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Collison Rips Rim Off Backboard, Gets Cut
August 21, 2007

nick collisonNick Collison got to take the one picture every basketball player who ever played wants to have taken…

The picture of him with the rim in his hands… after he rips it off the backboard.

Impressive Collison… most impressive.  Not impressive enough, though, for Coach K… who sent him and Kevin Durant packing from Team USA.

And I don’t know why this is coming up now… because I thought we all knew the reason Isaiah Thomas didn’t make the the 1992 Dream Team (the only “Dream Team” as far as I’m concerned) was because everyone thought he was an a-hole.  But I’ll hapilly post it.  Why?  Because screw Isaiah Thomas… that’s why.

Rajon Rondo:  Not an a-hole.  He’s talking to kids today and even playing some ball with them

bill russellAnd be sure to check out Sports Illustrated’s piece on Bill Russell:

His golf cap does not quite hide his full head of hair, the typical paunch is absent from his flat belly, and a worn championship ring weighs down each hand as 73-year-old Bill Russell devours the plate of steak and scrambled eggs from the edge of the coffee table between his perched knees. He laughs as always with the decibelic force of a ghost brought back to life.

He still is who he was. He was the best and he always will be just that, no more or no less.

He realizes that people don’t know what to make of him anymore.

I know what to make of him.  Bill Russell is a basketball God… and that is not hyperbole.  If this were Ancient Greece… He’d be in a throne on top of Mount Olympus.  I pride myself on generally keeping my composure around famous people… but I turned into a stuttering moron in my only encounter with him (I know… I know… turned?)  I’d love to be able to sit down in a room with him all day and just listen to his stories.  The combination of basketball greatness at that time in our history… every story he tells must be nothing short of jaw dropping.

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