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Looking At The Line: New Jersey
January 11, 2008

Every so often… we’ll look at the line of a C’s game and determine where the smart money lies.  The lines, as always, are courtesy of the good folks over at

Today, BetUS has the line at Celtics -7.5

As far as I’m concerned, the smart money is on the C’s here.  They’ve played the Nets twice, and won by scores of 91-69 and 112-101.  Furthermore, the C’s have followed losses this season with wins of 23, 45, and 25 points.  Also… only 3 of the Celtics 13 road wins have been 7 or fewer points.

The over/under is 187 points.  In their two games against NJ, the C’s were over that once, and under that once.  In their blowout wins that came after losses, the total points were 187, 163, and 189.  The lesson, the Celtics score a lot, but clamp down on the D. 

I believe taking the over on the Celtics is always a risk because of their defense.  Sure, the Celtics are always a threat to hit 100 points, but they’re also very likely to hold teams to under 90. 

So the final verdict:  I think giving 7.5 and taking the Celtics is a no brainer tonight.  The o/u makes me a little weary… but I think the evidence points us to the under.

John’s LATL record:  1-1-1

Disclaimer:  Don’t gamble if its illegal where you are.   And don’t gamble if losing will break you.  If you lose… don’t come bitching to me.  I didn’t give anyone your money… you did. 

What’s Up With Tony Allen? Part 2
December 5, 2007

tony allenI raised that question a month ago. 

I know that coming back from an injury is tough… especially a knee injury for a high flier like Tony.  He’s clearly not the same player out there yet… and that’s OK.  That will come back at some point.  But its the mental issues that have continued to dog him… and I think are still dogging him right now.  We’ve seen too much of it already in the early going. 

 Well… he’s really gotten no better.  And now it’s gotten to the point where it’s the main topic of Mark Murphy’s piece in today’s Herald.  Tony’s response to an obviously frustrated Doc Rivers?

“… I know he’s got faith in me. That’s what I have to think. When we talk, he just lets me know when I’m doing something wrong – or right – which is what a coach is supposed to do.  So it’s up to me to deal with all of these knick-knack injuries that I have. I just have to get mentally back to where I was.”

Look.  You can only lean on the “he’s coming back from injury” thing for so long.  The Doctors say he’s fine.  If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be playing.  So it’s up to Tony Allen and Tony Allen alone to look in the mirror and snap himself out of whatever funk he’s in.  This is the second time the Celtics organization has had to worry about Tony Allen’s mental state after an injury.  You’d think he’d learn after the first one that you just get back out there and go.  Doc’s patience is clearly wearing thin… and I think for good reason.

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Looking At The Line

We’ll do a mini LATL today.  Our buddies over at have the Celtics as 10 point favorites in Philly.  I don’t think Philly is even going to be close in this one.  I’ll gladly give away 10 points in this one. I’ll go over on the O/U of 179.5 pts.  I think the C’s will hold Philly to 85 or so… but I think they’ll score well over 100.  The C’s are rested, and KG is looking to bounce back from a couple of bad games. 

John’s LATL record: 0-1

Looking At The Line: Charlotte
November 24, 2007

Welcome to a new feature here on  “Looking At The Line”

We’ll occasionally take a look at the betting line for a Celtics game, and try to determine what the best bet is.  The lines are provided by our new sponsor:

Our debut is the Celtics (10-1) at the Bobcats (6-6)

As of this writing, the Celtics are 8.5 point favorites.   The over/under is 186.5.  The money line on the C’s is -370. 

The Celtics weakness this year will be teams with big front lines.  The Bobcats could be one of those teams, but Emeka Okafor is the only big guy right now getting more than 14 minutes a game.  This Bobcats team is dependant on its perimeter players like Gerald Wallace, Jason Richardson, and Raymond Felton to get the job done.  This plays right into the Celtics hands.  This team seems like it’s trying to play like the Warriors… and we all saw how well that went.