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Everyone Wants This
March 18, 2008

paul pierceThe first thing I did when the Rockets beat the Lakers let Houston fans know the streak ends at 22.  I’m happy they beat the Lakers.  Honestly, the only time I’d root for the Lakers would be in a game against 5 reanimated Hitlers and a bench of zombie Pol Pots…. and even then I’d do it only because I had to.

And while I have no animosity towards the Rockets, tonight I root against them as hard as I’ve ever rooted against anyone.  Not only are the Celtics coming in on a high after last night’s huge win, they’re going in feeling like they’re the underdogs.  They’re on national TV tonight… and they feel like they’ve got something to show America.

Paul Pierce

“I’ve felt all year that we’re the team that’s going to get everybody’s best, but when you’ve got a team that’s that hot, you definitely want to go out there and break up what they’re doing.”

Doc Rivers

“I just think any of that type of stuff in the regular season is a good thing. It gives you more spice during the regular season and I don’t ever think that’s bad. It’s a challenge.”

Sam Cassell

“You know what?  We’ll be there. We’re coming. The Green Machine is coming.”

 Ray Allen

“We look forward to getting in that building and really just showing them how we play.”

It’s too bad Ray is out for tonight’s game.  I thought for sure he’d come back for this one.  He could be ready for Thursday’s game in Dallas.

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(note:  How freakin’ great is that picture of Pierce? (Courtesy: Getty Images.  Click photo for full image) I don’t think the Celtics have ever posterized this many people in a season)

Let The Trading Begin!
June 14, 2007

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m mildly retarded.  I ate paste like Rosie O’Donnel eats doughnuts.  Lucky for me, I can get by on my looks (if you get past the drool bib… you superficial jerk).  But even I am smart enough to figure out that when a guy averages around 10 points a game for 6 years… and then he suddenly breaks out for 20 in a contract year… something is amiss.

But Kevin McHale still gave Mike James $6 mil. a year after that one great season in Toronto… and then he watched Mike James dip to his lowest scoring average in 3 years.  Now Mike James is heading to Houston in exchange for Juwan Howard… in a trade that is sure to let Kevin Garnett know that the Wolves are trying to win now. 

Really… it hurts me to see McHale suck this bad… but there’s no doubt about it… he REALLY sucks as a GM.  Tim Duncan on the sporting news cover

Also hanging out there today… courtesy of the a-holes that brought you a photoshopped Tim Duncan in a Celtics uniform… is a similarly moronic mock draft.   Among the gems: Rajon Rondo isn’t really a point guard.  Umm… what?  What the hell is he then?  Not only is the statement that Rajon Rondo isn’t really a point guard completely false… there isn’t even another position out there for him.  The ONLY thing he can be is a point guard (unless he fixes his shot… but I digress).  The geniuses at the Sporting Snooze (see what I did there? It’s gold Jerry… GOLD!) have the C’s picking Jeff Green at #5. Because we’ve all be saying that the C’s need another swing man.  Do they even WATCH basketball over there?

The C’s will, however, be working Jeff Green out tomorrowThey looked at Spencer Hawes yesterday, and talked potential trade with the Sixers while they were at it.

Don’t forget our LIVE CALL IN SHOW TONIGHT at  8PM!!!  We’re going to be talking draft and potential trades.  We’ll be taking calls for an hour… and then we’ll go until we can’t talk anymore.  I know… riveting.