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Draft Night Wrap Up
June 27, 2008

As you’ve seen already, the Celtics picked up JR Giddens with the 30th pick.  Here’s Doc’s take:

“We think he has a chance to fight for minutes right away because of his defense.  He’s got incredible wingspan, great feet, and we feel that defensively he can be an NBA player right away. The other things we’ll work on.  He’s had some run-ins with people. Steve Alford, who coached him last year, thought he was terrific.  That’s good enough for us.  We knew three or four teams (picking) right in front of us liked him. Several guys dropped and fell to those teams.  We thought as of like the 24th pick (of) the two guys that we liked one of them would be there.”

Here’s Giddens:

“[I’m going to] try to earn a position and, if I’m, fortunate enough to get some playing time, I’ll be happy, but if not I’ll sit on the bench and clap.”

On his “off the court” issues:

“I feel like I’ve overcome those things.  I was just a young guy, immature, made some bad decisions. … Now that I’m older, I feel I can do a lot better.”

As for our other picks:  The Celtics traded for Bill Walker, 6’6″ forward out of Kansas State, who was selected in the second round by Washington and acquired for cash.  With the final pick in the draft, the C’s selected 6’11” center Semih Erden of Turkey.  He may not join the team right away due to contractual obligations. 

The analysts seem to think this was a strong draft for the Celtics considering they had the lowest position possible.  Walker is being talked about as another possible second round steal for Danny Ainge.  Here’s the first line of his profile:

Strengths: An absolutely jaw dropping, electrifying dunker capable of getting air like the greatest dunkers of all time, Jordan, Dominique, Vince Carter, Josh Smith etc

Looks like we might have another dunk contest participant.  Plus… now we can bring back the nickname “Sky”

Full draft list and list of draft night trades after the jump:



Freshman 15… As In % Shooting
July 12, 2007

Kevin Durant in the Las Vegas summer league

Kevin Durant is shooting 9-36 in 2 games.  Jeff Green is 8-24 in 3 games. Corey Brewer is 6-23 in 2 games.  Yi Jianlian is 13-51 in 5 games! 

I’m sure as hell not going to come out here and say these guys are busts based on summer league performance… but I AM going to say that this illustrates how hard the transition to the NBA is.  This is only the summer league… and these guys are struggling to get good shots off.  Yeah… they’ll all probably adjust and be fine later… but for people who got so pissed about us trading the 5th pick because it was supposedly such a lock… just look at how everyone is struggling and realize that nothing is a lock in the draft.

Rajon Rondo is working on his shot.  Steve Bulpett has this from Rondo:

“That’s the main word: confidence. I don’t think it’s my mechanics or anything, it’s just having the confidence and believing in myself when I take the shot. The guys tell me to shoot all the time, so that should let me know they believe in me. Now I have to believe in myself and take the shots.”

His shot has looked better so far in Vegas… so maybe it’s working.  Here’s Bulpett’s take on last night’s game.   Scott Souza notes in his blog that this summer league is going amazingly like last year’s.  Peter May talked to Brandon Wallace’s college coach… who says Wallace’s game is better suited for the NBA.   Ryan Gomes says the C’s are out of excuses.  And check out this big Miami Herald piece on Bill Russell

Other Stuff:   Yi wants to join Sacramento?  |  Bucks close to re-signing Mo Williams… |  …unless the Heat work a sign-and-trade  |  Mavs interested in Webber and Francis

The Morning After
June 29, 2007

So I’ve slept on it… I’ve had my coffee… I’ve considered all of the arguments… and I still like the deal for Ray Allen.  Scroll down for my argument… it hasn’t changed.  We’re in a position to go with what we’ve got… or to make another deal.  Of course… some of the local frauds columnists are twisting things to make an argument… like Dan Shaughnessy:

Of course, there is the distinct possibility that the Celtics are not yet done. Makes sense. Maybe they still can get Kevin Garnett and storm the Eastern Conference with fossils Pierce, Allen, and Garnett.

You know… it’s funny… last week everyone was saying how Paul Pierce is in his prime RIGHT NOW… and we’ve either got to get him help or trade him and start over.  Now we got him a guy who only a couple of years older and suddenly everyone is a fossil.  Hey Shaughnessy… isn’t there a Babe Ruth column you should be writing? 

Let’s just blow through the rest of the links here:

Herald: Celts Land Ray Of Hope  |  Ray Allen Is Saying The Right Things It Worked Out For Jeff Green 

Bulpett does drop this nugget:

According to one source, the Celts still aren’t sure whether they should close the door on a trade for Kevin Garnett, though Minnesota was looking for the fifth pick, as well as Jefferson, to make that work

Peter May hits that Danny might be looking at a trade deadline deal… Other Globe links are Shira Springer’s take on the trade and a piece on our 2nd round picks.

And our friends over at WBZ have done it again.  They’ve posted more reaction from the Celtics brass than you’ll find anywhere else.  We’ve got 8 minutes of Doc and Danny talking about last night.  And they’ve even got reaction from Tommy Heinsohn.

We’ll be posting a lot more throughout the day… so check back often.  We’re always here to serve you, the loyal Celtics fan.  I’m not going to make a ton of bold claims here… I’m just going to say that on one of the most important nights for the Celitcs over the past 10 years… many Celtics fans were seeing this:

While others were seeing this… on draft night

Just an FYI

June 28, 2007

The Boston Celtics have made a trade for an All-Star… just not any of the All-Stars we heard about until today.  Ray Allen will be a Boston Celtic.

Boston will get Ray Allen and the 35th pick in this draft.

Seattle gets the 5th pick(Jeff Green) Wally Szczerbiak, and Delonte West. 

 “Boston really pursued this. What started as a smaller conversation became fulfilled. Their pursuit was impeccable,” said new Sonics’ general manager Sam Presti

There are some who have concerns about Ray’s health:

Allen underwent surgery in April on both of his ankles. He called it a season in late March, unable to tolerate the pain in his left ankle as a result of inflammation from bone spurs. Statistically, it was the seven-time All-Star’s finest season scoring, averaging 26.4 points per game, including a career-best 54-point performance against Utah in January. But the ankle and an early season foot injury limited Allen to just 55 games.

ray allen in a celtics jersey

Here We Go
June 28, 2007

NBA 2007 Draft Class

It’s draft night…. and we’re excited.  ESPN’s coverage is under way… and immediately I notice that everyone is wearing very subdued suits… except for Joakim Noah.  He looks like Farnsworth Bentley.

Our LIVE DRAFT COVERAGE can be found hereOur call in show at 8pm can be found here.  Enjoy it everyone!

Tony Allen = Nice Guy
June 28, 2007

tony allenTony Allen has had his problems… I get that.  Who hasn’t?  I mean… I killed a hobo once just for fun.  Ok… I didn’t kill a hobo… I punched him in the face.  Alright… it was more like a slap.  Or a kiss. 

Anyway… for all of Tony Allen’s publicized problems that he has finally shaken… there is the charity work that he has done.  Part of that is this heartwarming piece that he did for WBZ’s Wednesday’s Child with Jack Williams.  Jack says this is just the tip of the iceberg with Tony… and that he does a lot that we don’t know about.  He also says Tony looked a little gimpy on that knee of his… but he seems to be doing better. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled NBA Draft madness.  Don’t forget to join us for the draft tonight.  Our live coverage can be found right here… every pick… every trade… all on one page for you.  We’ve got our call in show from 8-10pm tonight.  Our show will start pretty much right as the Celtics make the 5th pick… so it will be a lot of fun right off the bat.

Tonight’s The Night!
June 28, 2007

Join us for the Draft Night Show Presented by Honda Motors.  Ok, we’re not sponsored by Honda… but Chuck and I both drive one… and if anyone at Honda is a Celtics fan… maybe we can get new floormats or something. 

Here’s the deal:  The show starts at 8pmYou can get to the show here…. it’s a link that will also be posted on our Live Draft Coverage Page.  It’s a call in show… and the number is posted on the page… so give us a ring.  Our Live Draft Coverage page will also have every pick, and every trade as they happen tonight.  If you missed anything or if you can’t get to a TV… we’ll have everything for you.

Before our show… I’m going to head over to the CelticsStuffLive show at 6:35 pm to bust some balls.  You can check out their chatroom here… and this link launches the show.  It’s going to be 10 minutes of pure high-larity… or it might suck.  Whatever, just listen to it before you come to our show at 8.

In news that doesn’t involve whoring a project of ours: 

Danny Ainge is excited about picking 5th (yeah, right).  And if Danny really wants Yi at #5, he might have to go through Atlanta to do it.  The rumor is they’re going to take Yi and trade him.  That’s fine with me… that could mean Al Horford drops to 5.  Remember this kids:  Atlanta is dumb.  Seattle is now smart… and they have a plan in place

Meanwhile, two league sources said the Sonics are calling around the league to gauge interest in guard Ray Allen.

KJR-AM radio reported that the Sonics offered Allen to the Boston Celtics for the fifth pick and Theo Ratliff.

That’s not going to happen.  The buzz about any trades involving the Celtics were squashed yesterday by Danny and Doc.  Of course… that probably means they’re close to a deal.  Teams aren’t exactly honest right now, are they Doc Rivers?

“It’s been a lot of work for everyone. A lot of film, a lot of phone conversations, lots of lying”

Yeah… thought so.  Also lying, apparently, are the people who said Paul Pierce would ask for a trade.  Reports from the Herald and the Globe are that he’s fine… and their stories probaby came from the same interviews we posted yesterday.  Pierce was supposed to be on an LA Radio station last night… but he cancelled on them. 

Steve Bulpett put a mock draft together | Peter May just realized this is a deep draft  |  Celts still interested in Jeff Green  | Florida’s guys are good  Kevin Durant is getting stronger  |  NBA’s TV deal worth almost $1 Billion 

Hey… if you just can’t wait to watch the C’s again… no problem.  FSN New England is carrying all the summer league game… starting next Friday at 10pm against Portland.

And if you’re wondering about the KG stuff… there are million stories out there and they all say Minnesota and Phoenix are still talking… but nothing is likely. 

Ainge: Trade Is Unlikely
June 27, 2007

This post is going up 28 1/2 hours before the draft… and as of right now… Danny Ainge says the Celtics will most likely NOT make a trade involving the 5th pick:

WALTHAM, Mass. (AP) — Danny Ainge says the Celtics expect to keep the fifth pick in tomorrow’s N-B-A draft despite speculation about trades for veterans Kevin Garnett and Shawn Marion.
Ainge is Boston’s executive director of basketball operations and will have final say in making the pick tomorrow night. He says a trade of the fifth pick is unlikely.
Ainge appears to have in mind a certain player that he will select if available — a player he’s convinced can make a major impact as a rookie.
Ainge and coach Doc Rivers went to Phoenix yesterday to watch a workout that included Corey Brewer and Joakim Noah of Florida and Jeff Green of Georgetown. At least two of the three are expected to be available with the fifth pick.
Ainge seemed unconcerned with reports that veteran Paul Pierce might ask to be traded if the Celtics don’t obtain a veteran.

Take it for what its worth.  GM’s lie about this kind of thing to the media before the draft all the time.  But that’s what he’s saying.


While some sites are busy constantly crashing… we’re busy constantly giving you updates on the Celtics…. like this one:  Sound from Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers regarding tomorrow’s draft.  These are the interviews that the AP used to write up their stories.  Thanks, as always, to the good folks at WBZ for the heads up.

Doc Rivers talks about trade rumors, draft and workouts  |  Danny Ainge talks too… he says Paul isn’t demanding a trade

And as a bonus… if you want to get away from all the trade rumors… here’s a half hour of Bill Russell talking about his fantasy basketball camp.

Paul Wants Help… Now
June 26, 2007

paul pierce pimpin'A lot of you faithful readers are young, virile studs who spend their Friday nights at clubs and your Saturdays figuring out how to make the escape from your new “friend’s” apartment.  So you might not understand what the rest of us… um… seasoned veterans understand.  When the wife wants something done around the house, she knows how to exert just enough pressure to make you do it.  The neighbors will think “wow, that guy is handy… he’s always working on his house”… but you know you’re more interested in making your life comfortable than making your house look good.  Which leads me to this:

Here’s the problem for Ainge: According to a league executive, Paul Pierce has finally told team management that unless the Celtics come out of this week with a talented veteran co-star for him, they should expect him to make a public declaration soon after Thursday’s draft that he wants a trade.

“Danny is under tremendous pressure, from inside and outside, to get a deal for someone done this week,” one league executive said.

If you’re counting at home, that’s 2 stories about Pierce threatening a trade demand.  Tick tock, Danny… tick tock.

I’d like to welcome the Globe to the Celtics offseason.   Thanks for showing up.  Shira Springer updates on the trade that will probably never happen… partly because Jermaine O’Neal wants to slap Danny Ainge.

Steve Bulpett says we shouldn’t read into Danny and Doc being at the Phoenix workouts… but I still say there is something there.  Phoenix is going to make a trade into the top 10 or else this workout wouldn’t even be happening.  Meanwhile, the KG deal isn’t dead yet… but Chad Ford says he’s willing to bet KG is a Sun… and they just happen to have the #7 pick… which might explain the Phoenix workouts.

 Other stuff:

Globe: This draft class has personality  |  Peter May’s top 5 by position  |  FoxSports’ “what if the NBA let high schoolers in” draft  |  Does Danny want Yi and Doc want Green?  |  Rashard Lewis to Orlando?

Our Draft Night Plan
June 25, 2007

How big is Thursday?  I’m cancelling my knitting club meeting, Chuck is getting a manicure and a Brazilian, and Matty G has been drinking since Friday morning (that’s nothing new, acutally)

Red’s Army is doing the draft with a live call-in show and real-time draft results.  So yeah… you can sit there and watch the NBA draft with its expert analysis and video highlights on television…


You can listen to us make total asses of ourselves on the internet.  The show starts at 8:00… we’re going for a guaranteed hour of call-in fun… and then we’ll talk until we can’t talk no more.

Are we sponsored?  Yes, yes we are…. by the National Association of Secret Ninja Warriors.  They’re nice people, really… but I’d make sure to listen to our show just to be safe.  I think they know karate and stuff.