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Australia = Awesome
May 6, 2008


Australia is more than just Dingos eating babies… and bootings of michevious 4th graders.  They have heroes patrolling the streets in classic Celtics jackets and whacky mustaches… belittling similarly mustachioed douchebags LakersFans with what appears to be some sort of Australian, one-finger salute.  This hero is Ryan… who emailed me the photo… andthe circumstances behind it:

pardon the atrocious moustache but every guy in Sydney grows a “Mo” each November in an effort to raise money for prostate cancer. It is called “Movember” and literally everyone does it in AUS, all the companies from white collar to blue collar.  Anyway, the endof the month gala party you dress up in costumes…. randomly saw this aussie douchebag wearing lakers gear and told him let’s get a picture…he had no idea and thought I was just being friendly…anyway, lets hope for a big w to start off the series

Seriously… everyone in Australia grows mustaches for Movember.   Apparently, doing so appeases the Anal Cavity Gods into releasing prostate-curing medication from Australia’s bidets.  Beautiful. 

Ryan also took the time to write out some post round 1 thoughts… andsome thoughts about round 2.  Considering his worldwide effort to embarrass Lakers fans… I felt the least I could do is post it.  Enjoy: