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Stop Rooting For Stories
June 16, 2007

Everywhere I look, someone (like Bill Simmons) is trying to “fix” the NBA playoffs.  I can go on a rant here… but Winning The Turnover Battle already did… and theirs is pretty good.  Here’s my contribution to it:  Start rooting for sports… and stop rooting for stories.

At some point recently… people seem to have forgotten that sports has provided great stories since their inception.  Yet people are starting to get more and more upset when sports don’t come up with the story THEY want to see. 

Isn’t that why people were so pissed at the Suns suspensions?  Deep down… everyone understands what the rule is and why Amare Stoudemire was suspended.  But you didn’t like it because “it ruined the series.”  You wanted to see two teams… at full strength… go 7 games no matter what.  It would have been nice… but we don’t always get that.  You were rooting for the story… not the sport. 

The Spurs sweep the Cavs.  Yes, it was boring.  I barely watched (and I was apparently not alone).  It happens from time to time.  Teams get swept.  But now people want to do things like scrap seeding by conferences and just seed everyone from 1 to 16.  Or they want to re-seed after the first round. But these things won’t fix the sport…. they’ll fix the story.

What all of these people don’t understand is that the sport gives us the stories.  I agree that there’s a problem in the NBA… but it won’t be fixed by trying to force us to watch the Suns and Mavs in the finals.  You have to fix the problem in the NBA by fixing the NBA.  I know I keep going back to the NFL… but they’re doing it the right way.  Tweak the rules a little.  Don’t make fundamental changes to the sport… but don’t be afraid to tinker with it to make it more paletable.  I’ve already made some suggestions, and while my suggestions may or may not work… they’re at least aimed at trying to fix the sport.  Fix the sport… and the stories will come. 

Ok… rant over.  How about some basketball news, huh?

The Celts worked out Jeff Green and liked what they saw.  They’ll look at Julian Wright on Monday.  Also noted in that link is a disheartening item about Shawn Marion:  The Suns will want to move some other “bad” contracts along with him… which makes it even more difficult to make a move like that AND clear enough financial space to resign Al Jefferson.  More on Green’s workout from the Globe here.

Also noted: any Rashard Lewis talks can’t happen until July 1… which makes a “Theo Ratliff and the 5th pick” kind of deal pretty much impossible.  You can’t just draft someone for Seattle at 5 and sit on him for a week with the hope of working something out with Lewis… because you’re screwed if it doesn’t work out.  Plus… Seattle’ new GM has had the job for a couple of weeks and he still needs to find a coach… so he’s a little busy.  However… he’s not so busy that he can’t consider a trade for Ray Allen.

Other Stuff:

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