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Oh Zeke…
June 13, 2007

If you’re new to Red’s Army, then you don’t know how much I hate Isaiah Thomas. He’s a fraud and an idiot. How he still has work is beyond me. How he even GOT work in the NBA… after running the entire CBA into bankruptcy… is beyond me.

Whatever. I’m just happy he’s running the Knicks. Today, I’m happy because there’s a rumor out there that he’s going to go after Rasheed Wallace. (Does that mean Need4Sheed will become a Knicks blog?) But I’m even happier because he said he’d be a “gamblin’ man” on draft night. You think Knicks President James Dolan just had a heart attack reading that? I know I took a shot at Danny yesterday… but at least he’s not Zeke.

The Celtics… they’re bringing Al Thornton and Corey Brewer in for workouts this week. Joakim Noah, Brandan Wright Al Horford and Mike Conley Jr. are expected in next week. Also in today’s Herald… encouraging items on Al Jefferson mindng his own business… and Perk maintaining his “beast” reputation.

Ever hear of David Blatt? He could be the C’s next coach. ranks the players after the Orlando Pre-Draft camp.

Draft Express does the same (Dammit Jared Dudley… stop it!)

Hey look… everybody’s heights and weights! WOO HOO!!

Also: Bob Cousy says coaches are ruining the NBA. Antoine Walker to the Pacers? If Billy Donovan does leave Orlando… he’ll be in college for 5 more years