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Leon Loves Us (and Boston)
August 20, 2008


Courtesy: Daylife

It’s well known that Red’s Army loves Leon Powe (i.e. John’s huge man crush). And Leon loves us back (Our sources have seen his woman sporting our t-shirts). Now we’re learning that the man who single-handedly annihilated the Lakers in Game 2 (21 pts in 15 minutes) loves Boston just as much. An important fact considering Mr. Powe is in the final year of his contract.

“They know me,” he said. “The Boston organization knows I want to stay there.”

At some point the Celtics are going to have to decide between Leon and Glen Davis. They both play the same position – undersized power forward – and you can only split the minutes for so long. Don’t you think teams (the Lakers?) would kill for a tough guy like Powe? There will be demand after this season. Here’s hoping Leon sticks around. Oh by the way, he’s spending his summer in Oakland, teaching basketball and preaching education at his annual “Powe Folks” camp.

In Appreciation Of… Leon Powe
June 27, 2008

We are spending some time looking back over the Boston Celtics championship season… in an effort to truly appreciate the efforts of those involved.  In our fifth installment of our series, we continue our appreciation of the players.

There aren’t many of us who got excited about Danny Ainge acquiring the rights to second round draft pick Leon Powe two years ago.  I wasn’t.  I wasn’t even sure he’d stick around.   

And then I saw this story,  along with the workout photo, and I immediately ran a story with the headline “This Is A Celtic.”  I was hooked.  Give me the conductor’s hat.  All aboard the Leon Powe bandwagon.

I’m not going dive into his life story here.  That story has been told better than I could ever present it.  But I do know that life has given Leon plenty of “outs.”  Not only has Leon had a million chances to give up, there would have been plenty of people who would have understood why he did.  The excuses were almost pre-written on little cards that he could read as he explained why he was quitting.  But he didn’t take them.  I don’t think even thought of looking at them.


Powe Posterizes Lakers
June 9, 2008

That’s fun to say…

And more fun to watch:

But wait… there’s more!


The Vaunted Lakers Defense
June 9, 2008

I’ve been driving the Leon Powe bandwagon since day 1… but even I can acknowledge his limitations.  For instance… there’s no way in hell that Leon Powe should go coast-to-coast, untouched, when 3 Lakers are already on the defensive end of the court.

Leon got the ball about 90 feet away from the basket.  Notice where Pau Gasol is after a couple of dribbles.

leon powe

So Pau is just turning around… and he is clearly looking at Leon. 

leon powe

In the time it took Leon to get over half court… Pau has moved 5 feet.  As an added bonus, Sasha Vujacic is on the block.  They should get over to clog that lane… except.

leon powe

Pau moved about 2 feet and Sasha did little more than pivot… leaving Leon Powe to elevate for an easy 2 handed slam.  This might be the most embarrassing, pathetic thing I’ve seen.  Leon is not blazing fast.  He’s a bulky power forward.  Yet he took the ball 90 feet… and Gasol and Vujacic stood there and watched him go by them like he was Clyde Drexler.  In a game the ended up getting cut to 2 points… you can look back on this and say this was HUGE for the Celtics.

The Celtics relaxed in the 4th and LA got ridiculously hot.   The Celtics almost paid dearly for going 7 minutes without playing D.  But the Lakers have paid dearly twice for disappearing on the defensive end.  It’s what we’ve been saying since the Pau Gasol trade happened.  Defense wins championships… he plays almost none… and neither do most of the Lakers.  And I’ll tell you this for sure:  You won’t see another 41 point quarter out of the Lakers in this series.

One other note… we saw “Bad Kobe” for most of the game again last night.  Lots of forced shots… mainly on the perimeter… virtually no passing.  It took him 23 shots to get to 30 points… while it took Paul Pierce 16 shots to get to 28.  No defense plus “Bad Kobe” equals bad… bad things for Los Angeles.

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At Least They’re Loose
May 28, 2008

These pictures show two things:  (1)  Leon Powe still exists… and (2) the mood at practice seems to be loose.

leon powe and james posey

leon powe and james posey

I think Poze was checking out Leon’s butt in the first picture.  Then that might be him doing ‘The Robot.’  Nice to see Leon still keeping sharp.  You never know when Doc might pull a neck-breaking 180 and decide to play Leon Powe, a guy known for never quitting and always being ready.  What can I say… I love Leon.

Leon’s Dunk… Now With Video Goodness
April 21, 2008

Thanks to Leon Powe Fan Site for the video

Love this exchange… as documented in today’s Globe

As he lay on the floor, Powe looked up to find the chattering presence of Kevin Garnett in his face. And I mean in his face. Not only that, Garnett was pummeling his teammate with a series of quick hits to the chest. Bam. Bam. Bam. “There were two, three, four, maybe five or six, Roy Jones-type punches,” Powe said. “He was excited.”

What about it, KG?

“Leon’s a grown-ass man,” Garnett said. “Those were like high-fives to him. They just happened to be on the chest. I don’t think he felt them at all.”

Said Powe, “I felt them.”

Man… I really love this team.

Yes… Yes… IN THE FACE!!
April 21, 2008

leon powe

We’ve only played one game… and the Celtics already have one of the defining moments of the playoffs.  Its right there with the Tim Duncan 3… and the alley-oop to LeBron (and the subsequent ‘fight’).  The Powe dunk on everyone… followed by KG’s maniacal outburst is absolutely going to live on forever in the “2008 NBA playoffs” highlight reel (click all photos for full versions).

leon powe

leon powe & kevin garnett









 leon powe

 leon powe and kevin garnett

 Why do I get the feeling that right at this point, Leon Powe just wants KG to shut the hell up?  I mean… the look on Leon’s face in all these pictures is priceless.  I’ll bet his ear is still ringing.

I’m a little more impressed with the Celtics effort in this game than Chuck was because of all that led up to it.  Everyone would have easily made the “they haven’t played a meaningful game in 3 weeks” excuse to explain away a crappy game. 

But the C’s did what they do all year.  They ride hot hands… they play tough D… and then at halftime… they make a few adjustments and run away.  Atlanta is clearly outmatched here… and the only time any game of this series will ever be close… will be if the Celtics get lazy and sloppy.


Leon Huge Again
February 8, 2008

leon poweThe Minnesota Timberwolves have played the Celtics twice… and the total combined difference in both games has been Celtics +3.  Leon Powe was HUGE… again… in this 88-86 win.

Leon had 14 points and 7 rebounds until about 1 second left in the game.  That’s when he grabbed his 8th board (off a Ray Allen miss.. which should have been a foul) and scored his 15th and 16th points on the putback. 

An interesting note on that final play.  Ray drove to the hoop and had 2 TWolves there to challenge him.  He made the steal at the TWolves 3 point line and dribbled all the way down the floor himself.  Yet amazingly… all 4 of his teammates were there to rebound the miss… and no other TWolves showed up until Leon had already put the ball up.  Total lack of hustle on their part. 

Box Score  |  Recap 

One note:  Kendrick Perkins left the game with what appears to be a strained shoulder.   They didn’t say anything about it being dislocated or separated…. and the play certainly didn’t seem to be the kind of play where those injuries could happen.  However, don’t be shocked if Perk misses Sunday’s San Antonio game.

February 6, 2008

I can’t think of a better word to describe the play of Rajon Rondo, Tony Allen and Leon Powe. These guys were absolute monsters tonight in the Celtics 111-100 win over the Clippers. Rondo (24 pts, 8 asst, 5 reb, 4 stls) and Allen (17 pts) relentlessly attacked the hoop. Powe (13 pts, 10 reb) was a pure beast on the boards. Sam Cassell, a guy I want the C’s to acquire, was ejected in the first half for literally punching Rondo in the face as he drove to the hoop. It was your classic cheapshot. The reason? The kid was abusing the old man on both ends of the court.

Box Score | Recap 

Now for the bad news, Kevin Garnett says there is no timetable for his return.

“We’ll just label it day-to-day,” said Garnett. “From the day I injured myself, up to this day, I’ve gotten better each and every day.”

Garnett refused to put a timetable on his return. He said this injury is different than any he has had.

“You don’t know how many movements are affected throughout your core, throughout your abdomen area,” he said. “Everything from coughing, to sneezing and laughing and moving around, to tossing and turning in the bed at night. So it’s been difficult.”

So you won’t see KG Friday night in Minnesota. But what about Sunday’s game against the Spurs on national TV?

Now On Barstool
January 30, 2008

I’ve loved me some Leon from day one… so don’t think I’d let a game like last night go by without writing one tribute post somewhere 

 I also know this is a little skewed, but the fact that his per 48 minute numbers right now are 26.1 ppg and 15.9 rpg says something.  Would he put up 26 and 16 if he got starter minutes?  Nope.  But numbers that extrapolate out like that show that the few minutes he’s getting are extremely productive. 

Besides, Leon Powe has a glare that can scare the platinum off a rapper’s teeth.  He’s 6′ 8″, but he’s afraid of no one… and few people can push him around.  Doesn’t every team need an enforcer like that?

Yes… I said “extrapolate.”  I guess I should also point out Big Baby’s new nickname:  Ticket Stub.

“We got ‘The Ticket’ [Garnett],” Davis said. “And I look like a stub, so I’m ‘The Ticket Stub.’ “

Sure Glen… whatever you say buddy.