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Thanks Leon!
January 19, 2008

leon poweThank you Leon Powe for making my first game of the season a great one.  6 beers into the night I looked up and saw #0 step into the game.  I know it was because Philly was destroying the C’s on the boards, Kendrick Perkins was sucking, and someone needed to get in there and knock some people around. 

Of course, he got the job done.  For those of you who haven’t been to a game yet this year, I’ll walk you through the night.

Pregame:  I met Chuck at The Harp around 6:30.  It was supposed to be 6, but traffic sucked hard.  I remember meeting Chuck at The Harp last year for a C’s game… but this year everyone was wearing green… mostly KG jerseys.  Props to Chuck for rocking the Pierce jersey.  2 quick Sam Adams lights and it was time to head in.

In the Garden:  Our seats were right at the top of the tunnel… about 20 rows from the C’s bench.  Once the game started, Scal hit the exercise bike.  The Chuck and I stared in amazement as Reggie Evans hit a 3, Sam Dalembert drained long fadeaways, and Andre Iquodala was unconscious.  Uh oh. 

Funny moment:  When KG comes out of the game, he makes everyone on the bench slide down so he can sit next to the coaches.  The only people he doesn’t make move are Ray and Pierce.  I watched him stand in front of Eddie House for a few seconds while Eddie watched the action.  Eddie finally noticed KG was there and slid down one seat.  KG made him move one seat.  It’s funny to see. 

At halftime, I met Hoopsworld’s Jess Camerato and Scott Souza of the Metrowest Daily News.  Souza seemed uncomfortable with us.  I’d like to think he was intimidated by our sexiness.  I think it was more “how do I remove myself from this situation and actually get to work?  I don’t get to get drunk and write nonsense… I have to be good.”   Jess was cool… and willing to be distracted for a few minutes.  When we left, we found out she’d go do post-game and then party at a hot club where young people like her party.  She could have come out with me and Chuck.  There’s nothing like going to a nice quiet social club after a game to play cribbage and drink fermented prune juice.  Her loss.

Back to the game… and the crowd started getting into it when the C’s started to come back.  The place was nuts by the time the C’s started burying shot after shot and Gino made his Celtics Vision appearance.  Also shot: my voice.  When we left, there were huge lines at The Harp and The Greatest Bar.  So Chuck and I finished the night at Sully’s Tap.  Seems appropriate… I always like drinking in an environment that always teeters on the edge of a huge fight. 

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Still No Rondo
January 18, 2008

gabe pruittAnyone going to the game tonight in hopes of experiencing, first-hand, the lightning quick speed and uncanny passing ability of Rajon Rondo in person (i.e., ME!)… forget it… Rondo says he’s most likely out again tonight.  That means more talk about who will back him up.  There’s no doubt the C’s will at least explore a veteran this year… but the long term solution might be sitting on the bench… wearing #13.

“He’ll grow into being a pure point guard,” said [Utah Flash Head Coach Brad] Jones by telephone. “He’s a playmaker and if you can pass the ball to set people up like he can, you can be a point guard. When he is in the mind-set of setting people up, he can be a point guard.”

Might as well find out more about what the kid can do right now.  Let’s toss him in there tonight a few times and get him some more time.  The few minutes he played against Portland weren’t bad.  He showed an ability to get to the hoop and get a shot off.  We’ll need a better option come playoff time (I STILL can’t believe I get to say that now)

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And finally… Leon Powe is a total badass… except when it comes to watching his son be born:

“I was doing good for the whole delivery until the end,” said Powe. “Then they showed me the baby coming out, and I almost passed out. That was just too much. My legs were weak. I had to go sit down.” 

Congrats Leon
January 16, 2008

At the risk of turning this into (as people have joked in the comments) we’d like to congratulate Leon Powe on his new son.

Leon Powe welcomed Leon Powe III into the world today at 4:50 p.m., according to the Celtics PR. The little guy weighed in at 7 lbs., 14 oz. Everyone is doing well.

Besides, we don’t get a chance to mention Leon much around here anymore.  I wish there was a way for him to get more time.

Big Baby Vs. Leon
November 3, 2007

Some people might see this as a problem… I kinda like it.  Nothing like a little fire at practice:

A seemingly innocuous workout today was spiced by a battle between Glen Davis and Leon Powe. The two were working in a drill after the regular session when Davis decided he’d taken too many hits from the latter.

The rookie began yelling at Powe, who listened for a while then said he was willing to fight if that’s what Davis, nursing a bloody nose, wanted.

I think a fight between those guys would result in a magnitude 2.4 earthquake. 

Fact is… these guys are fighting for the same spot… and they’re both big, physical guys.  They’re going to beat the hell out of each other on a daily basis… which is going to result in some outbursts like this.  I’ll tell you this:  coaches love it when it occasionally gets chippy.  They like the fire. 

Also today: MattyG looks at the C’s big win  |  BostonSportz has a fan’s-eye view of the big KG screaming intro.  It’s a bit shaky… but you get a decent feel of how electric that place was last night. has an opening night photo gallery… that opens with that shot of KG screaming

Lone Star
October 21, 2007

Which scenario would piss you off more? The game in Worcester which was cancelled at half-time due to condensation on the court, or last night’s game at Mohegan Sun? At least in Worcester, fans got to see Paul Pierce, KG and Perk for a half. You didn’t see any of them in Uncasville. Ray Allen only played because he’s a hero in Connecticut. So my question is, when did the NBA preseason turn into the NFL preseason? All I can say, is that I’m glad I didn’t buy tickets to any of these games.

Philly smoked the shorthanded C’s last night, 96-78, putting an end to our dreams of an undefeated preseason.

But let’s jump back to Friday night when the entire Celtics team was nearly trambled by angry fans in Worcester. How bad was the situation? Here’s Leon Powe’s explanation:

“I wanted to sign more than I did, but they really started to close in around us, and we had to get out of there,” Leon Powe said. “Someone actually grabbed me and said, ‘Give me an autograph.’ That was kind of amazing.”

So let me get this straight, someone grabbed Leon and demanded an autograph? That person has to be one of the craziest MFers around.

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Oh (Big) Baby
July 14, 2007

Glen Davis was the big story in the last game of the summer league.  He checked in with 19 points, 14 rebounds and 6 blocks shots in a 91-70 loss to the Mavericks

I personally think the Celtics sent a big message to Leon Powe and Rajon Rondo:  You’ve proven yourselves… now take a break.  Leon only played 18 minutes compared to Davis’ 32)… and Rondo sat down next to the coaches and just observed… and absorbed. 

I love what they did with Rondo.  This was like a classroom for him.  Point guards end up being coaches on the floor in a sense… so this was a fantastic opportunity for him to learn. 

That nugget of wisdom is just one of the things you’ll enjoy if you listen to our call in show… which start at the top of the hour… 7pm.  Just follow this link to listen.

Hello Brandon… Goodbye Gerald?
July 10, 2007

Well… the fans certainly seem to like the Brandon Wallace signing… which appears to be a 2 year deal.  He played center in college, but he’s so athletic, a shift over to the small forward spot in the NBA doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.  He’s also a 4 year college guy… a rarity in today’s NBA. 

Ok… so we like him.  But where does he fit?  And if we’re making him fit… then someone’s going to have to move to make room for him. 

First things first:  Neither you nor I know anything about Brandon Wallace.  If you think you know based on what you’ve seen in the summer league, then you’re fooling yourself.  Can we just get that out there?  Please just admit this fact:  You didn’t know who Brandon Wallace was before Friday night’s summer league game. 

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Eat It Greg
July 7, 2007

greg oden on the benchHey look… it’s Greg Oden on the bench… which is where he spent most of his pro debut.  Hell… if this was college… he would have fouled out twice.  Summer league rules allow you 10 fouls before you sit… and Greg got all 10

Meanwhile… my man Leon Powe led the Celtics with 19 points and 9 rebounds in the Celtics 74-66 win over the Trailblazers.  What does this all mean?  Absolutely nothing.  But we saw the Rajon Rondo is still faster than everyone on the floor… Leon is still someone that I wouldn’t want to mess with… and Allan Ray is probably going to lose his job to Gabe Pruitt if things continue this way. 

Portland probably shouldn’t worry much, either.  Oden showed a couple of flashes… and LaMarcus Aldridge helped out with 26 points and 11 boards.  I’m going to say they win the title within 3 years… so I’m sure Blazers fans could give a damn about Oden not doing much in his pro debut.   Celtics fans, however, will take what they can get. 

We’ll be talking more about this game in our 10:30 am call in show… which can be found here.  Be sure to check it out.