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Bad News, Good News
June 11, 2008

The bad news for me is that just about every team in the NBA is now being run or coached by a player I grew up watching.  The hirings of Terry Porter, Vinny Del Negro and Michael Curry (all hired by players of the same era) just add to the list. 

Its bad news for Tom Thibodeau… who, we thought, was considered a must-interview guy for any team with an opening.  Problem is… no one even interviewed him.

“Tom has been around this game for so long, I just don’t get – the no interview part of it,” said Rivers. “It’s not what I’m thinking about right now and neither is he, to his credit.”

One possible reason for the lack of interest in Thibodeau is that the Celtics’ playoff run has prevented teams from talking to him.

“I hope that’s the reason,” said Rivers. “It would be a shame if it was, but I don’t know the answer.”

But its good news for us.  I’m psyched that the architect of the strongest defense in the league will stick around (probably) for another years. 

I do have to say, though, that every assistant coach out there wants to be the head coach somewhere.  As much as I want the guy around… I want the guy to get a shot as a head coach… because he deserves to get that chance. 


The Price of Success
January 6, 2008

Go ask the Patriots what its like.

Eric Mangini.  Charlie Weiss.  Romeo Crennel.  All of them were plucked from a successful team in hopes of replicating that success elsewhere. 

Get ready to add Tom Thibodeau to the list.

Scroll down on this Yahoo report and you’ll see Thibodeau’s name on the list of assistants that will be courted for head coaching vacancies in the off-season.

Finally, Thibodeau is getting his due as the architect of the Celtics league-leading defense under Doc Rivers. After more than a decade under Jeff Van Gundy in New York and Houston, Thibodeau needed to separate from his old boss to see that it wasn’t just Van Gundy implementing those systems.

The good thing for us C’s fans is that we might be able to hang onto him longer than expected, much like the Pats with Crennel and Weiss, because the Celtics will be playing longer than other teams can wait for an assistant to become available

He could be the assistant most in demand for a head coaching job, but a long run by the Celtics in the playoffs could fill up some jobs before he’s available to leave.  

This is a tough one for fans because we don’t want a key piece of our success to leave, but I don’t want peoples’ dreams to get crushed.  I see it every day with Chuck.  “Why can’t I be a cabaret dancer?  WHY?!?” 

I don’t have the heart to tell him its because of his lack of rhythm and horrible legs.  I keep telling him its a conspiracy.  So sad.

No Glove

In the sidebar of this same Yahoo story is an update on Gary Payton.  In short:  Don’t hold your breath

Answering Some Questions
January 1, 2008

2007… perhaps the greatest single year in Boston sports history… is now gone.  As we move ahead to 2008… let’s look at some of the questions that dogged us heading into this season:

Yeah… Boston has the big 3… but what else have they got?

james poseyMore than we thought.  James Posey came in billed as our defensive guy off the bench…. and people didn’t exactly laud Danny’s decision to bring in Eddie House.  However, their 18th and 12th respectively in the NBA in 3 point fg percentage (House is 8th among guards, Posey is 7th among forwards).  They have both hit huge threes in this past road trip alone to keep opponents at bay.  Glen Davis has show he’s got the ability to hang in the league.  Now if only we can see more of the Tony Allen we saw against LA… and less of the Tony Allen we saw in the 3rd quarter against Sacramento… we’ll be in extremely good shape.

But what about that point guard spot… and center?

Rajon Rondo is growing up right before our eyes.  He has clearly improved his jumper, and he’s got one of the better eyes for the open guy in the league… even at this young age.  At some point, it will click in him that he can destroy opposing pg’s off the dribble all night long… and he’ll do it to soften up the defense.  As for Perk, I think we’re seeing everything this guy is going to be:  an angry, bruising, rebounder and defender that will occasionally score big because he’s the forgotten man.  But being that angry, bruising guy still means foul trouble… and that will probably dog him for a long time.  Now that Scot Pollard is getting healthy, let’s see if he can provide good minutes at the back-up spot.  If not, then its probably and Danny’s best interest to look for an insurance policy at both spots.  Tony Allen filled in well enough for Rondo in LA… but we should probably have more of a straight ball handler in that situation.

They’ll still have a weak defense


Getting Defensive
August 31, 2007

kg is angryGarnett.  Posey.  Thibodeau. 

The Boston Celtics… a team that went stretches last year playing worse defense than the chair in Yi Jianlian’s drills… are suddenly becoming a lock-down team.

The Celtics officially hired Tom Thibodeau yesterday to become their newest assistant coach.  He’s supposed to be a defensive whiz… and he’s got some toys to play with.  Once everyone is healthy, we could see a line up of good defensive players that includes Rajon Rondo, Tony Allen, James Posey and Kevin Garnett. 

So here is a list of deficiencies from last year that we addressed this off season:  Excessive youth, an overcrowded roster, lack of scoring beyond Pierce, lack of defense/rebounding, defensive/offensive assistants to help Doc Rivers.

I’ve been tough on Danny… but you gotta hand it to the guy.  He really addressed a lot.

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