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Larry Bird Is Awesome
October 24, 2007

Yeah… we all knew that.  He could crap in our hats and we’d say thanks.  Well… Larry is doing something a lot better than that.

Larry is helping build a learning center in Boston… in honor of Dennis Johnson

The center is scheduled to open Friday at the YMCA on Huntington Avenue. “Who better than DJ? He was a big part of my life,” Bird said. The learning center will feature 10 state-of-the-art Dell desktop computers, flat-panel monitors, work stations, and portable, vinyl chairs. The center, like many similar ones around the country, is the brainchild of another ex-Celtic who played with Bird and Johnson, the indefatigable M.L. Carr.

Let’s not sell M.L. short on this.  M.L. is truly a Celtic.  I mean… M.L. willingly drove the team into the ground because he was told it would help the team in the long run.  He was ask to take the team he loved and make it lose… and he did it.  Right or wrong… that’s loyalty.  And M.L. does community stuff like this all the time.  He’s the driving force.

si coverThis could be bad news… yep… that’s all of our hopes, dreams and desires on the cover.  If anything happens to any of them… I’m burning down SI headquarters. 

Actually… I don’t believe in jinxes… so I’m thrilled to see this.  It’s about time.

Also… how about this for a nickname:  “The New Look”

We’re always calling them “the new look Celtics.”  Why not just call them… “the new look”?

Just a thought.

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Go Red Sox!

Larry Brown Says No Thanks
September 22, 2007

larry brownWe’re learning that Doc Rivers offered Larry “I can never finish what I started” Brown a job as an assistant coach on his staff. Say what?

“The way we left it, I told Doc I was 90 percent sure I was coming,” says Brown. But Brown changed his mind after discussing the Boston offer with 76ers owner Ed Snider, who convinced Brown to remain as executive VP in charge of basketball.

And for that, I say thank you to Ed Snider. Doc basically offered the job to the man who might have replaced him had the team struggled this season. Look, Larry Brown is a great  coach (click for resume) who won a championship with the Pistons in 2004. But there’s always a sh*t-storm of controversy surrounding this guy. In my expert opinion, he’s not worth the trouble.

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