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Has Marbury Lost His Swagger?
April 22, 2009

Came across this article about Marbury in Newsday:

Marbury should be an effective player for the Celtics. He should give them more scoring off the bench, when Ray Allen needs a breather, and another penetrating guard for those drive-and-kicks that Rajon Rondo has mastered. But the most noticeable issue with Marbury is, after sitting out for over a year, his trademark first step isn’t what it used to be (and the second one is even less explosive). Perhaps more concerning for Rivers than anything Marbury is showing physically is what you see from him mentally. He looks like he’s trying too hard. Hesitating. Second-guessing.

I felt that Marbury was coming around. He had developed some chemistry with Eddie House and was starting to pile up the assists (averaging about 4.5 apg in his final six games).

The shot has not been there consistently. He’s just 1-6 from the field in the playoffs with a combined -19 +/-.

Maybe its rust, maybe its a problem establishing a rhythm off the bench. Your thoughts?

Other news: Derrick Rose will be named Rookie of the Year

Steph Needs a Number
February 25, 2009


We’ve already given him #55 but who knows which digit Stephon Marbury will ask for once he officially signs with the Celtics. Marbury has worn 3 and 33 for his entire career. However, we all know those numbers have been retired to the rafters.

SimonOnSports has some almost-funny suggestions for Mr. Marbury. I clipped a few and put them after the jump.


Sam Cassell Traded
February 17, 2009

ESPN reports the Celtics have shipped Sam Cassell to Sacramento:

The Celtics will send Sam Cassell and cash to the Kings for a future second-round pick. Barring any changes overnight, the deal is expected to be finalized Tuesday afternoon with the league office.

The deal helps the Celtics by removing Cassell’s salary from the team’s luxury-tax computations. The Kings give up virtually nothing to do it as the pick is heavily protected. Furthermore, another league source says the deal could pave the way for the Celtics to add another player to their roster prior to the playoffs. The Celtics had a maximum of 15 players on their current roster.

Cassell hasn’t played a game for the Celtics this season, but he’s been an important veteran voice in the locker room. While it’s unclear what the Kings will do with Cassell, most likely they’ll waive him.

Trader Danny is at it again. The question is: Who is he clearing space for? Stephon Marbury? Joe Smith? Player X?

Cassell’s best game in green came about a year ago, when he dropped 17 points on the Spurs in San Antonio. He also scored 13 points in the Game 1 win over the Cavs in the playoffs. And there were those initial games where he drove us crazy by forcing shots outside of the flow of the offense. But he did provide plenty of laughs with this photo. Odds are Sam will be back on the bench as a coach very soon.

Meanwhile, John says he’s losing his mind over the Celtics. News flash – there are a million reasons why you are crazy, don’t blame the Celtics.

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Today’s Links: Globe – C’s Ready to Play D Again | Herald – C’s Stars Get Fresh Perspective | – NBA to Borrow $175 Million for Teams | USA Today – NBA to Fix Rule Which Cost Us Portland Game

Hot Sportscasters
September 12, 2008 (Yes, thats a real web site)

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Sam’s Coming Back
June 23, 2008

sam cassellI don’t know if it will be with the Celtics, but Sam Cassell says he’s coming back for another season.

I’m playing next year, playing my 16th year,” Cassell said without hesitation.  “After winning a championship, it’s just so hard to walk away from that.  Certain guys did it, but as I tell the guys, every great movie has a sequel. And since we consider ourselves a great team, we’ve got to go and repeat.”

Sounds like he’s expecting to come back to Boston. 

Sam has proven himself to be a shoot-first guy, and he was detrimental enough to the cause that Eddie House ended up getting most of his minutes back. 

Would Sam be different if he goes through a training camp?  Would he be more on board with the rest of the offense?  Is anyone here open to that?

(via Slam OnlinePhoto via AP)

Where Was Eddie?
May 27, 2008

The Celtics seemed lifeless out there at times last night.  Part of it was the Pistons defense… part of it was a flat out lack of energy and execution.  And while I understand that Sam Cassell’s experience allows him to handle the pressure well… We really could have used Eddie House’s energy for a few minutes.

I fully understand the reasons for not playing Eddie against the Pistons.  Chauncey Billups, Rodney Stuckey and Lindsay Hunter could make things difficult for Eddie.  But what Eddie can do is be a caffeine jolt to a lifeless team.  How about cutting Ray Allen’s minutes down from 35 to 30… and Sam’s minutes down from 17 to 12.  There’s 10 minutes right there where Eddie could help force the issue and maybe wake a couple of guys up.

You guys know me… I think Doc gets unfairly criticized for a lot of things… but you’ve got to see that your guys are struggling to find a spark.  You’ve got a spark plug guy in Eddie House just sitting there… why not give him a few minutes to see if he can help?  Could things have gotten any worse?

Speaking of Doc… WithMalice is making the argument for canning him.  I disagree with many of the points… but many of you might not.

“Run The Play”
May 25, 2008

So there we were… 3 and a half minutes to go in the first quarter… and here comes Sam Cassell.  We all knew Doc was going to go to Sam in this spot… and a lot of us feared what would happen. 

12 seconds later…. Sam got a shot blocked by Rip Hamilton as he forced the offense for his own shot.  ‘Here we go again.’

After the play… while Jason Maxiell was taking free throws… the camera zooms in on Paul Pierce… and he’s jawing with Sam Cassell (who is off camera).  Whatever Cassell is saying… Pierce isn’t having it… and he ends the conversation by looking at Sam and saying “run the play.”  Sam responds… and Pierce repeats… “run the play.”

It’s a great illustration of Pierce being a leader… and standing up to what could have been a disruptive force.  As far as I’m concerned, that one moment was worth more than any points he could have scored last night… because it may have set Sam straight.  Sam played much better after that… and wasn’t looking for his own shot as much… and the Celtics ended the quarter on a 10-0 run.

[Big props to Odenized for finding this video for us]

Opening For Eddie
May 13, 2008

We have been asking for it… and Doc Rivers may be seeing it as well.  If all Sam Cassell is doing off the bench is shooting rather than running our offense… then we might as well have Eddie House in there.

“As a coach you always have the Sam-and-Eddie question. If Sam is playing well, there is no Eddie question. If Sam is playing poorly, there is an Eddie question. I am smart enough to get that.”

The answer to the Sam and Eddie question?

“You’ll see when the game starts.”

That’s from Scott Souza at today’s practice.  And because he’s a professional writer, he sums things up better than I ever have.

The trouble with Cassell as a backup point guard the way he is playing now is that, for all his experience, he really isn’t performing as a point guard in the playoffs. He is a shooting threat who has tried to keep the defense honest – and admittedly has hit some big, big shots – but any advantage he had over House as a true point guard running the show has disappeared.

This is especially the case when it comes to ball movement – which happens to be a House speciality (pardon the ongoing array of puns). House is not a great ball-handler, but he does move the ball on offense, whereas Cassell has looked for his shot in many cases first while the other four players have stood around like spectators.

Defensively, Cassell’s struggles against Daniel Gibson and Delonte West mean House wouldn’t be a downgrade there either.

Its amazing how much sense you can make when you don’t spend so much time calling people douchebags.  Not that I’m going to stop.

Plenty Of Blame To Go Around
May 13, 2008

Everyone wants look for one scapegoat after losing a winnable game on the road… but this one has plenty of them.  Here they are… in no particular order.

Doc Rivers:  I’ve said in the past that we got Sam Cassell…. because we needed a back up point guard.  But I think its time for everyone (Doc) to realize that we’re not getting the guy who will run our offense while Rondo takes a rest.  We’ve got a guy who is here to get his own shot, and nothing more.  I know you trust veterans… but this guy is essentially an older Eddie House right now.  The thing is… we’ve got A YOUNGER EDDIE HOUSE ON THE BENCH!  I know he’s not a ball handler… but he’ll at least try to run the offense.  And there were more than a few games this season where Eddie boosted a sagging offense.  The Sam experiment needs to end… and end now.  Bring Eddie off the bench at home… and let him get into a groove. 

Sam Cassell:  Here’s my impression of Sam:  dribble dribble dribble dribble shoot.  Dribble dribble dribble dribble shoot.  Hey Sam… you’re here for a reason… to get a ring.  It’s not going to happen doing that.  And if I hear “that’s who I am”… then I’ll take up a collection to buy out the rest of your deal.  Bigger stars than you have sacrificed “who they are” for a chance at a ring… we don’t need an elderly, back-up screwing it upby refusing to tweak his game.

Rajon Rondo:  For making Doc Rivers feel like has to put Sam in.  Last night was better… but this series has been a bit of a let down… especially when you’re the most talented point guard in the building.

Paul Pierce:  The D on LeBron has been great… and I’m sure that’s making you a little tired on the offensive end.  Fine… but that doesn’t mean settle for jumpers with 18 seconds on the clock.  Drive to the hole… and get to the line.  Or drive and dish.  Stop trying to answer one of their 3’s with one of your own 2 seconds after crossing half court.:

“We have to play better under stress,” Rivers said. “There’s no doubt about it. I call them hero shots. I thought we took a lot of those instead of just trusting what we do.”


The Point Guard Question
May 11, 2008

The big question out there today has to do with Rajon Rondo and Sam Cassell.  I touched on it this morning… but let’s go into it a little more.  Here’s the theory:

“Doc Rivers is breaking Rajon’s confidence by sitting him extended minutes in favor of a veteran point guard he trusts too much.”

So the question now is… is this just people making too much of this… or is there some truth to this? 

Cleveland is doing what we though most teams would do all season long… pulling the point guard off Rajon and letting him shoot.  Only right now… he’s not shooting much, or well.  He’s passing up shots to take it to the hole… and many of those shots are getting blocked. 

So in comes Sam… who can shoot well enough to force the defender to come up on him.  The problem is… the plan is to start passing once that happens… and Sam often still shoots.

So what is Doc Rivers to do?  Is Rondo’s playing with less confidence?  And if he is… is it because Doc Rivers is pulling him too quickly in favor Sam?

On the flip side… if one player is playing poorly… isn’t he forcing the coach to make a move to his back up? 

Its an interesting debate.  Personally… I’m pushing for Rondo to get back to doing what he does best… defending and distributing… and when they give you an open shot… take it.  That’s what has been successful for us so far… and we need to get back to it.

For those of you who missed the Bill Russell thing with Kevin Garnett… here it is.  Prepare for chills.