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Stan Van Gundy Is Pissed
December 22, 2007

stan van gundyThe Celtics are looking for some revenge tomorrow.  If Orlando keeps playing like they’ve been playing this month, they’re going to get it… big time.

Orlando is 4-6 this month (and 5-6 overall at home) after 14-4 beginning to the season that lumped them up there with our Celtics as new “Beasts of the East.”  Last night, Orlando got bitch-slapped by Utah 113-94… and Stan Van Gundy wasn’t happy after the game:

“We had a team-wide effort of guys getting their butts kicked.”

“It’s a soft team . . . We’re absolutely frightened of contact . . . We don’t play hard enough. We’re not tough enough and this will not stop. And until we change the way we play and play harder, it will not stop.”

It’s even better when you watch the video of him ripping his team.  We can look at this 2 ways: 

(1) His team is going to be pissed off that their coach called them out in the media, and they’re going to come out and try to tear the Celtics a few new holes tomorrow night…. or

(2) His team is going to pissed off that their coach called them out in the media, and they’re going to come out and quit on him… thus letting the Celtics tear them a few new holes tomorrow night.

I find it interesting that he called out Dwight Howard by name in that video clip.  I’m going to assume, though, that the “we’re afraid of contact” line was meant for Rashard Lewis.  I’ve said a million times that Orlando screwed themselves with the Lewis signing.  Too much money for a good, not great, player… who will crumble under the “great player” expectations that come with a huge contract.

Bad Shot?
November 18, 2007

I hate to call out Paul Pierce, because there are a million reasons why the Celtics lost to the Orlando Magic, but I have to. The three-pointer he took during the C’s final possession (Orlando led 104-102 with 7 seconds left) was not a good choice. As Tommy Heinsohn so smartly pointed out, Pierce had to take the ball to the hoop. It’s become a troubling part of Pierce’s game. I’m talking about his belief that a tough, jump shot is the best option as the clock is winding down. 
I know he’s done it before, but more often than not, he misses those shots. And don’t get me wrong, I want the ball in Pierce’s hands in those situations, especially if KG has fouled out. But he can do better.

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This may come across as sour grapes, but I’m going to bitch about the refs. The Celtics were whistled for 33 fouls, Orlando just 21. KG and James Posey fouled out of this game. The calls weren’t balanced, plain and simple.

Want some positives from this game? 1-Rajon Rondo’s 18 points on 8-9 shooting. 2-The C’s ability to fight back from a 20-point deficit and make this a game.