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The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever
March 18, 2008

Kevin Garnett is the most intense player person I’ve ever seen.  Everything to him is a matter of personal pride.  So to hear Minnesota’s owner accuse him of tanking just reeks of sour grapes.

[Glen] Taylor said the columnist “said a little bit last year that we sort of like tanked it. I don’t think that. I don’t like that so much. I don’t like that.

“It was more like KG tanked it. I think the other guys still wanted to play. But it sure changed the team and didn’t make us (as good).”

Look Glen, I know you’re really pissed that the Celtics are dominating while the TWolves are… well… the TWolves.  But let’s ask a simple question… what more could Kevin Garnett do?  He gave you guys everything he had… and you responded by giving him very little to compliment him.  When you did have success… you did nothing to build on it.

I credit the Wolves for making a bold move, acquiring young talent, picks and cap space.  You’re actually not in a bad position… depending on what you do in the future.  Key word:  future.  Let it go Glen.. let it go. 

Somebody Is Lying
June 27, 2007

Whenever I tried to pull a fast one on my Dad when I was a kid, my Dad would turn to me and say in his thick, Greek accent… “John… don’t bulls–t the bulls–tter.”  And that taught me something:  I had to become a bigger bulls–ter.  I think we know how well that’s going.  So I know when someone is lying to me.  I knew that hooker wasn’t telling the truth last night (she was a man!)… and I know someone in lying to all of us today.

danny aingeOn the one hand, every reputable NBA reporter is reporting that the Celtics are somehow involved in a number of trade scenarios.  Minnesota and Phoenix are always on the list.  However, Danny Ainge (through Steve Bulpett) laughs at the notion… as if to tell us that all of these reports were simultaneously fabricated by every major basketball writer. 

 “We’ve had conversations about the pick, and we’ll continue to have conversations about the pick,” Ainge said. “But right now, we have to plan on using the pick, which has been the most likely scenario from the start.”

Right Danny.  The Marion talks are nothing… and while Phoenix was working out top 5 talent… you’re suddenly working out guys today that are all projected to go in the 20’s… right where Phoenix is picking.  Don’t bulls–t the bulls–ter.

As for the Pierce trade demands… they might not be that surprising to the Celtics.  It’s possible this could blow over in a few weeks regardless of what the C’s do.  Paul believed in this team enough to sign an extension last year… I can’t imagine his faith in his teammates would be shaken so much to demand a trade this year.  I’m betting this is more posturing to put pressure on the team to do something.  Here’s Peter May’s take.

I love it when Celts fans live in LA.  It takes balls to live behind enemy lines.  Regular reader Jarred reports to us that Paul Pierce and his buddy Baron Davis will be on the local ESPN Radio station tonight at 7 pm eastern.  Follow that link to listen to the interview and see if he says anything interesting.

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Paul Wants Help… Now
June 26, 2007

paul pierce pimpin'A lot of you faithful readers are young, virile studs who spend their Friday nights at clubs and your Saturdays figuring out how to make the escape from your new “friend’s” apartment.  So you might not understand what the rest of us… um… seasoned veterans understand.  When the wife wants something done around the house, she knows how to exert just enough pressure to make you do it.  The neighbors will think “wow, that guy is handy… he’s always working on his house”… but you know you’re more interested in making your life comfortable than making your house look good.  Which leads me to this:

Here’s the problem for Ainge: According to a league executive, Paul Pierce has finally told team management that unless the Celtics come out of this week with a talented veteran co-star for him, they should expect him to make a public declaration soon after Thursday’s draft that he wants a trade.

“Danny is under tremendous pressure, from inside and outside, to get a deal for someone done this week,” one league executive said.

If you’re counting at home, that’s 2 stories about Pierce threatening a trade demand.  Tick tock, Danny… tick tock.

I’d like to welcome the Globe to the Celtics offseason.   Thanks for showing up.  Shira Springer updates on the trade that will probably never happen… partly because Jermaine O’Neal wants to slap Danny Ainge.

Steve Bulpett says we shouldn’t read into Danny and Doc being at the Phoenix workouts… but I still say there is something there.  Phoenix is going to make a trade into the top 10 or else this workout wouldn’t even be happening.  Meanwhile, the KG deal isn’t dead yet… but Chad Ford says he’s willing to bet KG is a Sun… and they just happen to have the #7 pick… which might explain the Phoenix workouts.

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Liar, Liar?
June 23, 2007

Wait, you mean agents don’t always tell the truth? That’s the insinuation made by one source in the Celtics organization (to the Herald’s Mark Murphy) about Andy Miller, Kevin Garnett’s agent. The source thinks Miller’s assertion that Garnett doesn’t want to play for Boston carries no weight.  It’s probably all posturing because deep down, KG would never opt out of that massive contract.

“Do you really think he is going to pass up the $23 million he would make the next year (in 2008-09) to go somewhere else?” the official said. “He would have to drop back to the league maximum wherever he went. I don’t think he’s going to forfeit $10 million that easily.”

There’s also speculation that Miller is pissed off at the C’s because of the way Wyc Grousbeck treated another one of his clients, Sebastian Telfair. So what does this all mean? The trade is still alive.  Moving on, Al Horford impressed Danny and Doc yesterday, considering he completed a tough workout on a slightly-sprained ankle.

Around the league, there’s chatter the Nuggets are making a move for Jermaine O’Neal , and ESPN has compiled a list of potential free-agents in 2008 (can you say Elton Brand?) But considering no one wants to play in Boston, I’m not sure why I’m even mentioning this.

But the most disturbing note of the morning comes from Stoneham. Because officials there have so poorly managed the town’s money, all the high school sports programs are being cut. Sorry for getting political, but this is downright embarassing.

Slap In The Face
June 22, 2007

Kevin GarnettWe start today with a new column from yours truly about the how the KG thing went down… here’s the preview:

This one was a slap in the face.

Kevin Garnett had to rip our hearts out, even though we didn’t really want him anyway.

His agent Andy Miller said “If a trade [to Boston] were to happen, that’s not a destination that we’re interested in pursuing.”

But what he really said was “Kevin Garnett only has a few years left in his career… he’s not going to waste them in a hopeless situation in Boston.”

Ouch. Why don’t you come over and kick my dog while you’re at it.

You know, once upon a time a player would demand to be traded to Boston. Now an agent practically risks getting fired for even suggesting it (…..continue reading this column)

Meanwhile, Mark Murphy talked to KG’s agent… who didn’t exactly use definitive statements like “there’s no way”.  He kind of left it open ended… which makes me think maybe even KG realized the C’s are giving up way too much and a trade here would be career suicide.  I’d post the Globe’s take on this, but it sucks and tells me nothing new.  Hey Globe… you’re supposed to cover the Celtics, not imitate their tanking.  

Back to Mark Murphy, who talked to other teams who think adding KG would make the C’s an instant contender.  And how crazy is this story?  I’m agreeing with Gerry Callahan who says Danny is in a dangerous rush to make the team relevant.  That means he’s not making decisions based on winning… and I think this trade offer made that obvious.

So now the KG to Phoenix rumors are starting.  We know a 3 way deal that would have gotten us Shawn Marion has already been discussed… but Marion can opt out after next year too… so that’s no good for the C’s if he doesn’t want to be here.

I’m not posting a gazillion links to the KG stuff because we’ll all go cross-eyed.  What’s up already represents every other column out there.  We’ll update things if anything new comes up.

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KG Talks Continue
June 21, 2007

The headline in the Herald says “C’s Closer to KG Deal”… but technically speaking… if I walk out of my house and start walking west, I’d be closer to walking to Los Angeles.  Steve Bulpett’s source said:

“There’s a good chance nothing happens,” the source cautioned, “but the talks seem to be ongoing. Neither side seems willing to drop this.”

That doesn’t make it seem like anything is imminent, does it?  You can officially put all of us here at in the group that thinks that’s great…. because none of us (even those of us who once advocated trading Al Jefferson) want to see Al go in a deal. 

Here’s the funny thing:  The headline in Boston is “C’s Closer To A Deal”… while all the national sports sections have the headline “McHale: Garnett Not Being Shopped.”  Just a little perspective for ya.

Those of you who think “anything we get this year from Tony Allen will be a bonus” might be in for a bit of a surprise.  Tony is not only progressing well… he’s on target to return by training camp.  I continue to be amazed by that.  On a related note… I’m 6 months into rehabbing a hang-nail on my typing pinky.  I think I might need a cortisone shot to get through this post… but I’ll be ok.  Thanks for your letters of concern.

Just curious here…. does the Boston Globe realize the Celtics still exist? 

Bill Russell Holding His RingsHey…. do you want to play basketball with Bill Russell?  You can… if you’ve got $15,500. 

Oh… and you can play golf with him… for an extra $1,250.

And that doesn’t cover air fare out to Vegas… where this whole thing is being held.

That said…. I’d do this in a hearbeat!!!  Larry Bird, Dr. J, Havlicek, Kareem, Clyde Drexler, Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson…. THEY’LL ALL BE THERE!!  I might take up a collection.  I’ll beg on a street corner.  Spare change anyone?

So… What About Pau?
June 19, 2007

Phoenix is now asking for my left testicle along with a few starters and picks for Shawn Marion… so I’m slightly less excited about the possibility of THAT deal happening (although they are actively looking to move up in the draft)

Pau Gasol in a Celtics uniformThe Celtics and Minnesota have, in fact, engaged in discussions for Kevin Garnett.  But those talks haven’t gone anywhere yet… and I’m not sure any real deal can be made to bring KG here without giving up Al Jefferson or Paul Pierce. 

So that brings us to Memphis… and our old buddy and new Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace... and the rumors you have to believe are about to emerge. 

The Gasol-to-the-Celtics rumors were hot during the season.  I know Danny had Wallace on a short leash… but he had to at least be privvy to the conversation that was going on.  Now that Chris is in Memphis… and now that they know they’ve got the 4th pick… do you think Memphis would be open to a Theo and the 5th pick for Gasol deal? 

There has been increasing chatter that Atlanta is in love with Al Horford (scheduled to work out in Boston on Friday)… and Memphis will fill its hole at point guard with Mike Conley at #4.  Give them the 5th pick and they can add Brandan Wright to fill the power forward slot vacated by Pau.  Suddenly, Memphis has Conley, Rudy Gay, and Wright as a young (cheap) core for the future and cap flexibility.  Meanwhile, the Celtics get a veteran who doesn’t seem to have a need to dominate the ball and can handle the high post. 

This can also keep other tradeable pieces available for a second deal, perhaps to move Wally’s contract and help shorten the rotation, during the offseason (maybe something with Utah for Kirilenko?… or maybe not). 

Yes, I’m just vamping… and abusing trade-checkers like a retarded WEEI caller (I know, redundant)… but the possibilities are out there.

For those of you interested in the full list of early-entry college players that are staying in the draft, and going back to school… here it is.

kobe and his wifeKobe Bryant Is A Douchebag, Part 3

Well… until someone who buys this video posts it on YouTube or something, we won’t be able to see it without paying $2.  Yep… $2… which I will happily spend.  If you want to do the same, you can go to and check out their preview clip (an NSFW half of a sentence) and then send them an email.  Who knows how long it will take for them to send out the clip (said to be 24 second long)… but that tape WILL make it out to the public…. someday.

Despite this video… and his petulent demands… Phil Jackson still thinks Kobe will be a Laker.  That oughta be fun.  I hope Andrew Bynum levels him with a pick on the first day… and on the second day… and every day until Kobe starts crying.  Or until Kobe rapes him… because one or the other will happen.

This Might Not Happen
June 18, 2007

Shawn Marion In a Celtics Uniform

Everyone is interested in possibly trading for Shawn Marion.  When you hear that a player like that could be available… you make a call.  Joe Dumars isn’t saying he called Phoenix… but he magically knows what Phoenix would be asking for if, you know, he actually had a conversation with them.

“Two of your starting players, the 15th and the 27th pick”

Umm… that’s a lot.  You could be offering me Jesus in a trade… and I’d still wonder if I’m giving up 2 starters and 2 first rounders for him.  This is like putting a million dollar asking price on a $500,000 house…. if you find an idiot to give it to you (cough cough… Isaiah Thomas)… then you have to do it.  But in reality… you know no one’s dumb enough to do it.

Speaking of dumb trades… Chad Ford is spreading rumors that the C’s and TWolves are talking.  We’d get KG in exchange for Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair, Theo Ratliff and the 5th pick. 

Hey… Al Jefferson is not KG… but he’s on the verge of being a 20-10 guy.  Do you really want to give up all of that to get an extra 5 points a game?  No friggin way.  I know it’s Garnett… but let’s look at this realistically.  Keep in mind…. a year ago today I would have thought we were robbing the Wolves with this trade… now you’d have to get me really drunk just to even consider it. (That’s not hard… I’m really drunk right now). 

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Kobe Bryant tells fans to “get a Bulls uniform” when he was asked if he’s staying in LA.  Get ready for this video to hit the web real soon… which we’ll feature in a post that will probably be titled “Kobe Bryant Is A Douchebag, Part 3”. 

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Let The Trading Begin!
June 14, 2007

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m mildly retarded.  I ate paste like Rosie O’Donnel eats doughnuts.  Lucky for me, I can get by on my looks (if you get past the drool bib… you superficial jerk).  But even I am smart enough to figure out that when a guy averages around 10 points a game for 6 years… and then he suddenly breaks out for 20 in a contract year… something is amiss.

But Kevin McHale still gave Mike James $6 mil. a year after that one great season in Toronto… and then he watched Mike James dip to his lowest scoring average in 3 years.  Now Mike James is heading to Houston in exchange for Juwan Howard… in a trade that is sure to let Kevin Garnett know that the Wolves are trying to win now. 

Really… it hurts me to see McHale suck this bad… but there’s no doubt about it… he REALLY sucks as a GM.  Tim Duncan on the sporting news cover

Also hanging out there today… courtesy of the a-holes that brought you a photoshopped Tim Duncan in a Celtics uniform… is a similarly moronic mock draft.   Among the gems: Rajon Rondo isn’t really a point guard.  Umm… what?  What the hell is he then?  Not only is the statement that Rajon Rondo isn’t really a point guard completely false… there isn’t even another position out there for him.  The ONLY thing he can be is a point guard (unless he fixes his shot… but I digress).  The geniuses at the Sporting Snooze (see what I did there? It’s gold Jerry… GOLD!) have the C’s picking Jeff Green at #5. Because we’ve all be saying that the C’s need another swing man.  Do they even WATCH basketball over there?

The C’s will, however, be working Jeff Green out tomorrowThey looked at Spencer Hawes yesterday, and talked potential trade with the Sixers while they were at it.

Don’t forget our LIVE CALL IN SHOW TONIGHT at  8PM!!!  We’re going to be talking draft and potential trades.  We’ll be taking calls for an hour… and then we’ll go until we can’t talk anymore.  I know… riveting.