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January 11, 2008

We heard all about so-called “blueprints” when the Patriots almost lost a few different times this year.  Now we’ll start to hear it about the Celtics. 

Did Charlotte expose a blueprint for beating the C’s?

“I think if we have a chance to play defense we’re really good if we can set,” says Doc Rivers.  “Teams know. If they can beat us down the floor, they don’t have to face our defense. Charlotte did that.”

The good thing is… not everyone runs.  And to be honest, if the C’s keep working at the transition D, then it won’t matter.  Part of the problem:  Lack of hustle:

Guys weren’t communicating. Guys were what we call buddy running – running with their own guy instead of getting back. You know, it’s a long season and you fall into habits, you have slippage.

I had slippage once… and I’m still paying the child support. 

jason kidd's mustacheYou know… it’s too bad Jason Kidd shaved his moustache… I really feel like it completed the look for him.  I mean… he beat his wifehe’s an (accused) molester… why not express all those things to the world by keeping the pervy ‘stache?  Don’t run from your past, Jason.  Embrace it.  It’s who you are.  I hope your new baby momma is ok with it.

(as an aside… would any NORMAL guy with Jason Kidd’s history of abuse and molestation score with a hot chick like that?  No… no he wouldn’t.  He’d be ostracized… vilified… shunned.  What does Jason Kidd have that most guys don’t that would make women overlook the fact that he hates females in general?  Hmmmm….. what could it be?)

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And finally, from loyal reader Jim… who currently leads Mike Huckabee in the polls in  South Carolina… gets my vote by submitting the high resolution SI Gallery of the Celtics Dancers.

Jason Kidd Is Smooth
December 15, 2007

jason kidd's first mug shot Jason Kidd is borrowing from the Chuck McKenney school of courting the ladies.  And just like Chuck, he’s being sued for it.

The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan’s state Supreme Court, said Kidd “battered and assaulted” the woman in the Lower West Side club Tenjune on Oct. 10 when he “grabbed her buttocks and crotch on multiple occasions.”

“He kept staring at her and then went over and grabbed her butt,” the woman’s lawyer, Russell S. Adler, said Friday.

Ok… I’m kidding about Chuck.  He’s much smoother than that.  In fact… here’s Chuck’s signature move… caught on video

Hey… The C’s have tied the team record for best start of the season.  They get a chance to break it against Detroit on Wednesday.  So yeah.. that’s going to be a pretty big game.

Here’s the team that’s starting to break those old Celtics records: 

Celtics team photo

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And… a special treat… courtesy of loyal reader and former King of Norway, “Fire Doc”.  He’s got this thing for me rapping… so he wrote me lyrics for a “rap up” of last night’s game.  He even wrote in a shot at Chuck for me.  Lyrics after the jump


Character Guys
December 6, 2007

Who’s the latest douchbag athlete to put himself above his team? Jason Kidd wins that honor. According to the NY Post, Kidd was “on strike” last night. His official reason for missing the game against the Knicks was a migraine, but source say Kidd didn’t play because he’s pissed off, and wants a trade or contract extension. During a season in which we’ve seen Kobe Bryant, Stephon Marbury and now Jason Kidd attempt to hold their teams hostage, I want to praise our guys. Paul Pierce, KG and Ray Allen. They’ve played most of their careers with crappy teams and never made a peep. And now that they have a chance to win a title, they are all putting their egos aside. Thanks Danny, for not bringing a-holes like Jason Kidd to Boston.

Now on to last night’s victory over the Sixers. The first half was scary. The C’s were not playing defense at all. Hell, both Andres (Miller and Iguodala) were killing us. But Doc Rivers stepped in and saved the game.

“It wasn’t pretty,” Kevin Garnett said of Rivers’ halftime address. “What I love about Doc is that he’s not afraid to get on your (case) and tell you that you’re messing up.”

No. I am not being sarcastic. We need Doc to challenge this team on nights where they think they can just show up and beat a bad team like Philly. Thank you Doc.

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And finally, guess who won the Worst Sports Announcer contest? I’m just glad the rest of the nation realizes Stephen A. Smith is a jackass. Now if only the suits at ESPN and ABC would get a clue and kick this guy out the door.