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Behold… The Mighty Remora Fish!!
June 15, 2007

Robert Horry is perhaps the most skilled player in all of NBA history…. at latching onto the coattails of superstars and winning championships.  He’s the remora fish of the NBA… he hooks onto the biggest, baddest NBA stars… and then he gets rings for it.

Hakeem Olojuwon gave him 2… Shaq and Kobe gave him 3… and now Tim Duncan gave him 2 more.  Spare me the “Big Shot Rob” crap.  NBA players with a modicum of skill are supposed to hit open jumpers, regardless of the time left on the clock.  Hey, congratulations Robert… for having the ability to stand on the wing while guys with 20 times your ability draw defenders away from you.  You’re the best… standing and waiting for the ball guy ever.  Sometimes, when I stand and wait for the bus, I pretend I’m Robert Horry.  And then when the bus gets everyone where we’re going… I take credit for it.

Headlines like this, or this, or this, just drive me up the damn wall.

There’s a lot of standing and waiting going on in Celtics land too (that’s a professional transition right there.  I hope you’re taking notes).  The C’s have identified about 8 players that they’d target with the 5th pick… if they made it… and now they’re starting to scout guys they’d take if they traded down in the draft. 

I know everyone here has been waiting for the resolution to this story… and finally… we know that the charges against Fabolous in connection with that Sebastian Telfair gold chain thing… have been dropped.  Will there ever be justice? 

I’d like to say that we here at RedsArmy… who ran Operation Oden for pretty much the entirety of Greg Oden’s college career… are an inspiration to Tim Duncan 2.0.  Now he’s following in our footsteps and blogging over at  I wonder if he knows about Operation Oden?  I gotta admit… that would be cool.

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