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Categorically, Positively, Unequivocally, Undeniably…
June 23, 2008

undeniably new t shirt


certified 17

The classic words uttered by Matt Damon in one of the most awesome acts of public trash talking… is now a T-shirt (By request, no less… you’re welcome Papa Irish). 

Each picture above is a link to that particular product.  Those, and more styles with the same design, are available in our championship gear section.  Feel free to browse or regular Red’s Army store for other designs as well.

More New Designs
June 21, 2008

We’ve added a few dozen new shirts to the championship gear section of our shop.  They all have “Banner 17” on the front pocket… and you have your choice of “Truth”, “Jesus” or “Certified” designs on the back.  We’ve got all sorts of stuff for men and women… so check it out.   

Order Now… You Know… Just In Case
May 29, 2008

Beat LA shirtWe have some unfinished business with the Pistons… but unfortunately… UPS doesn’t have a teleporter.  So you should get your orders in now for our “Beat LA” and “Anti-Kobe” shirts.

Economy shipping (7-9 days for delivery) costs $5.  Standard shipping (4-6 days) is $7. 

If you are so afraid of jinxes that you want to pretend I didn’t even post this, then you can wait until Saturday and pay for Premium shipping (3-4 days), but that’s $13. 

 anti kobe shirt

THe KG Shirt
May 8, 2008

the kg shirt

Order it now… get it in time for game 5… if the series goes that long.  Or.. just go to our store.  We’ve now got over 100 items, from shirts (men, women, kids)… mousepads… mugs.  Or my favorite…

The “I get Tommy Points for chugging” beer stein

Honestly… I don’t know how loyal reader “Jester” hasn’t gotten one yet.  I guess you don’t need one when its hooked right to your veins.  Thanks Jester, for sending in this photo of yourself.


Leon T-Shirt Special
February 9, 2008

the new I love Leon shirt

I love Leon

You Love Leon

We All LOVE LEON!!!!  Especially after hitting that game winner.  We’re so delerious with joy, we’ve created this “I Love Leon ” shirt and we’re only selling it for $12.99.  Call it the “game winner special.”  That and more… now available at the Red’s Army Store

Now We’re Even
January 6, 2008

everyone's happy about Glen Davis

 They stole one in our house…. we stole one in theirs. 

This is what happens in rivalries. Goofy plays (like the upfake), unsung heroes (hello Big Baby) and the possibility that no matter where these teams play each other, either team is just as likely to win. 

For the Celtics, it was nice to see a few things in this game:  The maturity of Glen Davis to not shy away in a huge spot late in the 4th quarter, and the maturity after the game to keep things in perspective

 “It feels real good to come out here and contribute in a big game. But this isn’t the last time we’re going to see these guys. This is just one game. It’s a journey to where we want to be at.”

It was also nice to see our 3 big stars, especially Paul Pierce (who always gets such a bad rap for being selfish late in games), recognize that Davis was the guy who was both open and hot.  There was no “oh, he’s a rookie… I’ll just force this shot up” attitude in this game.  The only forced shot was from Pierce with no one open and the shot clock ticking down.  And even then, it was Big Baby who was there for the biggest rebound of the game.

By the way, the Celtics are STILL undefeated in back-to-back games this year.  I still find that amazing.  No let downs.  The C’s are now off until Wednesday. 

I bleed green shirtHerald:  Big Baby’s end zone  |  Pierce fired up following showdown  |  Ex marks the spot  |  Globe:  Davis carries big load  |  Baby shows mature side  |  The real “Gino” doesn’t like some of the Gino TShirts  |  Better than a lottery hit  |  T&G:  Lady luck has smiled on Perkins  |  C’s have come far in 1 year  |  Det. Free Press:  Big Baby Breakout  |  Pistons loss reminiscent of postseason  |  Hartford Courant:  Big Baby steps for Celtics 

And check out our latest T-Shirt:  I Bleed Green.  As usual, you can click on the photo for that particular shirt, or go to our store for more styles with that design… as well as the rest of our now vast selection.

Everyone Sucks But Us
December 29, 2007

everoyne sucks but usWe know it…

The fans of other teams that come here to flame us know it…

So why not show it?

Our new T-Shirt says it all… Everyone Sucks But Us.

You can click on the picture to check out that particular shirt… or visit our full store to check out all the other styles… and other available products.

Now On Barstool
December 17, 2007

Chuck says Canada is good for 2 things:

….beer (Labatts, Molson) and strippers (try Montreal, Vancouver). And yes, I can vouch for both. But as far as basketball goes, the Raptors are a joke. Last year’s Atlantic Division champs are crying for respect, saying we shouldn’t crown the Celtics just yet. I’m saying, give us the damn crown and scepter too.

the And while we’re here… how’s about a new item in the Red’s Army shop:

“Big Baby” baby gear.  It seemed to make sense.

You’ve only got a couple of days left if you want to buy something as a gift and have it delivered by Christmas Eve.

Our First Sweatshirt!
November 28, 2007

The Red's Army is happy to offer our first ever sweatshirt… which is convenient since it’s pretty damn cold out there right now. 

It says “Red’s Army  Proud Soldier since 2005” which happens to be when we launched. 

Oh… don’t worry if you live in Florida or someplace like that.  This design is still available on TShirts.  Hell…. we even put this one on a mousepad!  Makes a great gift!

So head on over to our store to check it out.  Thanks to those of you who’ve already bought stuff from us.  You’ve helped a very worthy cause… Chuck’s bi-monthly botox treatments.

Kobe Arrives In 2 Weeks
November 10, 2007

the anti Kobe shirtThe last time Kobe was here…. the real Celtics fans left early and the Garden filled with MVP chants for Kobe.  It was embarrassing. 

This time around, there will be no such thing happening. 

We encourage you to show Kobe how you feel by wearing our Anti-Kobe shirt (also available in long sleeve) to the game. 

But the Kobe shirt isn’t all we’ve got… for those of you who want to go old school… we’ve got our new “Beat LA” shirt.  Be sure to check out all of our styles (we’ve got these designs available for women and kids too) by visiting our Red’s Army Store

beat LA shirtFeel free to spark up a “Beat LA” chant too while you’re there.  Or maybe a “Paul Is Better (clap – clap – clap clap clap)” chant every time Kobe touches the ball.