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The Sad Decline Of Gerald Green
January 26, 2008

gerald greenG Money.  The future.  The man who would replace Paul Pierce. 

Gerald Green was called all those things and more.  But by the time this season is done, Green will have gone from being heralded as the successor to a future Hall of Famer… to a free agent hoping to hook on with his third team in four years. 

There are still plenty of Gerald Green fans around here.  A lot of you blamed Doc Rivers.  But now another organization is looking at Gerald and passing.  He’s got a decent jumper.  He obviously can jump through the roof.  But his seemingly flat-out refusal to improve on his fundamentals is going to cost him.  His next contract may not pay him as much as he’s getting in his rookie scale contract. 

The play that sums it up was the play highlighted on last night’s broadcast.  Late in the game… Leon Powe tracked down a long offensive board in the corner.  It worked out that Gerald was covering him.  Then, inexplicably, Gerald left him to find his own man.  Rather than call out his man and tell someone to pick him up… he leaves the man with the ball.  Leon proceeds to get the hoop and the foul…. a key play in a 1 point loss.

Its bonehead plays like that that will ultimately run Gerald out of the league.  I’ll even look past the yapping he did when he went on a little run.  He’s a young kid pissed off about a trade.   The good thing for him, though, is that he’s so athletic…. someone will give him a shot.  Hell, maybe in the right system, he’ll do well.  All I know is that right now… the guy we were so hyped up about here… is on the verge of heading to Europe…. or falling into the NBDL draft.

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One other note:  It doesn’t look like Damon Stoudemire will be bought out

Just Be Patient
July 27, 2007

gerald greenSome things to remember.  Gerald Green is still a kid.  He could be going into his junior season in college if he chose that route.  Instead… he’s playing for the Celtics.  So when when some of us get a little frustrated (I admit… I’m one of them)… we need to be patient… a point being made today by Matty G:

Two years ago Green was projected to be a top three pick and called the next Tracy McGrady. Gerald is still young and learning how to play with the best in the world. Most of those guys didn’t become stars until their fourth or fifth year. Just look at Tracy McGrady and Carmello Anthony, who both increased their scoring dramatically in their third and fourth seasons. Not to mention Gerald’s own teammate Al Jefferson, who broke out in his third season. With the addition of another solid veteran like Ray Allen, Gerald can take his time to develop. He can come off the bench , and although he won’t have big minutes, he won’t have a lot of pressure to become “The Next Who-Ever.” (continue reading)

allan rayMeanwhile…  The Celtics will be heading to Italy for training camp… and Allan Ray will be there too.  But he won’t be playing for the Celtics:

Allan Ray will play overseas upon agreeing to a two-year contract with Italian Serie A team Lottomatica Roma worth $2 million, a league source said yesterday.  The deal is a significant pay increase for Ray, who would have earned $687,456 with the Celtics next season. Boston had until Wednesday to decide whether to pick up the option on the guard’s contract

This is two straight days that the Globe has some decent Celtics information at a time when Celtics information is scarce.  I’m not quite sure about how to react to that.

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I Ain’t Mad At Ya
July 24, 2007

Doc RiversDoc Rivers doesn’t think much about Tim Donaghy games involving the Celtics.  Basically… it’s because we sucked so much last season, Tim Donaghy would need a team of point-shaving robots to make a difference.

“You think about the games of yours he worked, but I didn’t go into it too deep,” Rivers said. “It would have been more interesting if we’d had a good year and the different games had meant more because we were involved in a race or something. But with the year we had, I didn’t give it much thought.”

A few people have been making a good point about Donaghy.  It would have been MUCH easier for him to affect the over/under than it would have to move point spreads.  I’m willing to bet a little of both was happening… but we shouldn’t focus all in one place.  David Stern will address Donaghy today… which will be interesting to hear.  How the hell will he spin this?  Especially when the NBA tells its referees that they can’t bet on anything, anywhereHere’s Bob Ryan’s take on it.  Loy’s Place takes a really in-depth look at things too.

yi jianlian in a celtics uniformFull Court Press wonders if there is some Kedrick Brown in Gerald Green.  And Eric Weiss takes the recent comments about Al Jefferson and runs with them… figuring out what the ceiling really is for Big Al.  And in case you missed it.. Yi Jianlian would have been the Celitcs pick if they didn’t pull the trade with Seattle.  Just something to think about as we move forward. 

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Things I Learned In Summer League
July 15, 2007

Yeah… it’s only a week… but it might as well be a lifetime.  You make so many new friends… you learn so many new things… you experiment with so many people in that dark spot underneath the pier.  Yeah… summer camp was great.

Oh… summer LEAGUE.  Yeah… you learn stuff there too.

I learned that Gerald Green is definitely not there yet.  It’s something we discussed in last night’s call in show… and it’s something that was brought up in today’s Herald.  He shot about 30% for the summer league.  That’s not good.

kevin mchale has put on a bit of weightI learned that Kevin McHale is a B cup now.  Either that, or he’s 6 months pregnant.  I guess that would make Danny the top and Kevin the bottom… which makes sense after hearing Kevin gush about the Ray Allen trade.

“He and (Paul) Pierce at the 2 and 3 are potentially as potent as any twosome in the Eastern Conference. The 2 and 3 are key positions in our league right now.. . . So they’re going to be strong at two positions you really need to be strong at to score in our league now.”

We happen to agree with Kevin.kevin mchale in his slimmer days  We’d just prefer to remember him as the hot-pants wearing power forward who had limbs like an orangutan but who’d torch you for 30. 

Peter May learned that Rajon Rondo is cleary the man at the point… and right now there is a pretty big drop off when Gabe Pruitt runs the show.

And the Celtics need assistant coaches… but not many of them want to come here.  This I don’t get.  Assistants are teachers too… especially with a young team.  It’s not ALL on the head coach to teach everyone.  Everyone knows that… right Danny.  Danny?

And did you know that Lance Allred is 75% deaf?  Yeah, me neither.  Now you do.

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Call In Tonight… 7pm
July 14, 2007

(My apologies for the glitch with the links in today’s post.  Earlier they all went to Scott Souza’s blog.  Now they’re all going where they’re supposed to go) 

It’s a good thing Chuck doesn’t hold any national secrets.  I should have seen this coming based on the time he was guarding the gate key at my wedding (Ok.. NOW… here’s the video)

So call in tonight and make fun of Chuck for bailing on the Celtics game.  Good thing Scott Souza was there blogging.  We’ll be watching the last summer league game tonight against the Knicks… and then we’ll be taking your calls for an hour.  Here’s the link for the show page.  The number to call in 718-508-9841.

As for last night’s game…. Allan Ray’s departure was pretty much sealed last night when Gabe Pruitt spent the 2nd half at the point guard position… and looking good while doing it.  To highlight what role Pruitt will play… we’ll do this:  Pruitt=Delonte West.  Rondo will sit for the last game… but just to observe… there’s no injury.  Gerald Green still doesn’t look right… but Danny swears he sees progress:

“I just look at Gerald’s progress and things he needs to work on,” Ainge said. “I thought he had a great first game. He’s improving in every aspect of the game – his rebounding, doing things defensively within the team schemes.”

And Doc sees progress too:

“Gerald’s really tried to improve on defensive positioning,” he said. “He still struggles to guard his guy a little bit, but where he’s improved in this camp so far is helping on team defense. Before he couldn’t do either.”

I’ll take your word for it, I guess.  Gerald still looks confused out there to me.

Couple of other things… if you like cute babies… then you’ll like this look at a day in Danny Ainge’s life.  Peter May looks at where Marcus Banks is in lifeJoe Smith is going to Chicago.

Hello Brandon… Goodbye Gerald?
July 10, 2007

Well… the fans certainly seem to like the Brandon Wallace signing… which appears to be a 2 year deal.  He played center in college, but he’s so athletic, a shift over to the small forward spot in the NBA doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.  He’s also a 4 year college guy… a rarity in today’s NBA. 

Ok… so we like him.  But where does he fit?  And if we’re making him fit… then someone’s going to have to move to make room for him. 

First things first:  Neither you nor I know anything about Brandon Wallace.  If you think you know based on what you’ve seen in the summer league, then you’re fooling yourself.  Can we just get that out there?  Please just admit this fact:  You didn’t know who Brandon Wallace was before Friday night’s summer league game. 

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The Boston Sonics?
June 29, 2007

Now that Ray Allen is a Celtic… there is speculation that the Celtics want his backcourt mate, Rashard Lewis.

The Sonics can offer Lewis more money than any other team in the league. But Allen said he thinks that once Lewis sees the direction of the team, he may request a sign-and-trade deal with another team that would give Sonics general manager Sam Presti the chance to get some talent in return. Houston, the New York Knicks, Portland and Boston are expected to contact Lewis’ agent on July 1 and express an interest in signing him.

I’ve said all along I don’t want Rashard Lewis… and you know this deal would somehow going to involve Gerald Green.  At this point… this isn’t a slight bit more than nothing… which means its barely something. 

Blockbuster Deal In The Works??
June 25, 2007

You want a blockbuster deal to kick off the NBA offseason?  Here it is:

The Los Angeles Times cited league sources on Monday saying that the Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves are in discussions that could bring Kevin Garnett to Los Angeles.

Trade discussions have involved the Lakers, Wolves, Pacers and possibly a fourth team. The report says that the Lakers would get Garnett, while the Pacers would land Los Angeles forward Lamar Odom and center Andrew Bynum. The Wolves would likely acquire a lottery pick and young players. Another team would also have to be involved to make the deal work financially.

Hmmm… a 4th team.  Well… we are a Celtics site after all.  Enter Chad Ford and this bit of speculation

After speaking with a league source, I think the deal has some legs, though it doesn’t appear imminent.

According to the source, the key to completing the deal is finding a fourth team that would (a) take Jermaine O’Neal and (b) send the Timberwolves enough pieces to complete the deal.

For instance, here’s one scenario that could work:

The Wolves send Kevin Garnett and Marko Jaric to the Lakers.

The Lakers send Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum to the Pacers and the No. 19 pick to the Wolves.

The Pacers send Jermaine O’Neal to the Celtics.

The Celtics send the No. 5 pick, Theo Ratliff, Gerald Green and Sebastian Telfair to Minnesota.

So in essence… the Celtics would trade Theo, #5, Gerald and Telfair for Jermaine O’Neal.

Sign…  Me… Up!

Bring In The Big Gun: AK-47
June 24, 2007

Somebody woke up the Globe’s Peter May and told him to start chiming in on the Celtics trade rumors. He’s saying the C’s should forget about Garnett and Marion and make a move for Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko. You know what? I agree with him. All along John and I (yes, I’m actually giving him credit for something) have been clamoring for the C’s to make a move for a lesser star (see Gasol, Paul) and finally a big name writer is jumping on our bandwagon.

If the Celtics sent Gerald Green, West, the fifth pick, and Ratliff for Kirilenko and the 25th pick, it’d work. You could also insert Jefferson and Telfair into the mix instead of Green and West, but, again, I’d think long and hard about dealing Jefferson.

It makes sense. C’mon Danny, make it happen.

Is our friendly competitor, Celticsblog,  finally up and running yet? I heard they had a major meltdown this weekend. Not that I’d wish a virus or anything like that on our sworn enemy. I hope they get things worked out for the draft. If not, you can be sure that Redsarmy will be fully staffed.

This Might Not Happen
June 18, 2007

Shawn Marion In a Celtics Uniform

Everyone is interested in possibly trading for Shawn Marion.  When you hear that a player like that could be available… you make a call.  Joe Dumars isn’t saying he called Phoenix… but he magically knows what Phoenix would be asking for if, you know, he actually had a conversation with them.

“Two of your starting players, the 15th and the 27th pick”

Umm… that’s a lot.  You could be offering me Jesus in a trade… and I’d still wonder if I’m giving up 2 starters and 2 first rounders for him.  This is like putting a million dollar asking price on a $500,000 house…. if you find an idiot to give it to you (cough cough… Isaiah Thomas)… then you have to do it.  But in reality… you know no one’s dumb enough to do it.

Speaking of dumb trades… Chad Ford is spreading rumors that the C’s and TWolves are talking.  We’d get KG in exchange for Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair, Theo Ratliff and the 5th pick. 

Hey… Al Jefferson is not KG… but he’s on the verge of being a 20-10 guy.  Do you really want to give up all of that to get an extra 5 points a game?  No friggin way.  I know it’s Garnett… but let’s look at this realistically.  Keep in mind…. a year ago today I would have thought we were robbing the Wolves with this trade… now you’d have to get me really drunk just to even consider it. (That’s not hard… I’m really drunk right now). 

Other Stuff: 

Kobe Bryant tells fans to “get a Bulls uniform” when he was asked if he’s staying in LA.  Get ready for this video to hit the web real soon… which we’ll feature in a post that will probably be titled “Kobe Bryant Is A Douchebag, Part 3”. 

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