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Feel The Love
July 3, 2007

Ray AllenNot only is Ray Allen going to be the ying to Paul Pierce’s yang, but he’s also going to play shortstop and bat leadoff for the Red Sox. (Amazing how Danny Ainge has caught more heat for this trade than Theo Epstein for signing Julio Lugo.) Ray and the rookies, Glen Davis & Gabe Pruitt, met the media yesterday in the first feel-good moment of the season. (Peter May, Shira Springer and Scott Souza were all there.) And get this, a Boston columnist is actually in favor of the trade.

More importantly, at least to the staff of Redsarmy, is the news that Rashard Lewis is close to max contract deal with the Orlando Magic. For some strange reason, the Celtics always popped up in rumors surrounding this guy, someone we see as the ultimate “contract year” player. There’s a chance Lewis’ deal will someday parallel the contracts of Larry Hughes, Kenyon Martin and Bobby Simmons.


The Boston Sonics?
June 29, 2007

Now that Ray Allen is a Celtic… there is speculation that the Celtics want his backcourt mate, Rashard Lewis.

The Sonics can offer Lewis more money than any other team in the league. But Allen said he thinks that once Lewis sees the direction of the team, he may request a sign-and-trade deal with another team that would give Sonics general manager Sam Presti the chance to get some talent in return. Houston, the New York Knicks, Portland and Boston are expected to contact Lewis’ agent on July 1 and express an interest in signing him.

I’ve said all along I don’t want Rashard Lewis… and you know this deal would somehow going to involve Gerald Green.  At this point… this isn’t a slight bit more than nothing… which means its barely something. 

Peter Vecsey Is A F@#!ing Moron
June 19, 2007

Peter VesceyI just couldn’t wait until the regular morning update to post this.  Mainly because I’m drunk now and this post won’t be nearly as angry when I sober up this morning.  Oh… who am I kidding… I’ll be drinking in the morning too.

Peter Vecsey… a published, highly-paid columnist… created a huge buzz when he wrote that Rashard Lewis blew his chance at opting out of his contract.  He wrote:

“If my information is accurate, Rashard Lewis may not have met the requirement to become one of the NBA’s most desirable free agents…  If accurate, new agent Tony Dutt mishandled critical paperwork regarding his client’s escape option.”

Except… it’s not accurate.  It’s the opposite of accurate… or a typical Peter Vecsey column.  Let’s check in with the folks at Hoopsworld for the truth.  Let’s see if you can see why they’re better at Peter Vecsey’s job than Peter Vecsey:

“his information was not accurate according to Sonics Director of Public Relations Tom Savage, who today assured us that the paperwork was filed on time and both parties understand that Lewis is a free agent as of July 1st.”

Can you spot the difference?  Hoopsworld CALLED THE SONICS TO CONFIRM THE INFORMATION.  Hey Vecsey… there is this new invention… it’s called the phone.  Use it to call people and confirm stories.

The problem here is this moron is still employed… and his columns generate buzz (and links).  So he’s laughing all the way to the bank.  If you ever believe anything Peter Vecsey writes, you should really consider spending the next few hours sucking on a tailpipe.  It’s for your own good.