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Yi Wants To Be Here… Maybe
June 20, 2007

Yi Jianlian in a Celtics UniformHey… let’s stoke up those Yi to Boston with the 5th pick rumors again.  In this piece that higlights Golden State’s desire to trade up in the draft to take Yi Jianlian… is this tidbit:

According to several NBA officials I’ve spoken to in the last week, Yi and his posse — i.e. agent Dan Fegan and the Chinese government — would love nothing more than to see Yi wind up a major market, preferably one with a significant Chinese population. The scuttlebutt is the Yi group has targeted four teams: Atlanta, Boston, Golden State and Chicago.

So Danny seems to love Yi… and Yi seems to love Boston…. or at least he would if he ever left LA to work out somewhere else.  At any rate… it’s very interesting because we know how loyal these players are to the Chinese government… and we know that NBA GM’s are generally wusses who cave to players’ demands.  In all actuality… I believe Yi will be a Warrior… and it’s only matter of which lottery team Golden State deals with. 

Hey look… some else is hosting the Carnival of the NBA.  The 45th edition is now up at I Want To Be A Sports Agent.  Check out what the rest of the NBA blogosphere has to offer.

Other Stuff:

 How did I miss this from our buddy Pau Gasol?  Sounds like a trade demand to me… it comes from his personal website

 “If they really want to keep me, then they have to make the necessary effort to get players around me that can compete at the maximum level. I want to be on a winning team that has ambition and fights for everything with stronger players”

Come on… we can make a move with Chris Wallace for Pau.  And speaking of Wallace… a tip o’ the hat to forums member johnnythebone for finding this doozy about Wallace when he traded away Joe Johnson.  Guess it could have been Kedrick Brown… but Wallace decided Johnson was the guy to give up instead.  Ouch.  For other ouchies in Wallace’s career… check out Jessica Camerato’s piece at Hoopsworld.

The Herald and Globe are both Celtics-free.  The Herald does have this piece on George Karl’s son, who is a cancer survivor and all around tough s.o.b.

Former Celtics becoming coaches:  Kenney Anderson with the CBA’s Krunk, and Scott Wedman with the CBA’s Explorers Orien Greene faces a critical season  |  Oh… so many Kobe items.  Let’s just pick this one:  The Lakers don’t plan on trading him.

So… What About Pau?
June 19, 2007

Phoenix is now asking for my left testicle along with a few starters and picks for Shawn Marion… so I’m slightly less excited about the possibility of THAT deal happening (although they are actively looking to move up in the draft)

Pau Gasol in a Celtics uniformThe Celtics and Minnesota have, in fact, engaged in discussions for Kevin Garnett.  But those talks haven’t gone anywhere yet… and I’m not sure any real deal can be made to bring KG here without giving up Al Jefferson or Paul Pierce. 

So that brings us to Memphis… and our old buddy and new Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace... and the rumors you have to believe are about to emerge. 

The Gasol-to-the-Celtics rumors were hot during the season.  I know Danny had Wallace on a short leash… but he had to at least be privvy to the conversation that was going on.  Now that Chris is in Memphis… and now that they know they’ve got the 4th pick… do you think Memphis would be open to a Theo and the 5th pick for Gasol deal? 

There has been increasing chatter that Atlanta is in love with Al Horford (scheduled to work out in Boston on Friday)… and Memphis will fill its hole at point guard with Mike Conley at #4.  Give them the 5th pick and they can add Brandan Wright to fill the power forward slot vacated by Pau.  Suddenly, Memphis has Conley, Rudy Gay, and Wright as a young (cheap) core for the future and cap flexibility.  Meanwhile, the Celtics get a veteran who doesn’t seem to have a need to dominate the ball and can handle the high post. 

This can also keep other tradeable pieces available for a second deal, perhaps to move Wally’s contract and help shorten the rotation, during the offseason (maybe something with Utah for Kirilenko?… or maybe not). 

Yes, I’m just vamping… and abusing trade-checkers like a retarded WEEI caller (I know, redundant)… but the possibilities are out there.

For those of you interested in the full list of early-entry college players that are staying in the draft, and going back to school… here it is.

kobe and his wifeKobe Bryant Is A Douchebag, Part 3

Well… until someone who buys this video posts it on YouTube or something, we won’t be able to see it without paying $2.  Yep… $2… which I will happily spend.  If you want to do the same, you can go to and check out their preview clip (an NSFW half of a sentence) and then send them an email.  Who knows how long it will take for them to send out the clip (said to be 24 second long)… but that tape WILL make it out to the public…. someday.

Despite this video… and his petulent demands… Phil Jackson still thinks Kobe will be a Laker.  That oughta be fun.  I hope Andrew Bynum levels him with a pick on the first day… and on the second day… and every day until Kobe starts crying.  Or until Kobe rapes him… because one or the other will happen.