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Sugar Ray!!!!
February 3, 2009

Ray Allen’s three pointer from the corner with .5 seconds left beat Philly tonight 100-99.

This may have been the sloppiest game the Celtics have played all season. They ran Philly into the ground in the first quarter (32-20), but that was negated by the horror show of turnovers in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. They tightened things up in the 4th and somehow managed to squeak out the win. Until Ray’s 3, Pierce (29 pts) was the money man down the stretch.

Rajon Rondo nearly had a triple double – 20 pts, 8 assists, 7 TO

The refs did the Celtics no favors.

What the hell happened to Elton Brand?

Box Score | Recap

I may be sick as hell with diarrhea pouring out of me, but I’m still able to give you this:


Little All-Star Love for the Celtics
December 11, 2008

Paris Hilton wants you to vote for Rondo.

The NBA has released the current voting tally for the All-Star game, and the results are not pretty for Celtics fans.

Forwards: LeBron James (Clev) 643,786; Kevin Garnett (Bos) 495,514; Yi Jianlian (NJ) 356,556; Chris Bosh (Tor) 274,195; Paul Pierce (Bos) 153,512; Shawn Marion (Mia) 144,066; Josh Smith (Atl) 59,574; Tayshaun Prince (Det) 56,846; Hedo Turkoglu (Orl) 56,006; Danny Granger (Ind) 49,752; Michael Beasley (Mia) 48,999.

Guards: Dwyane Wade (Mia) 623,311; Allen Iverson (Det) 492,093; Vince Carter (NJ) 236,634; Ray Allen (Bos) 174,155; Jose Calderon (Tor) 124,705; Luke Ridnour (Mil) 123,104; Jameer Nelson (Orl) 116,228; Derrick Rose (Chi) 102,263; Joe Johnson (Atl) 94,847; Devin Harris (NJ) 94, 294; Gilbert Arenas (Wash) 64,450.

Centers: Dwight Howard (Orl) 775;933; Samuel Dalembert (Phi) 116,708; Rasheed Wallace (Det) 88,885; Jermaine O’Neal (Tor) 75,324; Al Horford (Atl) 45,284; Ben Wallace (Clev) 40,799; Andrew Bogut (Mil) 36,479; Zyrdrunas Ilgauskas (Clev) 28,022; Kendrick Perkins (Bos) 24,777; Emeka Okafor (Char) 15,323.

Stop looking for Rondo’s name. He didn’t make the top 10. The 123,104 people who voted for Luke Ridnour should never be allowed to watch an NBA game again.* The Chinese are clearly under government order to stuff the ballot boxes for Yi Jianlian.

And who are the idiots voting for Allen Iverson? The biggest crime may be that Chris Bosh has 120,00 more votes than Paul Pierce. Did anybody watch the Finals? Holy crap…NBA fans are dumb.

A giant Thank You to Jess Camerato for the tip….

*Editor’s Note:  In a previous version of this post, I referred to Ridnour and Yi as teammates. This is not the case. I am a moron.

Ray Allen is NOT a Captain
November 7, 2008

Here’s the official word from the Celtics media relations team:

Hi Chuck,

To our knowledge right now, Paul remains the sole captain of the team.



As for the web page in question, Brian says:

It’s actually a typo, the only two pages on our site that we do not control are the roster and stats pages which are controlled by the NBA….we have alerted them to the typo and hopefully it will be corrected soon.

While that sucks for Ray, I am thrilled that the Celtics actually answered my email and acknowledged the existence of Red’s Army!!!!!

Trophy Tour Hits Conn., White House Next
September 19, 2008

Conn. Gov. Jodi Rell loves golden balls

Conn. Gov. Jodi Rell loves golden balls

Ray Allen, Tony Allen, Rajon Rondo and a few Celtics dancers took the championship trophy into Hartford yesterday. Ray might be a God in those parts, but I give props to Dwight Hooker:

Want dedication? Hooker, 59, recently had reconstructive surgery on both knees. Wearing Celtics gear, he moved slowly through the line, then gingerly down the steps of the Capitol upon exiting, with a cane and a smile. “Wouldn’t miss it,” said Dwight Hooker of Hartford, a Celtics fan for 46 years. “Ray was great.”

Dude can barely walk, yet he’s able to see Ray and the trophy. Too bad he can no longer use the knees as an excuse to avoid chores around the house. I can hear the wife now, “If you can get your ass to the Statehouse to see the Celtics, then you can take out the damn garbage.”

The Celtics are scheduled to visit President Bush and the White House this afternoon. I hope Bush has some funny Lakers jokes up his sleeve.

And for those still following Al Jefferson’s career, Big Al sprained his MCL in a pickup game. He’s out of action for a few weeks.

Ray Allen Marries Girlfriend & Trophy
August 19, 2008

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Perk & Ray Are In
June 17, 2008

Kendrick Perkins and Ray Allen are both planning to play.

“If feels good,” said Perkins. I’m going to give it a shot tonight and see how it goes. I plan on playing tonight and I’ll see how it goes.”

Perkins admitted his shoulder probably won’t be 100 percent until after the season, but that right now he feels well enough to play. 

Ray’s back in town.  Doc says he’s “pretty sure” Ray will play.  And despite any rumors you may have heard…  the issue was not with  Ray’s daughter… it was with his youngest son Walker.  The good news is, ESPN reported that Walker will be ok… which is the most important thing. 

That Vaunted Lakers Defense, Pt. II
June 13, 2008

The Lakers defense just seems to love leaving wide open lanes and allowing the Celtics free looks at the hoop.  Leon Powe got one in Game 2… and Ray Allen got one at the most critical point of the game last night. Celtics up 3… less than :20 on the clock… and Ray blew by Sasha Vujacic…

And got to the middle of the lane completely untouched.  Completely.  Check out the video.  Vujacic is frozen by a stutter step.  Pau Gasol reacts WAAAAAAAAY too late and too slowly (how’s that trade working out for ya?) and Derek Fisher can’t get close enough to foul unless he leaves EHouse wide open.

Meanwhile… Paul Pierce personally asked Doc Rivers to check Kobe Bryant at halftime… and he played Kobe wonderfully (his block of Kobe, seen here set to music, was awesome).  The Celtics defense was just stifling.  James Posey destroyed Lamar Odom’s psyche.  Lakers scored fewer points in the 2nd half (33) than they did in the first quarter (35).

Some people are saying that the Celtics team of round 1 would have gotten blown out in this series… and that might be true.  But that’s because it took until the Conference Semifinals for this team to really figure things out.  That’s when Paul Pierce became the true primary scorer on this team.  Its when KG could really focus on defense andrebounding.  All of the stuff that didn’t shake out in the regular season had to be addressed in the playoffs.  Its why the Celtics had to go 7 in each of the previous rounds.  But once Pierce when nuts in Game 7 in Cleveland… everything else started to make sense.  The world focused so much on the first two rounds… and they didn’t hear the Celtics click against Detroit.  The Lakers never really had a chance.

Ladies and Gentlemen… the Lakers are done.  Yes, they are technically still alive… but they’re about as alive as a gazelle 2 seconds after a lion clamps down on its trachea.  The Celtics defense is just too good… while the Lakers defense is virtually non-existent.  They can’t stop the Celtics when the Celtics decide to do what they want.  It was their most glaring weakness before the Gasol trade… and the deal never did anything to address it.  Now its killing them.  And we all know (say it with me now)… Defense… Wins… Championships.  Now excuse me while I pick out which Cigar I’m smoking at the parade.

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By the way… a Lakers fan trolling our forums decided to post this thread calling for a blowout yesterday afternoon.  Now its a sticky… and ready for your complete and utter demolition of said fan.  Have at it.

Who’ll Guard Ray?
June 1, 2008

I’ve been harping on matchups everywhere when it comes to the Lakers and Celtics… so let’s just dive into my biggest question:

Who will guard Ray Allen?

The Lakers have been starting Derek Fisher, Kobe, Odom, Gasol and Vlad Radmonovic.  Will they go with Fisher/Rondo, Kobe/Pierce, Odom/Ray?  That puts Gasol on KG… and me just typing that caused KG to pass out with delight.  KG would decimate Gasol.  Pau is as soft as it gets.  He’s soft-serve ice cream on a hot day.  KG can do what he wants, when he wants with him.  So I have a hard time thinking they’ll do that.

Would the Lakers consider Fisher/Rondo, Kobe/Ray and Odom/Pierce?  Still leaves them with KG on Gasol.  And don’t forget Perk on Radmonovic.  Perk is strong enough to back him down. 

Jon Barry suggested Kobe/Rondo so Kobe could float around on D and double team.  I taped a segment last night for Around the Spectrum (which will air tonight at 7pm if you want to hear it) in which Zach Harper of and said Odom on KG would be the best matchup for the Lakers.

Do you see where this is going?  Does anyone see a matchup here that favors the Lakers?  If its Odom on Ray… then can’t you see Ray blowing by him and getting to the hoop at will?  If its Kobe on Ray… then can’t you see Pierce doing the same to Odom?  And once those guys get past their defenders… is there ANYONE on the Lakers front line that frightens you?  Will the Lakers have to change their starting line up?  Will Turiaf start to bang with Perk?  Will Farmar or Vujacic start to give them another perimeter defender?   

If the Celtics are aggressive and attack the rim, they can probably average 105 ppg in these finals.  That’s more than enough to win it all.

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And for those of you who want one more look back at the Eastern Conference Finals:  BostonSportz has a multi-video look back.  And for those of you who REALLY want to look back:  WhatIfSports put together an all-time Celtics and all-time Lakers team… and the Celtics won in 6.

More Photos
May 31, 2008

paul pierce


This is so awesome.  A year ago we were praying for Greg Oden.  Now Paul Pierce is kissing trophies.  You fans deserve this moment.  You also deserve a parade.  I’ll see you there.

(all photos courtesy AP / Getty Images)

doc rivers


I Wonder What Bill Sees In Her
May 29, 2008

bill belichick

Linda Holliday, girlfriend of Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, laughs as she hides two basketballs from her favorite Celtic, Ray Allen.

By the way… I’m well aware that I said this about guys wearing those shooting sleeves.

They don’t make you shoot better.  They only make you look like a giant douche.  “Hey… look at me… I’ve got a cut up piece of pantyhose on my arm.  I’m cool.”  No… you’re not. 

But considering what we’ve seen from Ray lately… I don’t care if he wears Daisy Dukes and a halter top  if he keeps shooting like that.

Hey… that’s not a  bad ide……. errr…. HEY!! Look at what loyal reader Jesse Haley made for us!!!