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Gilbert Arenas: Still A Douchebag
April 12, 2008

Gilbert Arenas is at it again

So here are the instructions for the Boston Celtics if you play the Washington Wizards in the playoffs:

Click on this post headline
Hit Ctrl + P
Display on locker room bulletin board
Sweep Washington
Point and laugh at Gilbert Arenas

The Boston game felt like a playoff game to an extent.

Not the atmosphere though, sometimes it got a little bit loud. I thought Game 1 of the season up there was more like a playoff atmosphere because they had so much going on and that crowd was just crazy.

Our crowd didn’t need to get into it because they believed in us that we were going to win the game.

I remember when I made the prediction at the beginning of the year that we would beat Boston, everybody laughed at me after we lost. They had their little short giggles. I’m glad you guys giggled, because I’m going to be giggling the whole summer now.

I think we’re the only team in the league to beat them three times this season. So, giggle giggle giggle back. You all were so quick to kill me, but five months later I got the last laugh.

Three out of four.



Drop The Hammer Tonight
April 9, 2008

gilbert arenas

Guess who’s back…

Back again…

Gilbert’s back…

Ahh… screw that guy.  Les Bullets are hosting our boys tonight… and right now they’re the 5 seed.  And it’s entirely possible that we might see the Wiz again come playoff time.  So rather than continue on with our “rest the starters” program… I’d like to humbly request we take a night off to demolish Gilbert and his merry band of men.  I mean… I want them to drive home in complete awe.  I want them to have nightmares.  I want to hear the commentators have to dive into the last page of their “fact sheet” because the game is so out of hand.

Announcer:  “Hey… did you hear that Brian Scalabrine once had the most successful lemonade stand in his neighborhood?”
Color Guy:  “Guys like that… that show an early propensity for using their heads…. those are the guys you  need at the end of the bench… just in case.  You want the smart guys there so they make smart decisions when they come in.”
Announcer:  “Great point (former player’s name)”

One point about Tony Allen from last night.  I’m just about done with him in any clutch situation.  I don’t know how he can be trusted out there.  For Doc to have to take him off Michael Redd in favor of James Posey is sad.  Posey is a very good defender… but Tony is supposed to be our best 1-on-1 guy.  Not only did he make the mistake of going for the upfake… he could never get his head back into things afterwards.  Isn’t it fitting though… his year is starting… and ending… with him falling for upfakes at crucial times?

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Better Without Gilbert
January 15, 2008

gilbert arenasI guess Bill Simmons would call this “The Ewing Theory.”  For the unitiated, its the theory that some teams actually manage to play better when their star goes down… a la the Patrick Ewing era Knicks.

Call it what you want, it’s happening with Washington.  They SHOULD have a version of the “Big 3” in Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas.  What they have is a “Big 1,” and everything revolves around him. 

If Gilbert Arenas was on that team last night… and the Celtics had gone up 14… the game would have been over.  Gilbert would have tried to take over… he would have excluded his teammates… and he would have tried to be the hero.  Meanwhile, everyone else stands and watches.

Last night, Caron Butler got hot.  The Wizards rode him and they won.  Gilbert never would have allowed that to happen.  And for those of you Gilbert fans who want to say I’m full of crap… then explain to me how they’re 17-11 since the injury… when most people thought their season was over? 

While a wanna-be basketball hero like Gilbert tries to do everything on the court… a real basketball hero like Kevin Garnett knows teams really win at practice:

“I think when you look at earlier tapes of ourselves we had a lot more spunk and energy. It’s just a matter of refocusing and getting back on that right track. It’s easier said than done. It’s not something that you can go to sleep and wake up and it’s (fixed). It’s going to take some effort and some work, and that’s what we plan on doing.

“Tomorrow is a practice day, a day to look at some film and fix some things and get ready for Portland.”

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We’re That Good
November 3, 2007

opening night

 Last year, Gilbert Arenas promised to drop 50 on Portland… and when he didn’t deliver he made excuses. That’s just how Gilbert is.  It’s never his fault. 

So I was curious to see how Gilbert would react to being shut down and blown out last night. 

“I have to say that was playoff atmosphere, for the last ten years when Pierce did that introduction and the way that building was today it was amazing. Right now they have a great squad and what they did tonight, you can see that they have what it takes and it don’t matter who they have and those three guys they get it done when they make shots, and when the crowd is powerful like that it is going to be difficult to beat these guys.”

Yes… this Celtics team is so good, it can humble the un… uh… humble-able.  At least Gilbert knows he’s gonna get killed over this today.  Also:  Camerato on Arenas

And how awesome is that picture (courtesy Getty Images)?  Life is good right now.

Thanks again to those who joined us for our show last night.  You can listen to it by clicking here.  We’ll be doing our next show at 10pm Wednesday… which should be right after the Nuggets game. 

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We’re Winning Tonight
November 2, 2007

Alright… let’s just get this out there.

We’re winning tonight. 

Here’s why: 

Paul Pierce has already proven that he is…. AT WORST…. even with Gilbert Arenas.  what a tattooThe Celtics… with their unproven talent and questionable decisions… have beaten Washington in the past.  Since then… we’ve added Kevin Garnett (who is to Antawn Jamison as I am to Chuck) and Ray Allen (who I’d take over Caron Buter ANY day).  Meanwhile, Gilbert Arenas has become the new Allen Iverson… he’s just way bigger than the team… and it’s gonna hurt them in a BIG way.

So Agent Zero… you can score 45 if you want (you won’t)… The Celtics are winning this one…. and in a Patriots-esque game… this thing will be over by half time.

Can’t wait to read tomorrow’s blog Gil! 

Eat it. 

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Gilbert Arenas Is Lame
October 12, 2007

gilbert arenasLike I need another reason to despise this insecure crybaby.  He cheats at Halo!

If Gilbert wasn’t an insanely talented basketball player… he’d be one of those paste eaters on Jackass who do dumb things to themselves for attention. 

“What… staple my scrotum to my inner thigh?  Sure… anything to make you like me!”

Dumbasses.  There’s still plenty of time to submit a Gilbert Arenas heckling TShirt idea.

Enough of this idiot.  Matty G likes what he sees from the Celtics… and did he hit on nickname for the group?  The Hustlers

Gilbert Arenas TShirt Contest
October 10, 2007

gilbert arenas is a douchebag too

Regular readers know I think Gilbert Arenas is a first rate ass clown.  I don’t think I’m alone.  The Celtics open the season on November 2 at home against Washington, and we want to offer you guys some sort of TShirt to wear at the game. 

Problem is… we’ve got no ideas.

This is where you come in.  Submit an idea for a Gilbert Arenas TShirt.  If we turn it into a shirt, we’ll send you one free.  If you’re an artist and you want to submit a design… we can talk about giving you a little more than just a free shirt (not much more… Chuck blew our TShirt money at Foxwoods last weekend).

Here are the restrictions:  We’re not exactly supposed to use names or likenesses… so you’ve got to get creative.  You can use a the Wizards blue on a jersey… and you can use the number 0… but it can’t say Wizards on it….and it can’t say Arenas.  Got it?  

Put your idea in the comments section…. or email me:  If we get a design done within a week… the shirts will get out in time for opening night.

Good luck everyone.

Gilbert Arenas=Kanye West
October 2, 2007

gilbert arenas as I’m sick of both of these jerks.  They both have talent.  They both could possibly stand out in a world of same-ness.  Yet they both choose to be insecure brats who just won’t shut the hell up and do what they do best. 

So what do we get?  Kanye West is just another popular, top 40 rapper bent on being widely accepted and winning BS awards… instead of a trancendant rap icon who lets his music talk for itself.  And Gilbert Arenas is just another NBA star who runs his yap and hogs the spotlight… instead of being the trancendant superstar who makes everyone better.  Check out his blog post about playing the Celtics.  Count the “me’s” and “I’s”:

Now, if anybody remembers back when I got drafted, I got a report back that the reason I dropped so far in the draft was that Jim O’Brien of the Celtics said that I was too immature and that I wasn’t ready for the NBA. What really happened was that I had an Achilles injury and I went back to L.A. to go get it healed when I was supposed to have a two-day workout in Boston with O’Brien. He didn’t like that. So word came back to me that he was trashing me and it put this knife through my chest about the Boston Celtics.

Back in the day when I would day dream I thought that if I could score 100 points against any team it would be the Boston Celtics. Now, I knew it would never happen, but if I could do one thing in the NBA it would be to score 100 against Boston. So anyway, since everybody is back on the Boston bandwagon it brought back old memories. So listen here. On November 2nd, we’re going to go into that building, we’re opening up Boston. Right now I’m telling the Boston fans: You guys are going to lose. It’s not going to be a victory for Boston. You might as well just cheer for me, because Boston isn’t winning in Boston for the season opener. I’m sorry.