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Return Of The Big Man
August 17, 2007

Robert ParishOnce upon a time, the NBA center ruled over the sport like the Tyrannosaurus Rex ruled over the Cretaceous period.  But that was a long time ago for both.  I was about to start cloning NBA centers from a mosquito that bit George Mikan and was later preserved (I saw it in a movie once…. it seems feasible)… but Robert Parish says that’s not necessary.  The Big Man is making a comeback:

“Everything goes in cycles and now it’s the big man’s turn again. It went through the forwards with the Karl Malones; then we went through the guards with Magic and Stockton and Michael all those guys. Now it’s the big man’s time again.”

clifford rayChief is running a camp for NBA big men with Clifford Ray.  I think Clifford Ray is the baddest man on the planet… and if he wanted to, he could pick Etan Thomas up by the ankles and use him to beat Dwight Howard into a coma.  I pity the fool who mouths off to Clifford Ray. 

I mean… look at this guy’s neck.  They can use it to cast molds for the space shuttle’s O rings. 

Speaking of big men under Clifford Ray’s tutelage:  Kendrick Perkins is one of the Celtics that got here early along with Paul Pierce.  By all accounts… Perk is in even better shape… and ready to take the next step in the “Clifford Ray School of Being a Bad-Ass Monster.”

Notes of interest from Perk:  Al Jefferson didn’t like being traded (“He didn’t take it too good”),  Paul Pierce is loving life ( “There’s more smiles from him now… He might have the best year he has ever had”).

Add that to the pile of quotes and evidence that lead me to believe Paul Pierce will own people this year.  I mean… we’re talking potential MVP season here.  I’m already excited. 

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