard position… and looking good while doing it.  To highlight what role Pruitt will play… we’ll do this:  Pruitt=Delonte West.  Rondo will sit for the last game… but just to observe… there’s no injury.  Gerald Green still doesn’t look right… but Danny swears he sees progress:

“I just look at Gerald’s progress and things he needs to work on,” Ainge said. “I thought he had a great first game. He’s improving in every aspect of the game – his rebounding, doing things defensively within the team schemes.”

And Doc sees progress too:

“Gerald’s really tried to improve on defensive positioning,” he said. “He still struggles to guard his guy a little bit, but where he’s improved in this camp so far is helping on team defense. Before he couldn’t do either.”

I’ll take your word for it, I guess.  Gerald still looks confused out there to me.

Couple of other things… if you like cute babies… then you’ll like this look at a day in Danny Ainge’s life.  Peter May looks at where Marcus Banks is in lifeJoe Smith is going to Chicago.

Feel The Love
July 3, 2007

Ray AllenNot only is Ray Allen going to be the ying to Paul Pierce’s yang, but he’s also going to play shortstop and bat leadoff for the Red Sox. (Amazing how Danny Ainge has caught more heat for this trade than Theo Epstein for signing Julio Lugo.) Ray and the rookies, Glen Davis & Gabe Pruitt, met the media yesterday in the first feel-good moment of the season. (Peter May, Shira Springer and Scott Souza were all there.) And get this, a Boston columnist is actually in favor of the trade.

More importantly, at least to the staff of Redsarmy, is the news that Rashard Lewis is close to max contract deal with the Orlando Magic. For some strange reason, the Celtics always popped up in rumors surrounding this guy, someone we see as the ultimate “contract year” player. There’s a chance Lewis’ deal will someday parallel the contracts of Larry Hughes, Kenyon Martin and Bobby Simmons.

Ray Ray Delay
July 2, 2007

glen davis and gabe pruittWe’re still waiting for the Ray Allen news conference.  I’ve been told that he was great… but there was a delay in introducing him to the media… which means there was a delay in the return of the tape. 

However, Glen Davis and Gabe Pruitt were introduced this morning.  Here’s almost 10 minutes plus of them to whet your appetite until the Ray Allen stuff comes in.  The video, as always, is courtesy of our friends at WBZ-TV

Don’t Push Your Luck
July 1, 2007

trader danny and his storeWe all know Danny Ainge’s reputation.  He’s pretty good in the draft… pretty bad at trading.  It’s why Rajon Rondo is working out well… and Sebastian Telfair isn’t.  It’s why people are afraid of the Ray Allen deal… and why Gabe Pruitt will probably do surprisingly well. 

But you guys know we’re on record as liking the Ray Allen deal.  Which is why I say today… Don’t push your luck Danny.  However, Mark Murphy tells us today that Danny is already exploring every sign-and-trade possibility out there:

After parting with the No. 5 pick, Delonte West and Wally Szczerbiak to land Allen, the C’s may not even have enough to make a deal work for a quality minor star like Charlotte’s Gerald Wallace.  But Ainge has long been known to kick every tire on the lot, and he will be out there until the late hours this summer, too.

I just don’t like the sound of that because I’m starting to like this team.  People have been buzzing about making a deal for Denver’s Marcus Camby… who is built out of paper mache’… but who know’s what Danny is thinking.  All I know is it’s July 1st… and it’s time to let the rumors fly.  This is actually good news for us… because it sounds like we’ll have story lines to cover this summer.

#20 ray allen jerseyThe Celtics haven’t wasted any time getting Ray Allen’s #20 jersey up for sale.  You can buy one for the low, low price of $44.95.  I’d hold off, though.  You never know what Danny has up his sleeve.

Here’s one for loyal reader Tim… a.k.a “Fire Doc”:  The door is apparently being left open for a reconciliation with Sebastian Telfair… and he might be taking advantage of it.  I’ve bashed him a lot… Chuck has killed him… but I’d love for Bassy to prove us both wrong.  I’ll hapilly eat crow if he turns things around.

Hey… if you want the best WNBA coverage in town… go over to the Globe.  If you want Celtics coverage… skip it.  This is all you’re getting:  Peter May going way out on a limb and proclaiming the Blazers and Sonics winners on draft night.  Jeez guys… give us some effort, huh?  I know blogs are rising up and challenging conventional media… but give us a fight.  The Herald is at least trying.

Here’s a Wizards pre-draft workout video including some sound from Gabe PruittAnother Wizards video including Glen Davis.

This is getting long.  Here are other links:

Empty the Bench has draft reaction from NBA team bloggers (including yours truly)  |  Scott Souza (probably the best C’s writer in town) says Ainge is on the right track.  Also:  Check out Scott’s blog  |  Lenny Megliola sees another deal coming  |  Chad Ford (Insider): Celtics get B+ for draft night  |  SI’s Draft Grade: B-  |  HoopsHype likes the Allen deal  |  Houston wants Rahard Lewis  |  Vince Carter opts out