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January 13, 2008

tom brady

Ooooh… the Jaguars can beat the Patriots… watch out for the Jaguars…. oh, save me from Jaguars. 

Tom Brady’s 26-28 passing could give a crap less about the Jaguars.  31-20 Pats.. who’s next?

Oh…. and the Celtics lost.  I didn’t watch the game.  I’m sorry.  Pats in the playoffs beat Celts regular season.   I’ll watch the recording later.  But since we’re (allegedly) a C’s site:  Box Score  Recap  |  Highlights

Sorry Chuck
December 10, 2007

tom brady

“Awwww….. aren’t you cute?  Are you supposed to be an NFL safety?  That’s a nice costume… but Halloween was a couple of months ago”

Pats Rock Steelers 34-13