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One More Round
December 1, 2007

The Celtics have one game left in this (excruciating by NBA standards) 3-games-in-4-days stretch (12:30pm Sunday vs Cavs). After Thursday night’s TKO over the Knicks, the C’s withstood a late-round flurry and won a decision over the Heat. Doc Rivers compared last night’s 95-85 victory to one of the best boxing bouts in the last 15 years.

 “It’s funny, at halftime we talked about [boxer] Meldrick Taylor, the fight years ago with [Julio Cesar] Chavez and he started dancing in the 12th round and got knocked out. We almost did that. We let our guard down.”

By dancing, Doc means taking the first available jump shot. The Celtics kept raining Js and they kept clanging off the rim. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Fortunately they were saved by the bell, another five minutes and they would have lost.


Up next are the Cavs. I’m sensing payback is in order following Tuesday night’s loss. And with Cleveland treating LeBron James’ sprained finger like a herniated disc, who knows if the King will play. And as of right now, there is no line for the game. If Bron-Bron plays, I see the Celtics as 3 pt favorites. Tony Allen is still questionable with a thigh bruise. KG played last night with a brace on his left knee (for whatever that’s worth).

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Don’t Call It a Comeback
December 1, 2007

The Celtics were coasting along to another easy win tonight when the ghosts of seasons past suddenly appeared. A 28-point lead over the Heat slowly dissolved to a 7-point game late in the 4th. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen missed 21 consecutive shots. Nothing would fall. Could we possibly lose this game? The answer to that is – No. It’s like the ending of Pulp Fiction, when Ving Rhames and Bruce Willis escape from the basement dungeon of those disturbing pawn shop owners and vow never to speak again about what happened. I’m willing to pretend this near collapse never happened. Let’s move forward and focus on the Cavs.

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