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Pierce Stays Behind
April 4, 2008

As expected, Paul Pierce did not travel with the team to Charlotte because his pregnant fiancee Julie is scheduled to be induced soon. According to Celtics spokesman Jeff Twiss, there’s a chance Pierce could still play on Saturday night.

“He could be out tomorrow he could not be out tomorrow,” Twiss said. “I guess we’ll know a little bit more as the day progresses.”

Despite what Twiss said, I’ll bet anyone $1000 that Pierce doesn’t play against the Bobcats.

The Little Truth
January 16, 2008

I have a big secret. I watch “Entertainment Tonight,” read “Us Weekly” and follow Britney Spears everymove. That’s why I can’t help but post about Paul Pierce, his fiancee Julie Landrum and their baby. Here’s the scoop from the Boston Herald.

Pierce, his teammates Glen “Big Baby” Davis and James Posey, were in the midst of a “Read to Achieve” event at the Charles H. Taylor Elementary School when Paul spilled The Truth – that his fiancee, Julie Landrum, is having his baby.

Pierce told the kiddies that he Read(s) to Achieve info about parenting and newborns. Can’t you just see No. 34 devouring “What To Expect When You’re Expecting????”

Anyway, Julie and Paul have been veddy hush-hush about the pregnancy until yesterday. But friends guess that the baby is due in April or early May because Landrum was visibly pregnant at Pierce’s annual New Year’s Eve bash at the Foundation Lounge.

There’s no wedding date – that we know of. Pierce did refer to Landrum as his “fiancee” in a recent issue of ESPN: The Magazine, but he didn’t discuss the nups. (It’s probably safe to assume the wedding will be post-baby and after the NBA Finals. We fans gotta have a dream . . .)

So as Paul and the Celtics are gearing up for the playoffs, his woman will be having a baby. I can say from experience, there’s no more disruptive force than a newborn. Look its a wonderful experience and I love my son to death, but I just hope and pray Pierce can keep his eye on the prize. I’m also guessing he won’t be waking up at 3am to change diapers.