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Those Pesky Kings
December 12, 2007

The Celtics used their D game to beat the Sacramento Kings, 90-78. Make no mistake this was ugly. The reason is simple. The C’s came in overconfident and assumed they could jump-shoot their way to an easy win. But the shots weren’t falling. And the defense arrived late. Fortunately the Kings are awful. Big Baby Davis, starting for the injured Kendrick Perkins, continues to impress. The kid hustled his way to 16 pts and 9 reb. Keep this guy on the floor Doc! And can I say this about Ron  Artest? He’s easily the most annoying player in the history of the NBA. He’s constantly wailing, flailing, flopping and falling all over the court. I’m waiting for the day Paul Pierce just starts punching crazy Ron.

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Big, Baby
October 23, 2007

tony allenSo who will take over when Garnett, Pierce, and Allen are gone?  Tonight it was Glen Davis…. who put up 21 points and 6 boards in the C’s 82-71 loss to the Nets.

The other big story in this:  Tony Allen played 42 minutes.  The good news:  he managed to flash some of his leaping ability… which means his knee is coming along.  The bad news:  He shot 2-15 and turned the ball over 6 times. 

Next up:  Cleveland on Friday… which has been characterized as a dress rehearsal.  So no more of this 4 starters sitting stuff.  Consider Friday’s game to essentially be the first game of the season.  Hopefully Cleveland counters with a dress rehearsal of its own… so we can see how we match up against last years sacrificial lamb Eastern Conference Champs. 

Davis Deal Done, Christie Next?
September 4, 2007

The Celtics have finally signed Glenn “Big Baby” Davis to a two-year contract. The roster appears to be set but 37-year-old Doug Christie says he’s ready to return to the NBA. I guess he’s tired of producing lame records and reality TV shows. Any chance he’ll be wearing Celtic green? I say, zero. We already have James Posey and there’s no money left unless Danny can swing a deal. What’s with the Geritol generation attempting comebacks? Guys like Christie, Charles Oakley, Allan Houston, Penny Hardaway and Reggie Miller need to be reminded the reason they retired in the first place – they could no longer hack it in the NBA.

As for other Celtics news, the Globe reminds us that KG is just an absolute workout warrior.

(Joe) Abunassar has been working out Garnett for seven weeks this summer, the majority of the time in Los Angeles. The regimen includes about 90 minutes of weight training and 90 minutes of basketball drills and five-on-five scrimmages. While Celtics training camp doesn’t begin until Sept. 30 in Rome, Garnett already seems to be in prime shape. 

How can you not like this guy? I’m embarassed to admit I wasn’t behind the initial trade for him. KG is supposed to be in Waltham as early as tomorrow to join the other C’s already participating in pre-training camp workouts. In his blog, Rajon Rondo says he’s chillin’ in Atlanta and should be around these parts soon.

And yes Fire Doc, that’s three posts in the three days. The Viagra must be boosting my work ethic as well.

Time To Get Some Run
July 6, 2007

That means play basketball.  Sorry if the headline threw you.  Sometimes I revert back to my street-ballin days.  It was sort of like the And1 mix tape stuff you see… except with none of that fancy dribbling… or dunking… or consistent shooting.  But man… I had a mean set-shot.  The only problem is that sometimes my goggles would fog-up and I’d have to sit out a couple of points.

greg oden Anyhoo…

The boys are playing basketball tonight in Vegas (I hope they’ve got AC… it’s like 200 degrees out there).  It’s everyone’s first chance to see Greg Oden play against NBA talent…. if you can call Lance Allred and Andreas Glyniadakis “NBA talent.” 

Maybe Big Baby and Leon Powe can give him the ol’ Malachi Crunch.  That’ll show those ping pong balls to bounce Portland’s way. 

We’ll be watching the game if you can’t… and we’ll let you know how it went.  Remember… our call in show is tomorrow at 10:30 am.  It’ll be an hour long show focusing on what have become the main topics of the week:  the beginning of the Summer League, Sebastian Telfair’s possible return to the C’s, and the next move Danny will make (because he keeps saying he’s going to make one)

Ray Ray Delay
July 2, 2007

glen davis and gabe pruittWe’re still waiting for the Ray Allen news conference.  I’ve been told that he was great… but there was a delay in introducing him to the media… which means there was a delay in the return of the tape. 

However, Glen Davis and Gabe Pruitt were introduced this morning.  Here’s almost 10 minutes plus of them to whet your appetite until the Ray Allen stuff comes in.  The video, as always, is courtesy of our friends at WBZ-TV

Oh What A Night
June 28, 2007

Wow… this was a wild night for Celtics fans.  Let’s look at what we’ve got:

Ray Allen is going to be a Celtic

ray allen in a celtics uniformWe like this deal.  The key thing to remember was how we felt at the end of the season.  The OVERWHELMING sentiment was if we don’t get Oden or Durant, we need to trade the pick because getting younger doesn’t help us.  Most people said we needed veteran help and to shorten our rotation.  This does both… while also adding an All-Star calibur player without trading away Gerald Green or Al Jefferson.  We’re also keeping Theo Ratliff’s expiring contract… which is valuable as a bargaining chip or as cap space to resign Jefferson.  Is it a GREAT deal?  Probably not.  But is it a good deal?  We think so.

One note:  We’re really going to miss Delonte West.  Man… I just like him.

Glenn Davis, Gabe Pruitt

gabe pruitt

glenn How can you not love having a guy named “Big Baby” on the team?  That’s got all sorts of potential.  Plus… fat guys will have someone to root for.  You know… last year, Davis would have gone much higher in the draft.  As far as I’m concerned, this is a flyer on a low-post guy who can come in and knock some people around.  He and Leon Powe can go beat the piss out of one another and the last man standing can make the team.  Pruitt is not a guy I saw much of, but he seems like the athletic guard that Danny likes.  He’s probably an upgrade over Allan Ray at this point.. which might mean bad news for those of you who are already giddy over the possibility of Allan Ray and Ray Allen on the floor at the same time. 

Not a bad night overall for the Celtics.  There is some division over the Ray Allen deal… which is understandable.  I don’t think the C’s are done moving pieces, though.