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It’s Gonna Get Slow
July 16, 2007

the slowskysNBA Draft.  Over.

Summer League.  Done.

Free Agents.  Not many left.

Oh yeah… things are gonna get a little slow around the NBA.  We won’t resort to covering the WNBA like the Globe has been doing for the past couple of months… so we’ve got that going for us… which is nice. 

The Herald wrapped up its summer league coverage with a few random thoughts… and most of them are points we’ve made already.  The Globe has……………………

This hurts… a lot.  The 1986 Celtics, for all their greatness on the court, are now being considered the worst collection of GM’s in basketball.  It so bad…Larry Bird is getting criticized in his own home town

And the 46th Carnival of the NBA is up… courtesy of  He lives in Japan… so guess what the theme is?  Konichiwa.

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Things I Learned In Summer League
July 15, 2007

Yeah… it’s only a week… but it might as well be a lifetime.  You make so many new friends… you learn so many new things… you experiment with so many people in that dark spot underneath the pier.  Yeah… summer camp was great.

Oh… summer LEAGUE.  Yeah… you learn stuff there too.

I learned that Gerald Green is definitely not there yet.  It’s something we discussed in last night’s call in show… and it’s something that was brought up in today’s Herald.  He shot about 30% for the summer league.  That’s not good.

kevin mchale has put on a bit of weightI learned that Kevin McHale is a B cup now.  Either that, or he’s 6 months pregnant.  I guess that would make Danny the top and Kevin the bottom… which makes sense after hearing Kevin gush about the Ray Allen trade.

“He and (Paul) Pierce at the 2 and 3 are potentially as potent as any twosome in the Eastern Conference. The 2 and 3 are key positions in our league right now.. . . So they’re going to be strong at two positions you really need to be strong at to score in our league now.”

We happen to agree with Kevin.kevin mchale in his slimmer days  We’d just prefer to remember him as the hot-pants wearing power forward who had limbs like an orangutan but who’d torch you for 30. 

Peter May learned that Rajon Rondo is cleary the man at the point… and right now there is a pretty big drop off when Gabe Pruitt runs the show.

And the Celtics need assistant coaches… but not many of them want to come here.  This I don’t get.  Assistants are teachers too… especially with a young team.  It’s not ALL on the head coach to teach everyone.  Everyone knows that… right Danny.  Danny?

And did you know that Lance Allred is 75% deaf?  Yeah, me neither.  Now you do.

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Oh (Big) Baby
July 14, 2007

Glen Davis was the big story in the last game of the summer league.  He checked in with 19 points, 14 rebounds and 6 blocks shots in a 91-70 loss to the Mavericks

I personally think the Celtics sent a big message to Leon Powe and Rajon Rondo:  You’ve proven yourselves… now take a break.  Leon only played 18 minutes compared to Davis’ 32)… and Rondo sat down next to the coaches and just observed… and absorbed. 

I love what they did with Rondo.  This was like a classroom for him.  Point guards end up being coaches on the floor in a sense… so this was a fantastic opportunity for him to learn. 

That nugget of wisdom is just one of the things you’ll enjoy if you listen to our call in show… which start at the top of the hour… 7pm.  Just follow this link to listen.

Oh… Oh Kevin…
July 11, 2007

kevin mchale looking fatJeez Kevin… you really let yourself go, huh? 

I mean… I know it’s tough to get old… but this is just so…. so….


The Celtics absolutely destroyed the Chinese national team 80-52 .  Leon Powe had another really good game (23 pts, 12 reb).  Yi Jianlian sucked about as bad as suck can suck.  Rondo did a nice job scoring early.

2 thoughts coming out of this game:

1) Clifford Ray is huge.  My GOD, man… he could crack me open like a lobster.  He’s 3 Rondo’s wide.  Let me tell you something… Wherever Clifford Ray goes… he’s the baddest man in that room.  He makes Leon Powe look small… and Leon is a big dude.  If you haven’t been able to catch the game… watch the noon replay on FSNE… or head over to Loy’s Place.  They’ve been posting full games.  Just look for Clifford Ray standing in huddles.  You need a sled dog team to traverse his shoulders.  You need a sherpa to get from his calfs to his head… and you’d have to make base camp in the small of his back. 

Get my point?  He’s HUGE.

2)  Was that female referee hot?  She sure looked hot from where I was sitting.  I mean.. that shirt looked tight on her… and in the right places… you know what I mean?  I’d apologize to the women reading… but I know you were looking at Leon Powe’s ass while I was looking at the female ref… so I don’t feel bad at all.

Hey… Darko Milicic signed with Memphis.  They’re either doing a twin towers thing… or Pau Gasol is suddenly expendable.  At $7 mil a year… he’s cheaper than Pau.  Hey Chris Wallace…. how does Theo and Gerald for Pau sound?

And finally… a picture of Paul Pierce playing soccer.  I guess that means his foot is better.  paul pierce playing soccer

Thanks For Everything Delonte
July 8, 2007

Delonte WestDelonte West was never the best player on the team… but he was always the hardest working guy.  And let’s see how we can put this politely… he’s f@#ing crazy.  Those are attributes that we love around here… which means we’re sad to see Delonte go off to Seattle.  Today, Matty G looks back on the 3 years that Delonte spent in Celtics green:

It is always hard to say goodbye. Saying goodbye to some people is a little harder than others though. Wally Szczerbiak, I didn’t mind too much because his last name is such a pain to spell. Jeff Green, we hardly knew ye. But Delonte West, the tattooed redhead, that one was tough. Delonte wasn’t a 30 point a night guy. Heck, he was barely a 10 point a night guy. But when D-West took the floor, everyone knew he was going to give everything he had. He was often injured, but those injuries came because he played the game hard. Chances are Delonte’s #13 wont be hanging with the 21 other numbers (and one name) in the Boston Garden. But he sure will be remembered by anyone who considers themselves a Celtic fan.   ((Continue reading))

As for the current Celtics… we know the team has needs.  Danny Ainge will tell you that the Delonte deal leaves them thin at point guard and we still need a defensive presence in the middle.  But Scott Souza wonders aloud, in column form, if the C’s have the solutions to those problems in Sebastian Telfair and Theo Ratliff.  Shira Springer says Leon Powe deserves praiseDanny has an extra month to decide on whether to keep Allan Ray… and Brandon Wallace has an outside chance at making this roster.  And Peter May disagrees with the thought that the C’s can win the East next year… but he didn’t get the memo that the Herald got about Allan Ray.  Peter thinks Allan is now guaranteed to be on the roster… but that’s ok… because Peter works for the Boston Globe… and the Globe hates Celtics fans.

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Eat It Greg
July 7, 2007

greg oden on the benchHey look… it’s Greg Oden on the bench… which is where he spent most of his pro debut.  Hell… if this was college… he would have fouled out twice.  Summer league rules allow you 10 fouls before you sit… and Greg got all 10

Meanwhile… my man Leon Powe led the Celtics with 19 points and 9 rebounds in the Celtics 74-66 win over the Trailblazers.  What does this all mean?  Absolutely nothing.  But we saw the Rajon Rondo is still faster than everyone on the floor… Leon is still someone that I wouldn’t want to mess with… and Allan Ray is probably going to lose his job to Gabe Pruitt if things continue this way. 

Portland probably shouldn’t worry much, either.  Oden showed a couple of flashes… and LaMarcus Aldridge helped out with 26 points and 11 boards.  I’m going to say they win the title within 3 years… so I’m sure Blazers fans could give a damn about Oden not doing much in his pro debut.   Celtics fans, however, will take what they can get. 

We’ll be talking more about this game in our 10:30 am call in show… which can be found here.  Be sure to check it out. 

Time To Get Some Run
July 6, 2007

That means play basketball.  Sorry if the headline threw you.  Sometimes I revert back to my street-ballin days.  It was sort of like the And1 mix tape stuff you see… except with none of that fancy dribbling… or dunking… or consistent shooting.  But man… I had a mean set-shot.  The only problem is that sometimes my goggles would fog-up and I’d have to sit out a couple of points.

greg oden Anyhoo…

The boys are playing basketball tonight in Vegas (I hope they’ve got AC… it’s like 200 degrees out there).  It’s everyone’s first chance to see Greg Oden play against NBA talent…. if you can call Lance Allred and Andreas Glyniadakis “NBA talent.” 

Maybe Big Baby and Leon Powe can give him the ol’ Malachi Crunch.  That’ll show those ping pong balls to bounce Portland’s way. 

We’ll be watching the game if you can’t… and we’ll let you know how it went.  Remember… our call in show is tomorrow at 10:30 am.  It’ll be an hour long show focusing on what have become the main topics of the week:  the beginning of the Summer League, Sebastian Telfair’s possible return to the C’s, and the next move Danny will make (because he keeps saying he’s going to make one)

Meet Ray Allen
July 2, 2007

ray allen at his introdcutory press conferenceAfter a slight delay… the Celtics introduced their newest acquisition… Ray Allen.

Newly acquired Boston Celtics guard Ray Allen said Monday that his surgically repaired ankles are “perfect,” and that he’s looking forward to being a veteran presence on his new team

But you’re not here to read excerpts from this thing… you’re here to listen to what Ray had to say.  And the video is finally up.  So here… listen to it… courtesy of WBZ TV.

While your here… I want to send you over to Loy’s Place… where they made what I believe to be the catch of the draft.  They found a post that makes a very sound deduction that the Celtics offered Paul Pierce and the #5 pick to Portland for this year’s #1 and next year’s #1.  Here’s what we can add to that:  We know for a fact that someone in the C’s organization wanted to take Kevin Durant with that pick… and would have had to be convinced otherwise.

And the C’s have announced their summer league roster.  Here’s the link… and here are the names:   Lance Allred (C), Pat Carroll (G/F), Glen Davis (F), Torin Francis (F), Andreas Glyniadakis (C), Gerald Green (G/F), Leon Powe (F), Gabe Pruitt (G), Allan Ray (G), Rajon Rondo (G), Sergio Sanchez (G), Brandon Wallace (F).  First game is Friday at 10pm on FSNE.