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Behold… The Mighty Remora Fish!!
June 15, 2007

Robert Horry is perhaps the most skilled player in all of NBA history…. at latching onto the coattails of superstars and winning championships.  He’s the remora fish of the NBA… he hooks onto the biggest, baddest NBA stars… and then he gets rings for it.

Hakeem Olojuwon gave him 2… Shaq and Kobe gave him 3… and now Tim Duncan gave him 2 more.  Spare me the “Big Shot Rob” crap.  NBA players with a modicum of skill are supposed to hit open jumpers, regardless of the time left on the clock.  Hey, congratulations Robert… for having the ability to stand on the wing while guys with 20 times your ability draw defenders away from you.  You’re the best… standing and waiting for the ball guy ever.  Sometimes, when I stand and wait for the bus, I pretend I’m Robert Horry.  And then when the bus gets everyone where we’re going… I take credit for it.

Headlines like this, or this, or this, just drive me up the damn wall.

There’s a lot of standing and waiting going on in Celtics land too (that’s a professional transition right there.  I hope you’re taking notes).  The C’s have identified about 8 players that they’d target with the 5th pick… if they made it… and now they’re starting to scout guys they’d take if they traded down in the draft. 

I know everyone here has been waiting for the resolution to this story… and finally… we know that the charges against Fabolous in connection with that Sebastian Telfair gold chain thing… have been dropped.  Will there ever be justice? 

I’d like to say that we here at RedsArmy… who ran Operation Oden for pretty much the entirety of Greg Oden’s college career… are an inspiration to Tim Duncan 2.0.  Now he’s following in our footsteps and blogging over at  I wonder if he knows about Operation Oden?  I gotta admit… that would be cool.

Other Stuff: 

Potential trade partner Indiana still has Jermaine O’Neal… and their deal with the Lakers might be falling apart.  |  The Blazers are intent on trading Zach Randolph  |  Why won’t Kevin Durant work out for the Sonics?  |  Gilbert Arenas says he’ll opt out of his deal to get a raise and more years on his deal… and its not an effort to test free agency  |  Grant Hill likes the look of the Raptors  |  Minnesota might not be done dealing

Another Kick In The Sack
June 15, 2007

Spurs Champions

So here we are again. 

The Spurs are champions.  Woo friggin’ hoo.

Tim Duncan has 4 rings.  He’s 4 for 4 in the Finals. 

He could have been a Celtic.  We did tank a season for him after all.  But it didn’t work out for us.  Now he’s got a 4th ring and we’re on our 4th rebuilding plan (or is it the 5th?  6th?). 

I know what you’re saying…

“Hey John… this sounds like you’re giving the finger to the people who were all about tanking this season so we could get Greg Oden.”

Yeah… it does, doesn’t it?

Break Out The Brooms
June 13, 2007

See ya LeBron. You and the Cavs had a nice run, but the Finals are over. If there’s one athlete on the planet who should walk into the G.M.’s office and demand help (i.e. quality players and a coach with a clue), it’s LeBron.

Enough about them, are you enjoying our creative response to the Sopranos finale? David Chase goes with a black screen for 7 seconds, so we fire off a blank white page for 36 hours! Take that. Actually our team of engineers (John) is still working feverishly (he packed up his speedo and left the Cape) on our technical difficulties.

As for the Celtics, there’s not much going on. Although Rashard Lewis’ name has surface in trade rumors for the 5th pick. Here’s some other workout stuff courtesy of our friends at WBZ.

Joakim Noah Talks After Workout

Danny Ainge On Wright and Noah

Don’t Watch The Finals Tonight
June 13, 2007

Here are 5 things smarter than the NBA waiting 3 days in between games 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals (especially after waiting 5 days to start the Finals):

1. Making Lindsay Lohan the designated driver.

2. Bringing Mel Gibson to a Bar Mitzvah

3. Making fun of Chuck Liddell’s mom

4. Unprotected sex with Paris Hilton

5. Putting Isaiah Thomas in charge of anything

What ever happened to a weekend afternoon game? Why can’t the NBA… or any other major sport figure out that marketing to kids is the way to keep your brand alive.

Hey morons… why don’t you take a step back from your ledgers and realize one thing: Cigarettes kill people. We know they kill people. We’ve known it for a long time. Yet they still exist… and they still make tons of money. You know why? Because THEY MARKETED TO KIDS AND GOT THEM HOOKED YOUNG!!! These NBA Finals are only slightly less deadly than smokes… so David Stern and his crew had better get their act together and start playing these games earlier and with more frequency. There is NO reason a finals game should be played on a Sunday at 9 when it could have been played on Saturday at 6. You’re trying to get kids hooked on LeBron… make him play when they can watch him. In the meantime… I and the rest of the adults will be watching the Sopranos… which will be infinitely more interesting than anything that happens in the Finals… unless LeBron whacks someone with a baseball bat at halftime and Tim Duncan opens a strip club in the lodge section.

Other stuff:

Buried WAAAAY down in Peter May’s piece today is a trade scenario is which Shawn Marion becomes a Celtic (finally… someone is listening) | Mark Murphy: Calipari WILL return to the NBA (eventually), and Greg Oden misses Ohio State | Joakim Noah working oiut for C’s today | The Euros are on display in Italy at RBK Eurocamp | Glen “Big Baby” Davis to Knicks? | Arenas will opt out of his deal after this year

Spurs In 6
June 13, 2007

Bang… there’s an official predicition right off the bat. No teasing you… no games…. Boom. Spurs in 6. Hell… it was going to be Spurs in 5… but I gave the Cavs an extra game because of this dumb 2-3-2 format. Now that that is out of the way….

Corey Brewer and Al Thornton will be in town today to work out for the Celtics. is expected to have video and interviews from those guys sometime this evening… so be sure to come back later for that.

Local boy David Blatt apparently won’t be joining the Celtics after all.

tony allen's rehabAnd has a big article on Tony Allen’s rehab (photo from’s article)

I love that picture. It looks like something a parent uses to carry a baby around… which is about how careful Tony needs to be with that knee of his. Tony says it’s going well, and that he’ll be ready to join his teammates for training camp. I don’t know if you guys understand how amazing that would be. Then again… Shaun Livingston damn near tore his leg in half and he’s apparently playing in charity softball games.

From Draft Express: The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported yesterday that the Atlanta Hawks headed to Los Angeles to take in a workout featuring Yi Jianlian. We’ve learned that Danny Ainge of the Boston Celtics was present for an identical one-on-none workout the day before.

And man am I glad this F’ing mess is over. Billy Donovan is, in fact, officially no longer with the Magic. Yesterday’s news conference turned into a whole lot of waiting for a statement to be released. And after all that, Stan Van Gundy told the Kings no…. and he’ll coach Orlando after all… and Miami will get a second round pick for it. His mustache is still a candidate in Sacramento.

Ready for rumors?

Don’t say I didn’t tell you that Seattle is about to get REALLY good. How about Chris Paul to the Sonics? | Blazers looking to trade up for Thornton | You won’t see a blockbuster trade with the Bulls unitl AFTER the trade. | Is Jordan killing the Bobcats by only hiring his friends?